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Flower Knight Girl

Strap yourselves in, boys, it’s time for another Nutaku exclusive. Flower Knight Girl is one of those games that you spend a ridiculous amount of time playing, in hopes that you’ll get to see some titties. It makes you grind hard for the pussy, while beating hordes of bug monsters in the process. The story of this game is simple enough to remember and complex enough to keep you interested. In this game’s world, you command a bunch of flower knights, that’s code for horny armed chicks. It’s their job to fight off a bug infestation or some shit.

Basically, their world used to be a very nice place. Flowers were blooming, girls were getting bent over in the fields, and everything was pretty chill. Then the bug nation attacked and fucked everything over. Now, you have to lead your harem of armed bitches on a crusade against the bug monsters. Naturally, the best way to fight bugs is to swat them with a sword, so the whole game has a strong medieval vibe to it. And, in true Nutaku fashion, it comes with a total playtime longer than your projected lifespan.

The Anatomy of a Flower Knight

To be a proud protector of the world of flowers, one must first and foremost be a woman. Why? Who knows. I’ve yet to see a porn game in which you’re the only dude come up with a sensible reason as to why that is. It’s the ultimate male fantasy, however, to have no competition, so it works really well.

Further, a knight has to be super cute, but also inexplicably hot. If she doesn’t look 8 and 24 at the same time, something’s wrong. These girls will act and look like little girls one second, then bust out their double-D bazongas the next. My penis is very confused, but undeniably hard.

Finally, flower knights have to be ridiculously horny for their male commander, i.e. you, at all times. Whether you’ve just started or you have a long, strong relationship and mutual trust, they have to be hungry for your cock. It’s just the way things work in this realm.

Playing Hard to Get or Warming Up?

One thing I don’t understand at all is how these girls actually warm up to you over time. It makes literally no sense if you think about it. I mean, when they first join your squad, they barely know you. It’s your job to command them in battle and show results, which you do, but why do they seem to love and respect you from day one?

I’m serious; they’re basically bending over for you from the very beginning. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if they actually let you smash then and there, but at the same time, they’re also being complete prudes. So, on the one hand, they are dying for your cock, on the other hand, you have to prove yourself to them by walking a thousand miles, twice over, to even see their pussies. Story-wise this kind of shit really pisses me off. But, I guess this is not a game you’re supposed to play for the story.

This baffles me, since there’s so much story to go around. There are sections in this game in which the girls straight up explain the universe to you. It’s as if you’re supposed to care for what you’re seeing on screen. But, at the same time, they’ll just cut that scene and move on to the combat, then a short sex scene in which you may or may not see some pussy and then back to the battle again. This game has a weird case of not making up its mind about what matters and what is trivial. I’m either a porn god or I’m not, but don’t pull me in both directions, game.

Semi-Automatic Combat

The combat in Flower Knight Girl is a bizarre combination of passive and almost-passive. You set up your party beforehand and then send them on their way. Once the combat encounter starts, you basically just sit there watching them, until you get a chance to click the burst button, which, I guess, does damage or something. It’s very pointless in the grander scheme of things, though, and I found it really hard to care about my input, since most of it is already perfectly automatic. Why am I even expected to press a button? They might as well have let the combat be completely automatic or even skip it altogether and give me a text dump of what happened. “You won the battle”. Yay. Moving on.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You have to watch the combat unfurl, and it can be a bit annoying at times. It’s not that the battle isn’t well-drawn, mind you. It’s all very cute and entertaining. The enemies are memorable and original, and the girls all have some unique contributions that truly matters. Everything they do makes a difference in the outcome of the fight. But, I’m here with my dick in my left hand, my mouse in my right, and a confused expression on my face.

I can’t jack off to cute, clothed anime girls if they’re not at the very least sucking something off. If this game’s idea of combat was for the girls to get jumped by the bugs and anally penetrated against their will, then maybe I would have found it a lot more interesting. Hell, the girls could fuck the bugs back for all I care. But no, you don’t get any of that. You just get regular combat that plays out on its own, again and again and again. And, you have to watch it. Even the boss fights are tedious.

Pimping Out Your Harem

I disliked the combat because of the lack of smut and repetitive gameplay, but I gotta say I’ll give the team building portions a pass in that regard. I liked the team building. I like considering the different girls and thinking about how they might contribute or work together in combat. They’re different, they’re well-made, and the whole system is planned out.

Making the perfect party of girl knights is actually very worthwhile. Plus, there’s so much in here that you can customize, it’s insane. I don’t normally enjoy RPGs, but when a game lets me craft the perfect team of bitches, and they have giant tits, I don’t know – somehow, my interest skyrockets, and I can’t stop myself from playing more.


Speaking of loss of control, it’s clear that these games were largely made with one type of person in mind – rich people. Now, I’m not exactly starving here, but something about my standards keeps me from spending too much money on video games, at least, at a time. I like paying for games, but I’m not big on micro-transactions. Well, the kind of person who does like micro-transactions is going to have a hell of a time dumping cash into Flower Knight Girl. There is so much you can do with Nutaku coins in this game; it’s crazy.

You can buy a countless amount of items that can and will help your girls in combat. Plus, there’s the ever beloved Gacha section in which you can gamble for the promise of amazing items that you haven’t even earned. This is where Nutaku makes their investment back, but it’s also where you, as the player, can get your hands on some really interesting items that you definitely won’t regret. That is, if you’re the kind of person who has a lot of time to spend in-game.

I guess that’s the bottom line with the gachas and spending money on in-game currency in general. If you have the time to play the game regularly, you don’t regret it, because it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s that simple. Personally, I have to review game after game damn near every single day, so it doesn’t work for me. But, if you could pick a favorite and that favorite ends up being Flower Knight Girl, by all means, dive right in. Plus, Nutaku coins are transferrable across different games on the platform, so you could mix things up if you liked.

I leave the best for last: these titties are fine as fuck. I’ve said this about damn near every Nutaku game, but I mean it from the heart, this art is to die for. I’ve yet to find a bitch in this game I wouldn’t bend over given the chance. Every single sex scene, even the ones when the action is just sort of slowly ramping up to the good part are all fap-worthy. Whoever did this art knew exactly what they were doing, so if you want my guarantee on anything, it’s that this game’s sex scenes will most definitely make you hard.

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