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If by chance, the only way to escape your horrid world is playing porn games then, bonjour motherfuckers you are in the right place. You might want to go to your private room and do an inhale and exhale exercise before continuing because your dick may not be going to handle the pressure. You better empty the thing inside your head you call brain to understand what I am about to spill.

So, here’s a quick survey to insignificant, nasty smelling losers like you. Do you like adventure games? YES or YES? Fuck! Let me rephrase that question. Do you enjoy playing as a whore trollop in an adventure game? YES or YES? No, wait, again. Do you want to be a useless ambitious idiotic cunt in an adventure game filled with fucking and laughing?

Do I hear a loud slapping and clapping of hands? Do I hear a skank with intellectual disability muttering inaudible words, or is it the dry humping nerds whispering ‘yes’ under their disgusting smelling breath. Whatever you are, and if I heard that right then I guess you have to buckle up mofos because we're going to have an intense porn game review.

An Adventure Filled With Fucking

In this game, you will be an ambitious bitch—Nanako, who has a dream bigger than herself. I know, a weird psycho lunatic like you can relate. With her head filled up with grand plans for the world around her, what the bitch does not know is that the world already has an evil plan just waiting to be unfolded just for her.

Or you can be the royal slut—Serena Grazia, who is on a quest to find the missing family heirloom. The slut is demure and dignified; her upbringing will render her blind and ignorant to the dangerous lust fuelled nature around her. Every step of the way, a douchebag is eager to shatter her teensy tiny hymen.

Whoever you choose, it does not matter as the game is set in the land inhabited by sex-driven predators—orcs, cephalopods, slimes, dragons, even humans and more creatures lurking in the dark waiting to snatch your virginity and paint you as a degenerate loser. The thing that you need to do in this game is keeping their hymen intact, which is pretty challenger as sex-crazed monsters surround you.

The Gameplay

Except for Nanako and Serena, there are a lot of playable characters to choose from; there’s ice witch Ashley, one-armed warrior Erika, futanari Rin, poor witch Elmire, merchant daughter Lhat and more. There are also companions. In Violated Heroine world, a small mistake will cause a lot of consequences and put your vagina at risk.

As a slut in the game, it is complicated to navigate the world and perform quests when every man and creatures feast their eyes on you, and if you are not careful, you will definitely lose your clothes then your hymen. The thing about the game is when you get fucked, well, you get fucking pregnant and bore a baby of the latest creature who got their dicks on you.


It is essential to buy skill books to use them in unlocking more advanced techniques. The Chi Bullet is the most basic skill in the game and unlocks the use of the Shift key. The monster will totally fucking attack you, and when they cling on to you, they start to rip your clothes, and when your panty is not on your body, they will now rape you—use you. At this point, you can protect yourself and your vagina by mashing the directional buttons, and that will kick the monsters away.

Hold on that will only work if you are fast, but if you are too slow or you are a dirty slut then, the creatures will definitely stick to you. During combat, the monsters will try to ejaculate on you, and they will do it more when they are in the process of raping you. The usage of Marjoram will prevent the monster from ejaculation, but for a limited time only after that, they can ejaculate the fuck they want.


Since this game has been around for years, there are a lot of quests present. When you play as Nanako, you will be in Hot Spring Town; it is the town where the quests are the easiest that even a circus ape can understand. And if by chance you choose Serena, you will be starting in the Capital, but I suggest you head to the Hot Spring Town you enrich your pea-sized brain.

In order to start a quest, all you monkeys have to fucking do is read the quest book. The book can be found just sitting on the counter. When you are done reading it, you have to speak to the guild master to get a job. Take note, some of the guilds will want you to be a member first before starting on a quest. Just talk to the guild master and pay their membership fee. Thus, accepting the quest will require you to complete its objectives.

What To Like

There are a couple of promising things the game has offered. One is the NPC Mel, a powerful witch who lives in a vine infested house. She is a quiet type of girl but has a beast hiding inside. The game has been on the internet ether for a couple of years. Thus, it was developed and offered a lot of content and tons of playable characters—the character of Rin mind-blowing since she is a futanari— but that has its limitations.

The convincing pregnancy in the game, like in real life, the game has this vomiting and gestation. It is quite a stir when you can bore different types of baby; it could be a dog, goblin, human, Minotaur, and even a fucking slime. And also, in real life, you could abandon or send your baby for adoption.

How the Fuck Shit Game like This Exists

This game is a major buzzkill. It has so much fucking issue. It gives you more hassle than entertainment. I downloaded tons of computer viruses before finding the legit game, but then after a decade of applying the patch, the game wouldn't even start. It is abundant with errors, and it is continually crashing.

It is not pleasing to stare at the messed up texts in your screen as it turns out you have to install fonts or use a program to make the text even readable and that shits take up a lot of work and energy. I play this game to bust a nut and not always waiting for some shit to download.

The bugs and glitches are present in the game, and it makes the game so fucking annoying and frustrating. To think that the game is not even finished. There are large parts of the game where it is not translated, making it impossible for stupid hippos who cannot read and understand Japanese to proceed. Thus, this game is not for dumb dimbo with a slow internet connection and low space storage.


Make the damn game more comprehensive and integrated. Divide the game into parts and make a solid storyline, and for god sakes, finish translating the fucking game. It is more entertaining and fucking friendly if it finished and not dangling—hanging around to the part where the game just displays a Japanese text on the screen.


The game is a total 'meh.' I downloaded the game one week ago, and it took me ages to apply the patch, and the thing is, it just took me a couple of hours or so to arrive in the part of the game that hasn't been translated. There are some good parts of the game where I get to be pregnant and, in my situation, bore a fucking boring normal baby. It fucking sucks to be a woman.

The pixel animation was okay; it was freaking outdated and did not really give me pleasure. The game is promising, it offers a lot of stories and content, but it just fell short. The game is in limbo for years; it was not finished in the first place when it was passed on to different creative developers adding their own shit and kinks into the game. The passing and adding part of the game continued for five years. Probably, that is why it is not as entertaining as I think it should.

PornGames likes Violated Heroine

  • Tons and tons of playable characters
  • Awesome character backstory
  • It offers a lot of fucking range of characters from a one-armed warrior to futanari
  • The realistic idea of pregnancy
  • The quiet-type Mel
  • The resemblance of the sex thirsty creatures to humans in the real world

PornGames hates Violated Heroine

  • Fell short experience
  • The character of Lime (that shits barely playable)