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Kobold Adventure

Kobold Adventure is a Free, Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Game. I think most everyone, especially you gamers out there, has at least picked up and flipped through a choose your own adventure book. Those things are awesome. I remember sitting down as a kid and reading about knights, dragons, and all of that cool shit. And there are so many damn porn games out there that claim to be choose your own adventure-themed.

It’s usually some bullshit game that gives you choices that don’t even matter or just end up giving you the same results in a different way. I want the real deal. I want a game where my choices change the entire course of the fucking game. And I want a game that feels like one of those books. It’s a tall order, but I think I finally found something that hits the nail on the head.

Dive into this Unique, Fetish-Filled Browser Game!

Kobold Adventure is an erotic text-adventure game by TinkeringTurian that was originally released in 2015 and has you play as a tiny, weak, kobold. And for you fucks who don’t play D&D and have no idea what that even is, a kobold is a little draconic dude that would barely come up to knee-high on the average person. They like to steal. They like to set traps. They are dastardly little fucks that usually end up getting in a load of trouble one way or another.

This is a free-to-play game that runs in your browser. You can find it over at Easy enough, right? You can download the game if you want to run it offline, and you do have the option of playing that shit on mobile. It’s functional. But, as the game developer tells you, it won’t have all of the same great bells and whistles as the desktop game. I highly recommend sticking to the desktop game. The mobile version is pretty fucking bare-bones, even for a text-adventure game.

Your Choices Shape the Entirety of the Game

But enough of that background stuff. Let’s dive into what this game is all about. The landing page gives you a solid rundown of what to expect in this game. You are playing as a weak creature in a land full of alphas. It sounds like the life you fucks are already living. I hope you weren’t looking for an escape from that with this game because you’ll be shit out of luck. Expect to be raped in this game. Expect enslavement. Expect humiliation. Your character will be ground into the dirt like the little submissive bitch they are.

You don’t get a load of customization options. You pick your gender and your name, and you’re set. You hit “Begin Your Adventure” to get into the start of the game. And the entire game happens on this page. You don’t need to flip between different pages of text or any bullshit like that. You simply scroll down the page as you read and make decisions.

Hop in and Out of Scenes at Any Time Without Losing Valuable Progress

There will be a constant side-bar on the left with some options for saving/loading your game, viewing your character’s personal stats for shit like health and stamina, and a menu for your inventory. Simple stuff. You can open up those menus at any time without losing your progress. Simply hit “scene” to hop back into the place you left off. And, thankfully, you don’t need to save every few seconds. There’s an autosave feature that makes sure you lose minimal progress if something happens.

You start off in a forest. Your wily Kobold owes some bad people a lot of fucking money. Being a kobold, you set out to steal that shit so that you don’t get killed. I mean, what are you going to do go and get a part-time job in town? That would get you beaten up and killed faster than the stealing plan. But the plan goes south, and you get chased into the forest and, well, the rest is up to you fucks.

Dozens of Different Endings Based on Your Choices

This game is really all about choices. There’s no dedicated combat system or anything like that. Your choices influence your core stats like your agility, strength, and endurance. Males are a little stronger. Females are more agile. Events, items, and encounters can all shape and change those stats as you progress. There’s no level-up system like most text games have. But I like how these fucks do it. It’s a unique approach for sure.

Other stats that play into things as well. You have a sanity stat that shifts depending on whether not things go good or bad for your poor little kobold. Shit usually goes badly. But, hey, you may luck out and do everything right. Your main stats determine your success on certain things. There’s a moment where you are getting chased by goons and have to pick what weapon to use. Some work better than others, depending on what has happened to you so far.

Incredibly Hot Descriptions & Art to go Along With Sex Scenes

The game is a text-adventure game. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that most of the fuck scenes are written out without art. There will be the occasional piece of art to go along with the fucked-up shit happening to you, but sometimes a picture can’t possibly encompass what is going down in the scene. But the writing is fucking top-notch.

You get artful descriptions of these erotic scenes that will have you fucks hot and bothered in no time at all. There are scenes with thousands of words that go through every little detail of what’s happening. It’s insane. There’s one ending where you get thrown in a milking/breeding factory, and the descriptions for it are incredible. You beta cucks will probably wish you were there in your kobolds place.

I like that Kobold Adventure doesn’t go too extreme. You get some fucked up BDSM, slave, and humiliation scenes. But this game doesn’t cross the line over to shit like gore, loli, snuff, or any of that slightly more fucked up shit. This game is certainly more palatable than some of the other text games out there. You sick fucks probably know which ones I’m talking about. And of course, this game is full of corruption, sex-changing, and transformation fetishes as well.

I know I mentioned it up top, but it’s worth reminding you cucks. The mobile version lacks a ton of great features. It’s still playable. But you’ll really be missing out if you don’t play it on desktop. Plus, it’s not like you can sync up your progress anyway.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

My favorite thing about Kobold Adventure is that it was actually a choose your own adventure game. So many fucking porn games claim that title but only have shitty options that lead to the same ending. If I wanted that, I’d just play Fallout 4. Every choice in this game leads to a massive branching path with new scenarios. This makes the game super replayable. And, of course, the erotic descriptions were fucking incredible. This fuck knows how to make some fapworthy scenes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

This one is tough to make suggestions for. I don’t want to suggest they make this game something it’s not. But I do think a couple of minor improvements could be made. I’d like to have an image of my character over on the status page. I want to see how the corruption of the world changes my poor little fuck toy. I also think some additional character creation choices would be cool. Even if it is just cosmetic stuff like scale color or something.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you like erotic text adventure games, then you will probably love what Kobold Adventure has to offer. It is full of hot, unique content that will have you whipping out your dick and rubbing yourself raw again and again. It’s a great game with tens of hours of content for you fucks to dive into and explore. The art is great. The writing is incredible. And it’s fucking free. I highly recommend you cucks do yourselves a favor and go give Kobold Adventure a playthrough.

PornGames likes Kobold Adventure

  • Choose your own adventure game where your choices actually matter
  • Loads of erotic descriptions and BDSM scenes
  • Completely free to play with no catches or subscriptions
  • Very replayable with many different endings

PornGames hates Kobold Adventure

  • Limited character creation options