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Diaper Quest

As much as I hate diaper fetishes, I love the developer to this game. Aika is one of the greatest names in the porn game development industry, and you better make sure you remember that. I don’t hand out compliments like that easily. I am not an easy guy to impress. For fuck’s sake, I review porn games for a living. So, when I tell you that Aika is one of the greatest smut wizards on the fucking planet, you better believe it’s true. Now, this is a review of Diaper Quest, but it’s also technically kind of a review of her other famous game, Trap Quest. I’ll explain it.

Trap Quest was and remains Aika’s greatest and most famous porn game. It’s built-in the Inform 7 engine, which is sort of a game engine, but not really. You can think of it as a subway route simulator that exists to let you build rooms that are interconnected. Sound confusing? Good. I hate the damn thing. It’s basically a text-based simulator that lets you make text-based games. I hate it because it hates graphics. But what does any of this have to do with Diaper Quest? Well…

Trap Quest with Diapers

In Trap Quest, you’re trapped in a VR world in which everything is trying to feminize you and turn you into a sissy or a transgender woman. Your choice. That game is built in Inform 7, and so is Diaper Quest. Diaper Quest, though, has no transgender elements or sissification. Instead, it has diapers. You get stuck in diapers, and you have to shit in diapers, over and over again, while being raped or raping other people. It’s a game made for people who really like diapers, and I will never understand this fetish, dear God, why does it exist?

Anyways, I’ll get over my diaper hatred on my own time. This is actually a damn good game, even though the interface to it looks worse than an actual soiled diaper. The reason this game and Trap Quest look like absolute dung is that Inform 7 doesn’t really welcome graphics, so the game is entirely text-based, in theory. Aika knew that people are visual creatures, and they want to see some visual representation of what they’re fapping to. That’s why she added a graphical interface showing you some of the stuff that’s actually happening within the game. The interface is tacked on. It’s not vital, and the entire game is rooted in the text. You choose what to do by typing it out. The interface tries to alleviate some of that stress, though.

Aika is a Genius

If someone else were to make this game, I’d recommend you don’t play it, probably. These kinds of games take finesse and talent. Text-based games are all about the writing, and there are several ways to approach things. You could go the literary genius route, like in Corruption of Champions 2. That game has a ton of exposition, but it’s so hard to fap to. There’s too much writing. Too many descriptions. That’s not what makes the dick hard. That’s literotica shit.

Aika is better than that. She seems to have some sort of deeper understanding of what makes people hard. And for some reason that I do not understand, she has a deep understanding of most fetishes. She’s also amazing at writing girl on girl, guy on girl and guy on guy action. There are no limits when you play an Aika game.

So, if you want to play a game in which diapers are a part of the culture, and there’s a ton of sex, you want Aika to write your lines. She makes sure that everything that’s written is kind of short, but everything that comes up on screen is somehow arousing. She doesn’t drone on about useless shit. Also, she doesn’t describe the rooms you’re in, like in other text games. If you want to observe a specific object, you can. But, you don’t read a fucking essay every time you walk a step.

Aika is definitely in my top three of best porn game writers out there, and I can’t give her enough praise. I’ve jacked it to Trap Quest before, and I tried rubbing one off to diaper quest. It wasn’t very fucking hard. And keep in mind, I hate diaper shit. So, if I’m telling you that this game is hot shit, you best believe I mean it.

Open World Gameplay

Ok, so, for those of you who have no experience with Aika’s games, let me give you the lowdown of how things work. You start off in an open world that’s basically built across a grid. If you stick to the textual parts, you won’t get a sense of what the world looks like, but the interface makes up for that. It helps you keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Most of the rooms have items in them that you can interact with, but they’re tricky. You can never know for sure what will happen if you touch a certain item. It could be useful, or it could be deadly.

Oh, and speaking of deadly, you don’t die in Aika games. You just get screwed, both literally and figuratively. There’s combat, and there’s HP, yes. And, you can fight people in standard combat. You can throw punches and kicks, but the end goal isn’t to kill anyone. You knock people out; they knock you down. It’s simple enough. Now, if you get knocked down, you also get screwed. People’s main motivation to fight you is to bend you over and fuck you.

Not everyone is hostile, though, and you can make friends across the various dungeons, but they have their motivations as well. So, if you get on their bad side, they won’t hesitate to beat you up and bend you over. This is perfect RPG gameplay, through and through.

Infinitely Replayable

Let me give you some advice about playing Aika games, including Diaper Quest. When you start the game out, you’re given some warnings and advice on how to protect yourself. But, if you protect yourself, you don’t have a lot of depraved sex, and you don’t get screwed. The point of this world is for it to fuck you up, put you in a diaper and get you to shit yourself, over and over. If you’re playing this game, it’s safe to assume you’re into diapers, right?

Well, then it might seem counter-intuitive to try and fight your urges, right? Sort of. For your first playthrough, I suggest you flat out fuck up your character, completely. Literally, go in like a madman and get fucked six ways to Sunday. Turn your character into an absolute diaper slave. It’ll be the most satisfying fap of your life, so far.

Then, when you’ve utterly fucked up your save, start over and this time do things right. Fight against the game’s attempts to break you down and turn you into a slave. The more you play the game, the better you get, and the hotter the temptation becomes. With each subsequent playthrough, you’ll become stronger and fight back more effectively. You’ll edge your boner further and further, making it all the more enticing. The first playthrough will be hot, the next will be even hotter, because you’ll push yourself further.

Patreon Powers

Time for me to blow your mind a little bit. Aika’s currently making over 15 grand on Trap Quest and 5 grand on Diaper Quest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another porn game developer make multiple successful Patreons. It absolutely blows my fucking mind. Plus, she uploads new updates that stuff her games full of content all the fucking time. I don’t honestly know how she manages to be this productive. The community absolutely loves her for it.

Her games always remain absolutely free. I don’t know if Diaper Quest has any limitations, but Trap Quest gives you slightly better visuals if you pledge. Either way, you get all the games for free all the time. There’s no need to patrol free porn game sites for quality diaper or t-girl content. You can go straight to Aika and get your fill.

If you’re into diaper fetishism, even a little bit, play this game. I know the interface looks like a turn-off, but bear with it. It will be super worth it in the end. I promise you. You will have ridiculously hardcore faps every single time, and you will end up replaying the game. As I said, diapers aren’t really my thing, but Trap Quest very much is. I’ve replayed that game at least 12 times, and this game is very similar to it. You get a hard recommendation from me.

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