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Town Of Passion

Well, here I go again, reviewing another adult video game! Right now, I’ll talk about the 18+ adventure styled role-playing game “Town of Passion” developed by Siren. If you love playing an adventure RPG with a lot of fucking, then this game is for you, motherfucker!

Town of Passion has a decent 2D art and a pretty interesting/arousing story. I myself had wasted a lot of cumload in-between the heated sex scenes between the player character and the busty female villagers while playing this shit. So, if you’re one of those nerd incels who are so lonely living in their mother’s basements, Town of Passion is something that will make you forget your sorry situation (even just for a few hours).

But hold your balls down for a moment, though, and read my comprehensive review on this fucking game before you hit play and jack off. So, here it is: Town of Passion review by yours truly.

Bang-Up Writing

Some adult video games nowadays only stick to providing gamers with lewd visuals and a ton of sex scenes. But, in terms of story and writing, they fail miserably.

Town of Passion is an exception, though. This adventure styled RPG game has a well-written story and dialogues. Indeed, the storyline is what made me glued to my computer for several hours playing the game. If this is a book, I could say that it’s a page-turner. This is the kind of adult game that I like because there’s a nice story behind all the fuck scenes.

The descriptions of the setting and characters are also quite compelling because of the bang-up writing. Moreover, the plot suits well with the sex scenes, and the dialogues really enhance the eroticism of the game.

Valencia, a town where there’s no other dude except the player character, has to be saved by pleasuring those watching over it. Since the only man left in the town is the player character, it’s not surprising why he gets a lot of sex. The game background saves the unrealistic sexual dynamics that revolve around the town of Valencia.

Pretty Decent Artwork

I’m not an art critic, but I can pinpoint what’s good and bad even for a 2D game like Town of Passion. Well, my non-expert opinion regarding the artwork of this game is this: pretty decent. It has cool 2D animations and 2D still visuals that are not that spectacular but compelling. The fun and cartoonish color schemes also get a thumbs-up from me.

For the sprite artwork, I can fairly say that there’s nothing special about it. It’s very typical of RPG maker games (whether they’re erotic or non-erotic). Still, the sprites of Town of Passion are not something that will put me off altogether.

For the outfit design, I think that it adds up to the eroticism of the game. Not all sex scenes are full nude, which I believe fucking well-done. You know, it’s bland and cliched to watch sex scenes without a bit of clothing nowadays. What will give you a hard boner is watching characters fucking while the girl is wearing his stockings or bra on (or something of that sort, not full nude). In my opinion, the clothing and costumes of the characters are fucking attractive and creative.

Sound: There’s More Work to Improve

The music and sound of this game are fucking lousy. The sex sounds and moaning are very typical of adult video games - there’s nothing special to them. This area needs to be improved because it diminishes the quality of the game.

Refreshing Gameplay

In the world of RPG games, which require a player to grind and fight, Town of Passion’s gameplay is quite refreshing. This adult video game has a varied, creative, non-linear gameplay - a mix of training, exploration, relationship building, and puzzles.

You have to train your stats (intelligence, strength, charm, and ability) by drinking potions to unlock new skills and progress through the questline. Then, you have to explore the numerous secrets of the village and solve puzzles scattered throughout the various spots or questlines. The puzzles are not that difficult, so it’s really a plus for a person like me who just want to have fun and doesn’t want to stretch his brain.

There’s not a lot of fighting in this game, which is a novelty. Instead, you need to build relationships to capture the hearts of townsfolk and get you laid. You have to follow two paths, which is Passion (Haru, Evelynn, and Mary) and Lust (Raylene, Roselyn, and Akane). The hot babes you’ll meet along the way are looking for pleasure, so you need to make them happy by fucking them.

There are also mini-games that you have to play to appease the female characters mentioned above. These side games do a great job of enhancing the story, but I think there’s still a lot of room to improve them as sometimes they can be a source of frustration and annoyance due to poor control mechanics. Also, they eat up a lot of your time playing them. But, overall, the gameplay is fine and refreshing as fuck.

Excellent Characterization

The way the characters are laid out is fucking ace. The interaction between the female characters and the player character is relevant and well-crafted. From the beginning, the voluptuous townsfolk of the Town of Passion already showed a sexual interest to the player character. But, aside from that fact, other reasons drive them to interact with him, and this leads you to follow the story closely.

I also love how each of the female characters is not only willing to have sex with the player character, but also feel jealousy towards the others. Each of them feels like having a self-entitlement over the player character, and this feeling accentuates their sexual needs and creates conflict among themselves. The character arcs are also fucking creative and unique, and these drive the story of the game and the gameplay itself.

Moreover, it’s a great thing to note that each character has its own story to tell. You, as the player character, has to complete the individual stories because they’re tied up to the main story. Although playing through each story feels like playing a separate game, it’s still fucking fun and engaging.

For instance, I noticed that Mary and Rose have some hidden rivalry over the player character in the Sakura Forest storyline, but there’s no conflict between them in the main story. This is why I think that you’re playing a separate game when going through each individual story.

My Recommendations to Improve the Game

Town of Passion is a fucking fun adult video game. But I think there’s still room for improvement to make it even greater. Although I don’t want to sound like an expert here, my opinion is only that of a gamer who wants to see the full potential of the game. So, here are my suggestions to improve the Town of Passion.

● There should be an autoplay option for the sex scenes and cutscenes. The best button I have in mind to toggle autoplay would be the “tab” button.

● The time of day should be included in the saved file information.

● The music and sound of the game must be improved.

● The mini-games should not consume a significant amount of time.

● Mansion bunnies should offer the player advice when stuck in the character story or the main story.

● The game credits should be accessible through the title menu or be visible on the title.

● The journal should include Rose’s quests.

● Rose, Mary, and Evelynn should have journals. These should be placed in the sewing room, the attic, and the bedroom. The player character could only read them when he gains access to these areas. And there should be erotic passages written on these journals.

● There should be an evil female character. It could be a monster that walks around without clothes. The player character would then hunt the monster, and every time he catches it, he would subject this female monster through a blowjob or anal sex.

My Conclusion

Town of Passion is one of those adult video games that one would really enjoy. I love how the story and dialogues are written and how the characters are set up. It has a pretty decent artwork and refreshing gameplay, which is a big plus for me. Moreover, the game doesn’t lack when it comes to eroticism and nudity. The sex scenes will surely give you a hard boner.

However, there’s a lot to improve this game to make it even top-notch. For instance, the sound and music should be fixed because it’s clearly subpar. Also, some things should be added to enhance the quality of the game, which I already laid out in the suggestions above. But, overall, Town of Passion is a must-play adult video game.

PornGames likes Town Of Passion

  • Well-written storyline and dialogues
  • Refreshing gameplay
  • Spot -on characterization
  • Pretty decent artwork
  • Excellent outfit design
  • Sufficient eroticism

PornGames hates Town Of Passion

  • Poor sound and music quality
  • Time-consuming mini-games
  • Poor control setting for the mini-games
  • No autoplay option for the sex scenes and cutscenes
  • Standard sprite artwork