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The Legend Of Versyl

You all fuckers and bastards should really rejoice because this game will save you dry dick from its impending fragmentation. On April 24, 2017, this game was born, this game acts as a stimulant to all players in it. Awake all night, you were just staring at the screen for hours and hours. Sleep is unknown, and it seems like peeing and pooping, and even eating are not done regularly. Before this game existed, everyone was deprived of pleasure, and now, you can have all the pleasure that you want.

Behold the game that will make your boring and desolated life full of colors. Yes, that is fucking right! You may feel like your life is useless, surely you haven't tried this game. I said it here first. I guarantee you that your fetishes shall be nourished once and for all. The Legend of Versyl offers adventure, fantasy, ADV, RPG, foot fetish, 3DCG, seduction, bondage, corruption, big tits, incest, sex, oral, masturbation, voyeur. There are some optional features, which are pregnancy, netorare, and futanari.

What The Fuck Is This Game About

What you are about to read will chill you to the bones and dry your balls out. Yes, that's right, fuckers. This game will make your dicks sing, especially when you are into fetishes and science fiction-esque games. The Legendary Versyl will be all about you. Yes, you fucking bastard! The story will revolve around you as the events will change depending on your choices. Good thing, right. At least, in a fucking game will be significant compared to the grief-stricken and miserable condition you have in the real world.

At first, it is stated that you dumbass have led an honest like in which you keep on trying not to make other people experience suffering as much as possible and going further by trying to ease their pain and hurt. But also in this game, you will learn that life will really fuck everything in their way. You will ponder on the happenings and tribulations that you face like you will lose your job and then your girlfriend and even your life itself through a fucking car crash. Life is not fair, and that's on period.

Are you satisfied with how the events of your life turned out? That it just crumbled and got messed up with no means of resolving or chance of getting it back together. You may have thought that this game would be some kind of a big leap to your reality. Well, actually it is, but it takes some time. So, as I said, your life would take a turn in this part. You will discover a second chance in your life to redo what you did? To reopen the book of your life and start to write the story again in your way. And to come back to the dwelling place of the living.

You did come back and grab the opportunity to start your fucking life with your own rules and regulations. And there's a bonus. You will be an immortal human with astounding power like mind control. But their dumb question is if I would use it? Of course, I would. What kind of stupid question is that who would not take advantage of that kind of power? But great power comes great responsi-fucking-bility, so would you be the ancient Hero or the Nightmare of humankind. That's for you foolish twat to find out.

What I Like In This Game

There are things that I like while playing this game. At some point, I was wowing and feeling its intensity, but there are also times when I was just staring at it, waiting for something that will take me off my seat. One thing that I like about this game is its storyline. Well, it is pretty decent and unique. If will developed, further, it will become a staple game for those people who seems to divulge in fetish.

Who does not like it rough? If you are in fucking favor with pain, degradation, and brutality, I suggest you get the fuck out of here before I bury you alive. What makes the game thrilling and makes you linger for a long time is the harsh treatment that even outside the screen, you will feel the affliction, torture, and discomfort. Its brutality is like an art that should be put in a painting. It is soothing drugs that will leave you high for a couple of minutes.

So, then there's the difficulty of the game. If you come here to immerse yourself with fun porn and, at the same time, a hardcore gamer who is in it or the challenges, then probably this is for you. But if you are just in this game to satisfy your fetishes, then I highly suggest that you better think twice about your decision to enter that domain since it has a pretty hard challenge that is not suited for a fickle and witless person like you.

One of the most amazing features in the game is that you only get to play a male character. Whether you are a trollop, a whore, as slut playing the game, the only role for you is male, a man. So, if your bitch ego got stomped or got offended, then you can get the fuck off the game.

What Is Unlikable In This Game

When I enter the game, the first thing I notice is the problematic introduction. Then, as I go on, there are a couple of stupid lines and everything in between. Dude, you need a fucking writer to edit out some parts and make your introduction bearable to read. The game presentation is not enchanting at all. It's like standing in front of a wall for a couple of hours. There is also this strange connection between the events like I was on a cliff all the fucking time. And what's up the small tits and butts.


There are a lot of things that I would like to recommend in this game. First, is get a writer no need to explain that since it is pretty self-explanatory. Everything in the game is a slow burn. The story is unfolding very slowly; it makes me want to exit it and never come back. So some fast forward some shit in the fucking game, mainly the fillers, which are pretty much useless and do not contribute to the character development of plot development at all.

Lastly, what the fuck is wrong with the fucking bitches in this game. Why their tits are so small that I have to use a microscope to see it and do not get me started in the buttocks, the main goal of this game is to entice horny bastard to play this, and at this point, all the game giving me is a headache. Fix the whore's body in an instant. Bigger tits and bigger butts and well have a deal.


I would not go too far and say something with words like its mind-blowing, never been done before, amazing, stunning game and everything in between because the truth is, well, the game is fine. The Legend of Versyl is okay. It is satisfactory and decent. Did it really capture my attention and make me beg for more? No. Did it stimulate every part of my being, especially my powerful big dick? No. If given another chance, would I play it again? No. The game is not that remarkable at all. It was promising, yes.

At very first, it gives you a lot of excitement and eagerness to watch out for what the game has in store for me, but as it progresses, it was lackluster. Its promise does not hold much. Okay, it will stand out with the tons of fetishes the game will introduce to you. It will totally feed your hungry dick and dried out imagination, but other than that, there was nothing else to hold on to. Like that was all its spark, and it was gone after a couple of minutes in the game. If I would rate the game, probably, it will be 3/5.

I will make this very simple and very easy for you that even an orangutan could have comprehended it. So, stated below are the thing that did it for me and the things that just make my dick hide in the corner.

PornGames likes The Legend Of Versyl

  • The astounding idea of the storyline
  • The harsh treatment of the partner where it is in the route of pain and degradation
  • The brutality in the bondage
  • The implementation of playing as a man in the game
  • The difficulty of the game

PornGames hates The Legend Of Versyl

  • The slow burn events of the game
  • The game presentation is too bland
  • like eating food with no taste in it.
  • The strange feeling in the plot
  • like the pieces of the puzzle
  • does not fit at all.
  • Small butts and small tities
  • The difficulty of the game