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The Legend of Lust

Most of you have probably heard of hell as the place where naughty people go at the end of their sinful lives. In literature, hell’s been described with a lot of specifics. In the famous 24th-century epic poem The Divine Comedy, hell is described as having nine circles, for different types of sinners. Eight of these I do not care about, because they are completely irrelevant to the world of smut, and I probably get a free pass from them. One of them, however, the second one to be specific, is the place where lust-havers go. This is the place where perverts allegedly end up in Dante’s Inferno.

The Legend of Lust is an amazing porn game that takes Dante’s Inferno and says, “Add fucking to it”. I love anyone and everyone’s efforts to add fucking to just about anything. Morning gym? Add fucking. Doing your taxes? Better with a blowjob. 14th-century literature? Could use demon titties.

Leave it to PGSpotStudios to take it upon themselves to go all out on an amazing porn game project that aims to bring the second circle of hell to the world of smut and possibly go beyond in the future. Without further ado, let’s dig into this smut den.

A Playable Demo

I hate it when people ask for funding online without giving you an impression of what the final project would look like. If I’m going to be giving you money, I better damn well know what I’m going to get. I understand that you can’t finish your game and then get funding afterwards, but developers should try and show a scene or two so that backers know what they’re getting themselves into.

Well, PGSpotStudios did just that. The current version of their amazing smut title features a hint at every single part of the finished product, possibly years in advance. What I mean is, there are several playable features that show you a small part of what the game is supposed to look like when it’s finished, but you get a general sense of what to expect out of every part of it.

Welcome to Hell

So, when you fire up the demo, you’re welcomed to hell by a very bangable large breasted demon chick, and she explains how things work around here. Apparently, all the lustful sinners get sent to her domain in order to, well, have more sex, for the rest of their immortal lives. They’re not given a lot of autonomy, either. They’re basically bound and gagged. But, there are many demons out and about, willing to get down and dirty with those imperfect humans.

Right off the bat, she spawns a tiny fuck-demon for you to control. This thing looks ridiculous and only speaks in curse words. The game translates what the demon is saying in brackets. However, for the most part, it just spams the word pussy over and over again. It was created out of thin air for the sole purpose of fucking human pussies; you can’t really expect too much of him. Anyways, you get the rundown of the controls and what you can do while you are in hell. It’s all gradual, but quick, so you don’t get bored while you’re learning the ropes.

Being a Fuck-Demon

The very first thing you do in this game is get acclimated to your claws. You have demon claws, and they’re going to be your swiss army knife in this dimension of infinite fucks and sucks. First things first, you claw a human bitch’s clothes off. You can’t get much done with her while she’s encased in latex. Once she’s naked, your little demon guy wants to fuck her immediately. He starts spouting the word pussy off like it’s going out of style.

But, your guide explains that it’s too soon for that. Clawing her clothes off gave you some lust points. These are basically this game’s version of experience points. She encourages you to spend them on upgrading your demon’s penis. It goes from looking like a peanut, to being an absolute jackhammer. Hell, it’s almost as big as mine. That’s a lot of cock. She then takes you back to the bound bitch and lets you go ham on her ass, pussy, and mouth. You cum over and over again, welcoming her to hell in the most erotic of ways. Once you’re spent, your guide explains that it’s time for combat.

Fighting for your Right to Pussy

I think I’ve used that headline in another review, but fuck it, it’s a great fucking headline. Plus, it’s very much on point. In this game, you take breaks from fucking sinners to fight all kinds of monsters across the vast depths of hell. You have basic combat abilities as well as some magical ones. Like, you can hurl fireballs from your gut at your enemies. This uses up your MP or magic points. It’s your standard role-playing fanfare, and it’s turn-based, so no novelties there. If the combat was the main part of the game, I’d complain, but it’s just one of many ways to have fun and get lust points, so it’s fine for what it is.

The animations during the combat scenes had me a bit on edge. They looked a bit worse than what I saw during the smut scenes. Then again, if they were prioritizing, I guess they went with the important shit first. Personally, I’d advise they get rid of the combat all-together, since they’re sitting on a ton of potential with all the sex scenes, but it’s their game, not mine. If they think this game needs combat, more power to them. Maybe they’ll find a way to integrate the smut into the combat somehow. That would be pretty awesome. Like, perhaps you could beat a demon bitch down and then bang her afterward.

Big Hopes for Future Releases

Even though this game is just a demo of what the devs have finished so far, they loaded the game with references to the final product, and I love this. They do a fantastic job of showing you what they intend for the game to look like when they’re done. Basically, they added several maps that show you all the explorable regions of the game, before they’re even accessible.

It would appear that even though the game starts in the second circle of hell, they want the final version to have all the circles of hell. I’ll admit, I’m very curious to see what this might look like. It motivates the writers to come up with fresh ideas to make the circles all have different vibes. Plus, you’re going there to fuck bitches, so I’m mostly curious to see the differences in bitch-quality, if you will. Who knows what we might find.

There’s also a world map, and I found that a bit confusing, considering we’re in hell and all. This one looks like a regular world map of an Earth-Like planet, but there are many different species. I mean like, elves and aliens, that kind of species. I think I also saw some furries as well. So, in other words, this game is going to feature crammed in characters from all other porn genres, including sci-fi, furries, medieval, and who knows what else. They are really shooting for the stars with this project.

The Smut Quality

Fucking the various sinner bitches in this game is the core gameplay, as far as I’m concerned, and it’s pretty decent. The art isn’t the kind of high-level expert shit that I’m used to, but it’s not bad either. It’s kind of like high levels of Flash player quality. That’s what you can expect. 2D bitches in a simple flat style.

But, while their style might be flat, their titties are not, and they’re very much bang-worthy. There’s also a lot of variety between the different types of bitches that you’re going to be seeing, both in the game and

This game is very impressive in its demo state, and it will be absolutely mind-blowing when they finish it, I can already tell. The question on my mind is, how long is it going to take them to get to a finished product? It would appear that only time will tell, as they already have over a thousand backers. The project is clearly beloved by many, so I doubt it’s going to stall or die.

Now we play the waiting game. And speaking of playing a game, this game is free, so you can nab a copy right away. But, keep in mind that it’s very much just a demo, and it will grow in features with each release. Either way, I’m sure that if you like the demo, you’ll eagerly await every update.

PornGames likes The Legend of Lust

  • Great smut art
  • Huge hopes for the future
  • Decent combat system
  • Gigantic map

PornGames hates The Legend of Lust

  • Could do without the combat