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Degrees Of Lewdity

Well, if it isn’t Christmas come early with one of my all-time favorite interactive smut pieces of all time. Degrees of Lewdity is a pornographic video game with all the rapes and dates you could possibly fill into a singular gaming experience. It is easily in my top 3, and it will probably stay there forever, for a multitude of reasons. This game is an RPG in the most real sense of the definition, and it puts other regular RPGs to shame. Game developers in the non-porn world have gone lazy in recent years, but the smut builders have rolled up their sleeves and brought us several high-quality RPG titles that shine for miles and entertain for days. Degrees of Lewdity stands atop all these gems to school all the boys and girls about what real proper game development should look like.

It’s Extremely Fucking Hot

You don’t normally see me get all hot and bothered when talking about animated titties, unless I have to dive into some good old hentai, because that shit is everywhere these days. Well, Degrees of Lewdity is hotter than hentai. There, I said it.

Do I mean that they animated pussies in this game have more pixels per inch than the average hentai schoolgirl? Nope. In fact, you’ll barely see any vaginas in this game throughout your entire playthrough. The same goes for cocks. The best you get is a simple looping gif animation of the action on the top of your screen. So how could it possibly be hotter than actual visual smut?

Well, the concept of video game porn has always hinged on making you feel like you’re a part of the action. Porn is about immersion. When you’re alone and horny, the last thing you want is a reminder that you’re not actually having sex. You want to dive right into some hardcore penetration, and you want to fool yourself into believing it’s as real as possible.

Immersion to the Max

Degrees of Lewdity does just that, by making you connect to your character and fight for dear life. This game comes with all of the RPG bells and whistles, including extensive character customization at the start of the game, complete with hair length, gender, genital size, eye color, and a bunch of other shit that you can fiddle with if you want to. And, it uses all of these stats, they’re not just for show.

What I mean by that is, if you’re a girl, you run the risk of attracting other people who are attracted to girls. These could be men, women, dogs, wolves, and even some supernatural beings. Everyone who is attracted to girls will also be attracted to you, provided you look like a girl. Now, if you wanted to fend off girl-lovers, you could put your hair up, like a boy might, and maybe dye it dark and wear some cargo shorts. That way, you get less attention from people who like girls, but now you might get jumped by a boy loving werewolf. It’s amazing!

The Mind-Blowing Gameplay

Here’s where shit gets super impressive. This game has a more open world than The Witcher 3. Again, there, I said it. You can go anywhere you want in this game, right from the very start. The game world is relatively huge, especially for the content that hides below the surface. It uses that same old-school logic of locations being inter-connected, so you can move between zones and see what’s happening. You get a ton of options for things you can do while you’re in these places, and all of your actions have consequences. Let’s say that it’s a Monday and you have to go to school. Well, you can go to school. But if you do that, you can then decide whether you want to attend class. If you attend class, you can decide whether to pay attention or just socialize with your friends.

But I hear you shouting from behind your screen: PornDude, this is a smut game. Why would I go to school? I want to go out and fuck bitches. All right then, go ahead. Instead of going to school, head on down to the local beach, and fuck some cuties. But, if they find you particularly hot and decide they don’t like what you’re doing, they might bend you over and stick their dick in your ass. Oh, did I mention anyone can have a dick or a pussy in this game?

If they take your anal virginity, that makes you less pure, which means you get assaulted more and you get distressed more often. But you might be thinking that’s a good thing. After all, why not get raped over and over again by random chicks in a porn game? Well, eventually, you’re going to get real sore, or maybe you’ll get jumped by a dude, and you’ll figure that’s not your cup of tea.

When the worst happens, you’ll want to fight them off. But, if you’re already beaten up from the previous rapes, well, you won’t be able to escape. You’ll wake up in a ditch somewhere, covered in cum, and you’ll find your clothes are missing. Good luck getting back to your house to get dressed when everyone and their dog are trying to rape you, and you’re already in the nude. You can’t catch a bus naked; you have to sneak your way back and let me tell you, that’s a fucking nightmare.

And, if you pass out, you end up at the hospital. Do this several times over, showing up with more bruises and cum on your face each time, and the doctor will send you to an insane asylum where… Well, let’s just say there will be no shortage of trauma there either.

The Terrifying Story

You might have understood so far that the world of Degrees of Lewdity is cruel and unyielding. Everyone’s out for your asshole, and you have no-one to turn to. Well, there are quite a few characters in this game who do more than just go around raping 18-year-old schoolkids like yourself.

Between the other orphans at your orphanage, your schoolmates, and some local business owners, you’ll find a ton of people to interact with who will not be out for blood. You need to navigate this harsh reality as cleverly as you can, to become a ruthless creature who can hold their own.

In true RPG fashion, this game doesn’t have a clear cut linear ending. However, it does have a lot of quests that all happen naturally, and they’re not exactly marked in a quest log. Take the “main” journey, for instance, if you can call it that.

When you start the game, your caretaker at the orphanage informs you that you have to pay rent by the end of the week. By the end of the next week, that rent gets even more significant. Plus, your friend and co-orphan Robin is also being shaken down for money, and they can’t precisely earn as much as they need to survive either.

You need to figure all this shit out yourself. Do you help Robin, and how? Do you make rent? If you don’t, what will the caretaker do to you? Maybe they’ll whore you out to random strangers. Perhaps, you’ll get sold into a sex trafficking ring. Who knows!

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to become a stripper, a hooker, a thief, or a research botanist. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, there’s a ton of RPG filler thrown in there for the hell of it, like the ability to morph into a demon or a cat-girl if you’re willing to go the extra mile and chase the necessary Easter Eggs.

The Interface and Game Engine

This is just one of the many parts of this game that won my heart and my erection. The entire damn thing is coded in browser jS, meaning it works on every single platform with no exceptions. You could try running this thing on a smart fridge. I doubt you’d run into any issues. Though, I’d imagine that would be a very cold fap.

And, even though it’s 99% text-based, this game comes with enough drawn interface and simplified textual descriptions that you never feel like you’re reading a book. I’ve played other porn games with better writing, but they drone on and on with the exposition. It’s fucking annoying. I want to jack off, damn it.

This game will give you a sentence or two of description, a handy dandy map which you can use to get around and a simple breakdown of your character’s traits, clothes, and items on the left. Plus, it looks fucking awesome on any screen, because it’s resizable.

Degrees of Lewdity is the absolute pinnacle of porn game coding and design. It doesn’t have the most of one thing, but a decent amount of everything. And, don’t forget, it’s an open world, completely free and best of all, it’s continuously getting new updates from both the developer and the community. Try it out today; you won’t regret it.

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  • Amazing Interface
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Fun and Original Story
  • Tons of Replayability Value

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  • Needs Music