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Erotic text adventure games seem to be back in style. Or did they ever go out of style? I don’t fucking know. What I do know is that there is a whole slew of them out there right now. You’ve got long-running fetish fuck fests like Corruption of Champions as well as new contenders to the field like Steamy Sextet. You cucks just can’t get enough of these games. And I don’t blame you.

There’s so much more you can do with text than you can with hentai and illustrations. You can add a fuck ton more scenes with more extreme fetishes. After all, it can be hard to find the right artist to draw up your lactating furry torture porn scene. Okay, maybe those artists aren’t that hard to find, but you get my point. Writing is easier to produce on a large scale when you’re a small team. Or, in this case, a single person.

The game I have for you eager fucks today is a newer text adventure game that is still in Alpha development called Lilith’s Throne. It’s totally free to play, so you cheapskates won’t have to worry about scrounging together pocket change just to bust a nut. You can find it over at

Still In Development and Packed With Content

There you can stay updated with development, download the latest release, and support the sole creator of the game Innoxia. And holy fuck, this game has been in the works for ages. The game started development all the way back in 2016 and is still in alpha. It’s not like the game development has been slow either.

Innoxia has been hammering away at this shit month after month with frequent updates for her loyal fanbase of fappers. You can expect new updates every 7-10 days. And these updates are usually whole new storylines, characters, and scenes. Talk about a fucking work ethic. Also, it is worth mentioning that you’ll need to download Java to play this game. Though I bet most of you pathetic betas are still playing shit like Runescape, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Innoxia deserves every bit of the fanfare that they have gotten over the years. This game is packed with content, and it’s not even close to being finished yet. The game starts you off with the most in-depth character and fetish customization menu I have ever seen. If only I could use this menu in real life to build my dream cumslut. You can toggle nearly every single fetish that crops up in the game down to the volume of milk a lactating babe produces during sex scenes. There are dozens of options that I never knew I wanted in a game until now!

One of the Most Customizable Erotic Text Games Ever!

Seriously, this shit is crazy. You can turn all mentions of pubic hair off, toggle whether or not you want rape shit in there, and so much more. But that’s only the beginning. This shit makes Skyrim’s character creator look basic and uninspired. You can modify everything from your sexual preferences and the number/types of sexual encounters you’ve had to your nipple size and hip-width. You even get to pick your job, personality traits, and speech patterns. Every option influences how the dialog appears.

The game starts with your character going to this special event where you meet up with this hot babe named Alexandria, though even that isn’t set in stone. You can decide not to fuck her, or you can get a few other options depending on your character’s sex and sexual preferences. If you click on a character’s name up in the top-right corner, you will usually be able to see a few different pieces of art of them from a variety of talented artists. Kinkier drawings are unlocked by having sex with them!

Damn, this game lets you do whatever the fuck you want when it comes to fucking or getting fucked. Each scene gives you full control of what happens unless you have it enabled where characters can pound you against your will. Most games simply lay out a long ass text scene for you to jerk off to with maybe one or two options.

Interactive Sex Scenes Where you and the NPCs Control the Action

Lilith’s Throne gives you full control of everything. Take off clothes when you want. For example, you can do anything with Alexandria. Finger her, eat her out, make her deep throat your cock, get pegged, choke her, and so much more. This first scene puts other entire games to shame. And this is really the tamest scene in the game.

From there, your character gets pulled through a strange mirror and plunged into a world of hot, corrupted sluts. Sounds like the dream, right? Well, you are a champion of your own destiny. Like many of these types of games, you can choose whether or not you give into all of the corrupted fetish shit or remain a pure vestige of virginity.

Though good luck with that second option. Odds are you’ll be getting bent over and fucked by some hung cat dude within the first 15 minutes of playing. Oh, yeah, this game has a shit ton of furry content. You degenerates simply must wriggle your weird-ass fetish into everything. At least it’s well done in this game. I hate to admit that even the furry scenes were pretty fucking hot.

Explore, Fuck, Get Fucked, and Fight or Give into the Forces of Corruption

Here the gameplay becomes exploring the strange world around you while trying to figure out why you got brought here. Every action you take influences your physical traits, stats, appearance, and personality. It’s all about playing how you want. And the interface and controls for Lilith’s Throne are incredibly well done. There’s a mini-map for exploration, in-depth character descriptions that change based on what you’ve done/become, and many useful menus that other similar games lack.

While the game lacks much art or any sound design, the writing is spectacular. And the art the game does have is pretty fucking hot. Innoxia knows sex. The descriptions are sophisticated and don’t sound like they came from some neckbeard who has never even seen a real-life babe’s pussy.

Steamy Dialog Will Keep You Reading and Fapping for Hours on End

I’m looking at you fucks. I know half of you have lame-ass pet projects that you think will be the next big sex game. Yeah, right. Despite being in alpha, there is absolutely no shortage of kinky scenes. You can expect hours upon hours of wild fetish content to explore with no end in sight. Reading through the beginning of the game and the first couple of sex scenes could take upwards of an hour or so alone, depending on how long you draw it out. Though it’s not as if you cucks could last more than a couple of minutes.

BestPornGames' Favorite Features

I liked how much you could do with this game. It’s not like some of the more basic text adventure or visual novel games out there where you take on a role and get railroaded through the story. Those games aren’t always bad, but having such a wide breadth of options was fucking awesome. The number of ways you can customize your character, influence the story, and take control of sex is insane. And this fucking game is still in Alpha. Just imagine how much more kinky shit will be added as the game journeys to its final state.

BestPornGames' Suggestions

I haven’t got a bad thing to say about this game. It’s free. It plays well. It’s full of fetish content. Did I mention it was free? Lilith’s Throne sets out to be a hot as fuck text adventure game and does exactly that.

BestPornGames' Final Thoughts

Overall, Lilith’s Throne is a quality text adventure game with content to supply you sex-starved cucks with dozens of faps. There are fetishes in here that even some of you probably haven’t delved into. And that’s fucking saying something. This game is absolutely brimming with hot content. The writing is on point. The gameplay is fun and straightforward. And you can customize your experience so much that you could play the game 20 times and never have the exact same experience. I highly recommend anyone who likes text adventure games give this game a shot.

PornGames likes Lilith's Throne

  • Mountains of kinky description & sex scenes
  • Hundreds of customization options
  • Take control of every fuck scene
  • Dialog and descriptions are well-written and sexy
  • It’s free!

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