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Treasure Hunter Claire

Not all RPG porn games are made equal. Some are 2D; others are textual. We still haven’t properly entered the era of 3D porn games, because even though everyone faps, no-one wants to admit it. Because it’s so hard to get funding for and profit out of making a porn game, devs usually resort to shitty engines like RPG Maker. Now, there was nothing wrong with RPG Maker when it first came out. Hell, it was revolutionary. It let anyone and everyone make an RPG game for free, without having to worry about coding.

These days, two out of three porn RPGs are made in RPG Maker, and this always makes me wonder why people refuse to switch to newer engines. Although, if I’m being honest, most RPG Maker games that suck, don’t suck because of the engine, they suck because the devs didn’t have the follow-through to finish them.

Treasure Hunter Claire is not one of those games. What you have right here is the pinnacle of RPG porn development, unless you count Evenicle. But, that game was running on a lot of money and a unique next-gen engine. This right here is a retro-vibe loaded game that gives Evenicle a run for the money.

Keeping Things Light and Breezy

This game’s world, characters, stories, and all the in-between are kept simple and straightforward. It’s all very relaxing and generally upbeat. This makes it a great game for quick faps and long term fap adventures alike. You don’t have to shed a tear for the storyline, and there are no serious plot twists. The story is consistently great, and it has all the standard RPG fanfare, but it doesn’t spin you for a loop. Throughout any point of the game, you know what you’re doing, and you understand your character’s motivation.

You can pretty much see the same thing in the art and the music. It’s all constantly cheerful and fun. You could be watching your girl take a dicking in one scene then see her navigating a sacred temple in another, and the vibe stays the same. You’re here to have fun. This is the kind of game that you pay for in order to enjoy yourself. There’s no catch. There’s no downside.

A Likable Bitch

I’ve been saying this for the longest time, and I’ll say it again: Women enjoy sex as much as men do, but they’ll never admit it. I mean, I get laid all the time, and I know the girls I do it with love the experience, but it bothers me that they sometimes play hard to get as if I don’t know that we’re on the same page. We both want to bang, it’s fine, you don’t have to play dumb.

Claire, the main character of this game, doesn’t suffer from hard-to-get syndrome. She knows exactly what she wants, and she sets out to get it. Her sexual interactions in this game can vary between submissive and dominant, and I get that. Different women have different preferences. Some would prefer to be taken by a strong alpha-male like myself; others want to lead the action. Either way, I have mad respect for them.

Cum Collection

It is Claire’s destiny to collect as much cum as she possibly can, literally. In this game, cum is basically a magical element, but don’t overthink it. With enough cum in her system, Claire can upgrade her skills or unlock new costumes for herself. And, the places she can get cum are so varied. She can straight up walk up to a male NPC and be like: “Hi, I would like some of your cum, please, and thank you”. If only women in the real world were that straightforward. Ah, but a man can dream.

Then there are also the various monsters scattered throughout this game’s world, and they too can be a great source of cum and cum related accessories. Your entire quest through this game is basically one long cum collection. You want to go way out of your way to master your ability to collect more cum, which makes you stronger and more capable of collecting even more cum. That’s why I call this the quintessential porn game. No muss, no fuss, it’s just a simple story about a girl who’s out on a quest to get herself some man-juice.

Amazing Art and Next-Gen RPG Maker

I gave this game’s engine a lot of shit for being way too old, but the truth is, they didn’t use the ancient RPG Maker versions that other games default for. I’m no RPG Maker expert, but this feels like one of the versions that came out after 2011 or so. Either way, it’s not the one from 98 or the one from 2003, and as far as I know, those are the most popular.

Long story short, this game is in HD. Yes, you still get the mini-sprites that represent your character, and yes, you’re still on a grid, but it’s an HD grid. Plus, you can move around freely in any direction, instead of being locked on an up-down, left-right rail. That shit was ridiculously annoying. The tiny addition of being able to move diagonally makes this game so much more enjoyable.

The newer engine also made all of the mini-textures really crisp. They look great on newer monitors. It’s no longer a Nintendo homage. The game genuinely looks great. It’s a shame they don’t have this thing on the DS or Nintendo Switch. The graphics are optimal for a pocket experience.

It’s also worth noting that the level design across the entire world is absolutely gorgeous. None of this game feels rushed. I see no signs of compromise in the art department. Every single two-by-two block of this entire grid-based game was hand-crafted to perfection. It’s just a very satisfying game to stare at.

Super-Hot Smut, Also Hot Dogs

The smut scenes are the core reward of this game, and they’re fucking everywhere. I don’t know how they managed to draw so many unique smut scenes, but I’m glad that they did. After a while, you’ll start to see more of the same scene, so there are reused assets, but it’s not like everything keeps repeating. You get unique encounters throughout the game. Plus, all the sex scenes come in variations, depending on your character’s alignment.

Where do the hot-dogs come in, I hear you ask? Well, across the penises, of course. You see, to get this game on Steam, the devs had to fuck up all of the smut scenes beyond recognition. So, instead of melons, you see melons, and instead of wieners, you see hot dogs. To get the game back to a regular playable state, you have to mod people’s crotches back into action with a free mod that you can get off of the developer’s website. I’d link it to you, but there’s really no need, it’s literally the most top-voted comment on the game’s official Steam page, so it’s not like there’s any risk of it disappearing.

You can play the entire game without installing this mod, but I would recommend against it. The sex scenes are easily the best part of this game, and since you’re literally going around collecting cum, it’s not like you can pretend you’re playing a regular non-pornographic game. Either play it for the smut or don’t play it at all.

Subs, Doms and Prudes

Like a true RPG, this game comes with multiple endings and alternate scenarios, depending on how you play. There’s also a New Game+ in case you want to replay the entire adventure and go for some different outcome. The way I understand it, you can unlock some unique scenes if you go for a fully dominant or a fully submissive build.

Alternatively, you can go for a prude playthrough, in which you do your best not to collect any cum what-so-ever and just sort of get through everything the hard way. I have no idea why you would possibly want to do this, but the developers were tricky enough to make this the only way for you to get the “true” ending. I do not understand what makes this the true ending, but if that’s what they chose to call it, that’s what it’s going to be.

This is the kind of porn RPG that you play one-handed, because everyone and anyone is ripe for the milking. It’s a bit weird, playing as the female character in a fuck-fest, but watching her take cock after cock throughout this magical story is very satisfying just the same. I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out, but you might want to wait for it to go on sale. $20 for a 2D RPG game is a bit on the steep side.

PornGames likes Treasure Hunter Claire

  • Shit ton of sex scenes
  • Super-hot art
  • Recent version of RPG Maker
  • Some really cute tunes

PornGames hates Treasure Hunter Claire

  • Needs more tunes