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Incubus City

Incubus City is a Quick, Replayable, and Taboo Text-Based Game by Wape. There are hundreds of games out there where you play the good guy. You save the world by fucking bitches and destroying evil. It’s the same old story told thousands of fucking times across history. I wonder if Joseph Cambell ever thought the hero’s journey would apply to porn games. Funny how shit works out. Anyway, fuck all of that. I know most of you twisted fucks would rather have power and use it for evil. You cucks would be slaying pussy by any means necessary if you had the power to do it.

Incubus City is the perfect game for delving into the darker side of your desires. It’s fucked up. I hope you cucks like raping the ever-living hell out of dozens of sluts because that is what this twisted game is all about. It was made by some dude named Wape. It launched back in 2018 and is still seeing pretty regular updates. It’s finished, but there are always bugs and shit to try and fix as the game has new features that are added to it.

Free HTML Game That You Can Play on Mobile or Desktop

You can find free download links for the game over at This blog also houses some of Wape’s other fucked up projects if you end up liking what you see in Incubus City. This game is actually HTML based. It’s fucking wild. I wasn’t sure people were still making HTML style games anymore. I dig it. You don’t need any fancy programs to run this shit. It will launch right there in your browser with no fuss.

In Incubus City, you play as an incubus who lives in the city. I bet you would have never guessed that. But, yeah, you play as an incubus who has just started their yearly breeding season. This means you have seven days to impregnate as many sluts across town as possible.

Will You Romance Your Victims or Take a Darker Approach?

If you romance some horny babe, then you’ll impregnate her with a love spawn that will spell good things for the world. If you rape some slut until she’s quivering, scared, and submissive to you, then she’ll be pumped full of your seed and impregnated with a hate spawn. These evil little buggers could spell the end times for the world.

The choice is yours. You can tackle this game however the fuck you want to. The setup is pretty simple. You start with a list of “fertile wombs” that you can sense in the city. There will be a couple of dozen that you can click on for shit like “a thief,” “some whores in a whorehouse,” or “a woman strolling in the park.” Clicking on any of those lines will take you to the scene where that babe is.

Some scenes are much more complex than others. You may have a time limit to navigate a building for clues as to what sort of crime happened. There are others where you find a sex dungeon full of hot sex slaves that you can use and abuse in any manner you see fit. But, since the game is so focused on replaying, you will likely have to play through a couple of times before you uncover all of the secrets that these scenes have to offer.

You Have Seven Days to Make Decisions and Fuck Hot Babes

It won’t always be as simple as pushing them up into a dark alley and pounding that pussy until you fill that slut with your demon seed. Some girls fight back. Some want you to do certain things for them. Some sluts are behind barriers that require certain items or approaches. Each scene will require you to make decisions that influence how that particular scene goes forward.

For example, there’s one scene where you come across this seemingly helpless girl walking in the park at night. You go to rape her, and it turns out that she’s an undercover cop. She sees your face. You can run away. You can rape her anyway and try to hurt her enough to where she doesn’t remember your face. You can also kill her to leave no evidence behind.

I told you this game was fucked up. This game doesn’t shy away from anything. This shit is full of rape, blood, gore, and pain. Rape entire families. Kill anyone who gets in your way. Find and own your own sex slave. Do whatever your fucked up desires tell you to do. Regardless, each choice will influence events going forward and, ultimately, how the game ends.

Enjoy an Intensely Replayable Game With 30 Unlockable Endings

To put this shit in perspective, there are around 30 possible endings that you can get. Talk about an awesome level of replayability. This game isn’t fucking around. Every choice you make spirals out and influences how the game can end. And the game is short. You can easily play through the game quite a few times in an hour or so. Unlocking endings is a good fucking time, and you even get different starting bonuses depending on which endings you have unlocked. You never know how each playthrough will go. There are so many choices.

Well-Written, Fetish-Filled Erotic Scenes & Tons of Porn Gifs and Images

At its core, this is a text-based game. Each scene is written out with some pretty damn sexy erotic descriptions. These scenes will have you fucks hard as diamonds. They aren’t as in-depth as some text-based games are, but they definitely get the point across. You don’t need a lot of flowery language for when you’re ramming your dick into some struggling sluts pussy.

In case just words weren’t enough for you desensitized cucks, the game is packed with hot pictures and gifs of pornstars getting fucked. And most of these gifs fit the scene that’s happening. It’s pretty fucking hot. The game even gives you options to include HD webms, hentai, and a few other fetish options if you check out the mods menu on the left-hand sidebar.

Take this Kinky Game on the Go With an Awesome Mobile Version!

Being an HTML game without many complex gameplay features, you can easily load this sordid shit up on your mobile device. You just need an app that lets you extract zipped files, but those are pretty simple to get downloaded. And I actually enjoyed the mobile version. It’s mostly the same layout. The text was easy enough to read. Hot gifs still loaded up just fine. It was definitely a fapworthy experience.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Incubus City doesn’t hold your hand. This game isn’t for the faint of heart. Hell, the game claims to be rated “R for really rapey.” This isn’t some vanilla game with regular scenes. If the idea of bashing some poor girl’s head in while you rape her in a dark alleyway makes your hard, then this is the perfect game for you.

And the execution of the game as a whole is on point. The writing is great. The pacing of the game is solid. You can replay it and fap to dozens of different scenes. Including the porn gifs in the game was a nice touch. This is the game to play if you’re into dark, fucked up fetish porn.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I know that they’re working on it, but I can’t wait until the webm mod applies to every single scene. Give me those fap-worthy videos with audio and the whole nine yards. Gifs are old fucking news. But, other than that, I don't have any complaints about Incubus City. This game accomplishes exactly what it aimed to. It’s a kinky, fucked up game full of rape, BDSM, and more rape.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Incubus City is something of an acquired taste. It’s not for everyone. It’ll probably go down like a harsh bourbon for those of you out there who haven’t yet become desensitized to all but the most extreme of fetishes. But those of you who love this kind of dark fetish shit will find an excellent game with incredibly hot rape scenes, quality writing, and many different ways to play. Explore the city and impregnate your poor victims. See how many kinky endings you can unlock in this kinky, free-to-play sex game by Wape.

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