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The Company is a Text-Based Game Full of Content From Real Pornstars. Do you know what hot porn games usually lack? No, not that weirdly specific fetish that only you fucking have. Nobody wants that. I’m talking about pornstars. Why the fuck don’t they make games where you get to watch real-life pornstars get fucked? They’re the experts at this shit. That’d be better than some janky animations done by a fat-ass living in his mother’s basement. And, sure, there are a few “games” with pornstars, but most of those are paid subscription sites that will cost you a pretty penny. I don’t want to pay for any of that shit.

That’s why I went out and found this game called The Company. This game is fucking wild. It’s a text-based adventure game...sort of, of which I’ll get into all of the details later. You should stick along for this ride if you want a completely unique experience. Anyway, this game was created by a horny fuck known as Westane.

Free-to-Play Game Available for Download or Play In-Browser

You can play this game in-browser or download it for free over at It’s a decently popular game for one made by just some dude. He brings in nearly 100 thousand horny fucks to the site every single month since the game launched a couple of years ago. The game is finished. At this point, Westane just keeps adding in new content and kinky shit because he fucking can.

Like I said earlier, this game is sort of a text-adventure game. It’s got an interesting format, since the entire game can be played in the browser. You can save your progress and all of that good shit. I prefer the browser game over the downloaded one. It makes it easier to launch right up and play.

Every Hot Character is an Actual Pornstar

The game has a lot of dialog, exposition, and all of that good shit that any text-adventure game should have. But, instead of custom art and sex scenes, you get straight-up porn. Every character in this story is a popular pornstar. Fucking Dakota Skye is your step-sister. I actually like this setup. You really can’t go wrong with these sluts, and there is so much material out there that it works out really well.

But let me back up here and go over the actual story. You’re playing as some fuck who just landed a job at a company that specializes in making serums and drugs. You get full control of however you want to customize your character. This game is about transformation, taboo fetishes, and all of that kinky stuff. Gender and character details end up being more of a suggestion than a static fact in this game. It’s got the same trappings of corruption-style games like Corruption of Champions.

Manage Time, Money, and Resources While You Make Serums and Fuck Bitches

The start of the game is a bit slow. You get to know your family as you get a brief tutorial on how to navigate and spend your time during the day. Each day has seven slots where you can do things. You can go out on dates, text people, play video games, go to work, make serums, and fuck hot babes.

While you sleep, you’ll be greeted by some anime bitch who gives you extra gameplay options. If you’re worried about becoming a trans slut with tits and dick, then you should probably turn off the forced character changes when she asks you. If not, then you might sprout some tits overnight, and there won’t be a goddamn thing you can do about it. She’ll also give you options for things that make gameplay easier, harder, etc.

Watch as Your Character Changes & Becomes Corrupted as You Play

Your work is full of sluts. Holy fuck. Each babe here is such a cumslut. Especially Penny, the girl who works in the lab with you. She’s basically begging for you to pound her like the good girl she is right when you walk in the door. She’s also the babe that will help you make all of your serums. This usually means she’s the first one you get to test them on as well.

These serums can do tons of different things. They can give you control over someone for a brief time, erase their short-term memory, make their tits bigger, give them a dick, and so much fucking more. And each babe you meet will react differently to your approaches. Some sluts have more willpower and will resist. Others will fall right into your lap after you pay them a couple of compliments.

Romance Babes & Fap to Hot Clips From Actual Porn Videos

You can keep track of how each of these sluts feels about you by looking over your notebook. You can also view your own stats using the left side-bar. There you can see how much serum you have, what your current gender orientation is leaning towards, and a bunch of other minor details.

While all of this fucking, transformation, and corruption is going on, you have to try and wow the company executives by making a kick-ass serum. So, you’ll want to keep that shit in mind and make sure you leave yourself enough time to do it, or you might lose the game. And you don’t want that. You want to keep banging hot sluts in kinkier ways, right? That’s what I thought, so don’t fuck it up.

Very Replayable Game With Dozens of Different Approaches

Damn, there is a fuck ton to do in this game. You can play through this game a dozen fucking times and never get the same results. You can play as a confident alpha who romances bitches and gets them to spread their legs with ease. You can be a nerdy beta who dabbles with serums and becomes a trans cumslut. You can skip all of that and force yourself on these poor sluts like the fucked up cuck you are. It’s an incredibly open game that lets you play it, however the hell you want to.

And it’s all done so well. Sure, the gifs and images can be kind of low-quality at times, but you are getting so much porn in this game. The writing is even on point. You get so much fucking writing in this game. The fact that I barely caught any errors or janky lines is a testament to how much time was put into the development of this free game.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Man, talk about a game that doesn’t hold back at all. Holy shit. I hope you cucks are into corruption and transformation because this game goes hard. You’ll be turning into a tranny with a horse cock who loves fucking their young step-sister before you can even try to stop that shit. It’s pretty fucking fun. I like a game that lets you go extreme and really dives into fetish content. If I wanted some vanilla experience, I’d watch some boring-ass porn videos or something. This game introduces a load of cool features and options that will keep you coming back for more.

I also liked that the game used actual clips from porn. I’d much rather that over some shitty animations or images. Don’t get me wrong; I love that shit when it is good. The thing is, it usually isn’t. The use of porn was a safe bet, and it worked out well. This game will have you horny cucks fapping in no time at all. You really can’t go wrong when fapping to Dakota Skye getting fucked in the ass, you know?

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The gifs and images are fine, but I feel like they could take the porn a step further. Imagine if you could link out to webms or videos on other sites. I feel like there could be the potential for making some sweet, sweet dosh by doing that. But, hey, who knows. I could be wrong, but I’d love to see some videos included in the game somehow. That would take this experience to the next level.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Company was a pretty fun experience. I’d recommend it to those of you who have a bit of an open view on fetishes and sexuality in general. You need to be into some wild shit to get the most out of this game. But it’s a solid game. Go give this fetish-filled game a shot. It’s completely free and packed full of porn.

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  • Text-based adventure game with clips from porn videos
  • Kinky fetish content
  • Free-to-play in-browser and free to download
  • Very replayable

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