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Strive For Power

Strive for Power is a Fantasy-Themed Slave Manager Game by Maverik. Alright, you sex-starved elf lovers. I know most of you love fantasy porn and all of that good shit. You dream of fucking hot elf babes, angel sluts, devil whores, and everything in-between. And how could I forget about the furries? It seems like every fantasy game has to include anthro creatures with giant meaty cocks or wolf babes with massive, milk-laden tits.

It’s a cross over that I never asked for, but it seems like you horny gamers love it. And, guess what? I’ve got even more of that kind of content for you today. No, not just furry content. I’m talking about a new game full of hot, fantasy babes who crave your cock. Dive into this new, sordid fantasy game with me.

Strive for Power is a fantasy slave manager game that was created by Maverik and released to the public in August of 2021. You can find a premium copy of the game with the newest available version on the creator’s Patreon page. Or you can cop a free copy from, but just know that you’ll be playing an older version of the game. This title is still very much in production. It’s technically in a beta stage, so be sure to point out any bugs or suggestions to the creator if you want to see that shit fixed.

Gorgeous Fantasy Art Makes for an Immersive Experience

This game is gorgeous. You fantasy nerds will get rock hard at the fucking art knowing you guys. It’s got a traditional fantasy feel while still being hot as fuck. Though I guess old school fantasy did have its own share of bikini-clad dime pieces. And I’m not even talking about the sex scenes or anything yet. Just the art, in general, is solid and very well done.

But enough of me fawning over some lines on a page. You can customize a fuck ton about this game and the experience you will have. You can toggle futa, furry, rape, and loli content. Do you want to collect child fox girls as your sex slaves? That’s super fucked up, but you do you. You can even make it where every slave you find has a giant futa cock if that’s your kink. Besides fetish content, you can customize your starting location, character appearance, and starting slave.

Fully Customize Your Character & Starting Sex Slave

The customization options are very in-depth. You can modify everything from your hair color and height to how big your dick and balls are. I picked massive to mimic my real-life situation, but I get if you betas want to live that fantasy and pick the same thing. You can pick certain personality types for your slave bitch as well. There are dozens of them. Each one determines how she responds to your approaches and how she performs in different jobs. Oh, and you can pick your own starting profession to get boosts in certain aspects of the game.

Once you get all of that shit sorted, you’ll start the actual game. You’ll get this cute fox girl who will guide you around the game. Her name is Alise, and she, and every other slut in this game, is so fucking hot. The tutorial is quick. She tells you to go out and explore the world while managing and talking with your slaves. If you ever need her sagely guidance (or just want to stare at her perky tits), you can click on the little question mark up in the top right.

This game strikes a good balance with having a lot to do without it being too overwhelming or tedious at the start. This game isn’t made to have you lose in the first few days because you couldn’t get your sluts to make you enough dosh. You have plenty of time to get the hang of the game and get sorted. And all of the options are clearly explained by your cute fox-girl guide.

Complex Game With a Deep World Full of Fun and Sexy Quests

There is so much you can do in this game. The world is incredibly fleshed out for a game that is still in beta. You can explore your mansion and do shit like study, train, and sleep. But interacting with your cumsluts is the best part. You can take many different approaches to this.

You can be a humble slave owner who cares for his sex sluts and makes sure they are always clothed and comfortable where they are. You can wait until they all give consent and be super loving. Or you can be cruel and rape them wherever and whenever you want. And, hey, some babes may like it that way, especially if they happen to have the “pervert” character trait.

Both aspects have their merits. For one, you get hot sex scenes so much quicker if you take the latter approach. Fucking and talking to your good little sluts will change their stats, attitude, and influence how they interact with you. You eventually want to build these babes up so that they can go out and earn you sweet, sweet dosh. More dosh means a better mansion, more sex toys, and more quests. And having all of that means you can land sexier babes.

You will have quests to complete that will earn you extra money and sex slaves. You can explore the wide world of whichever city you end up starting in. There are mage guilds, merchants guilds, shops, brothels, and all of that good stuff. It is definitely the kind of game that you can spend hours and hours playing. The content just keeps coming. You won’t hit any roadblocks of boredom any time soon.

Incredible Sex Scenes With Uncensored Art and Detailed Erotic Descriptions

But I know you fucks care about fapping more than excellent gameplay. This game is loaded with amazing sex scenes. There are hot illustrations scattered all throughout this game. They are completely uncensored and include intense, erotic descriptions that will have you loser betas splooging in your shorts. And you can control so much when it comes to fucking your slaves.

You can choose the positions, use toys, humiliate, and do so much more. I really liked how your slave will give you little hints about how she wants to be fucked. Fucking her the way she wants makes her more receptive to more hardcore shit. But you will have a set amount of time to make her orgasm. Well, if you want her to. If you want to pump and dump her, then you have the power to do that.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

There are tons of fantasy porn games out there. The market is so fucking saturated. I nearly sigh when I see a big tittied elf maiden. But Strive for Power stands out. It’s a solid game with loads of incredible erotic scenes and hentai art. Every scene is fapworthy without being overdone. And I like the twist with introducing the slave training and managing elements to the game. Some of these slave trainer games can be tedious and boring. This one manages to strike a great balance between porn, quests, and resource management.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The music kicks ass. I like how it changes during different scenes. It’s really well done. But this game needs some fucking sounds. It’s not a sex scene without some wet slapping sounds, you know? I want to hear my character going balls deep into these cumsluts. And I want to hear them moan and cry out for more. Adding some voice acting into the game as a whole would bring Strive for Power to the next fucking level.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Strive for Power is a hot as fuck slave manager game with enough high-fantasy elements to keep you nerds hooked into the story. It really is a solid game. I can’t wait to see what Maverik comes up with as the game moves forward towards a full release. Speaking of release, this game will have you cucks busting nuts like there’s no tomorrow. I highly recommend anyone into fantasy worlds, and slave games take a nice, long look at Strive for Power. What the fuck are you waiting for? Go get yourself a free copy of this game and get fapping.

PornGames likes Strive For Power

  • Enjoy a dynamic fantasy world where you have absolute power
  • Collect and manage your hot fantasy slaves
  • Lots of different sorts of fetish content for everyone
  • Fantastic erotic writing & kinky
  • uncensored illustrations

PornGames hates Strive For Power

  • No voice acting or sound effects for sex scenes