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Paraphore is a Dark, Erotic Text-Adventure Game by Kittery & Fallow Wing. Text-based games don’t have the same limitations that regular porn games have. If you can manage to sit down and read for a bit, then you can become more immersed in that shit than any other type of hentai game out there. And, hey, you must like to read a little bit if you’re listening to me rant about porn games all the damn time.

Seriously, there are some insane fetishes that can only be done in text-style porn games. You really can’t draw a furry fox girl getting killed by having a minotaur ram his monster cock up her ass and then fuck her corpse without getting some blowback. You can hide behind writing a bit more. If extreme, hardcore shit isn’t your cup of tea, then you might not want to follow me on this sordid journey today. I’ve got some of the craziest shit I have ever seen to talk about this time.

Paraphore is an erotic text-adventure game that was created by writer Kittery and coder Fallow Wing. This game is completely free-to-play and can be found over at And, for once, I get to talk about a game that has actually been officially released and finished. Sure, it still gets updates like any game. But this isn’t some unfinished mess. The site launched back in 2017, but the game has been in development for a little over a year longer than that.

Alright, you cucks, strap in for this shit. This game is extreme. And I fucking mean extreme. No, this isn’t just a game with piss porn and scat. It has that. It has plenty of that, but it also has baby rape snuff porn. Yeah, you read that right. There’s a scene where a hung bull fucks three babies until they’re dead. This is the kind of shit that you are signing up for. You’ve been warned.

Cute Game With a Unique Theme, Style, and Approach to Storytelling

This game starts off innocently enough. Mynt, an artificial intelligence, is a master of this world that has studied thousands and thousands of erotic texts. Thus, Mynt has crafted a world of their own for you “the player” to dive into. Mynt is the master of this sordid world and has created everything in a “1:1” scale of reality. It’s also hinted at that your player may live in some sort of post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future where they can’t go outside. I don’t fucking know.

Now, I’ll try not to go too lit-nerdy on you fucks. I know 95 percent of your brainpower is dedicated to keeping your micro-dick hard 24/7. This game is indulgent. It goes extreme not just because it can, but because some of the shit going on here is talking about the nature of lust and addiction. I won’t go too heavy into these themes, but there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in this game and with the writing. It’s like watching A Clockwork Orange. Come get a taste of that ultra-violence and see what’s really going on in people’s heads.

Customize Your Player and Get Ready to Dive into a World of Extreme Fetishes

But that’s enough of the nerd shit. Let’s delve into the actual game. Mynt lets you pick your name, genitals, and gender. And you can have all of them. You want to be some futa bitch with a hung cock and a cunt? It’s your world. Well, actually it’s Mynt’s. But Mynt will let you be whatever the fuck you want to be.

You then pick where you want to start. You can pick a serene forest or a dark city with more hardcore themes. The forest has more “traditional” sex scenes and writing. I, of course, started in the city to see what the hell this game could throw my way. You can hop over to the map and spawn in at any of your unlocked locations at any time. So, you’re not stuck with the city. But you will have to explore it at some point to keep shit moving along in the story.

Excellent Writing With an Equal Balance of Humor and Eroticism

The writing is really good. I sure fucking hoped it would be. After all, the game relies almost completely on the text. The writing is humorous, self-aware, and pretty dark. It’s an odd combination for an erotic text adventure, but It is fucking fantastic. The erotic descriptions are something else. You get incredibly detailed scenes coupled with the occasional piece of art. You fucks will be hard and rearing to fap in no time at all in this game. Even you desensitized fappers out there will have some extreme content to beat your meat to.

The overall style and tone of the game work very well with the writing. It’s simple. You pop around areas of the world using the on-screen compass and come across random encounters that drive the story forward. There’s no complex map or crazy hard puzzles to follow. The whole game is about immersing yourself in this strange world full of the most taboo fetishes out there. You can collect items that will help you get to new places, meet people that unlock different side quests, and all of your standard text-adventure shit.

Well-Rounded Game With Unique Mechanics Like Fetish Tags for Scenes

One thing that was awesome about this game when compared to other text games like it is that you can see exactly what you’re about to get into. Every decision will have icons above it for what fetishes are included in the next scene. If you don’t like snuff, rape, vore, or infant shit, then you can make sure to avoid that while finding the stuff that does get you hard as diamonds.

This game isn’t short. It offers quite a few hours of content for those who really want to dive into the world and figure out what Mynt is all about. Notably, this game can be played and runs quite well on phones that have a flash-enabled browser. The game loads up nearly full-screened and is easy to play around with. With there not being too many inputs, it is easy to play and read the text on the screen. A dedicated mobile app would be cool to see added in the future.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked that Paraphore wasn’t afraid to go dark. You fucks always want the crazy shit. This game doesn’t shy away from anything. I don’t know how Kittery fucking does it. I would have to have a trash can next to me to throw up in through some of these fucking scenes if I were writing them.

And the game is great. The theme is unique, and the world feels original. The art is crisp. The animations are on point, and the writing is engaging and immersive. You really can’t ask for much more than what Paraphore has to give. This is, hands down, one of the most thought out and well-executed erotic text adventure games out there.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Man, this is tough. I’d say tone it down on the dark shit, but then that would make the game lose a lot of its dystopian feel. The game does everything it sets out to do pretty well. I would like to see some sort of map. It’s not like you get lost easily, but not having a local map makes navigating feel awkward at times. At least you do get a world map, which makes it easier to ground yourself in the world. Even a local map with different areas of the city blocked out would definitely be enough.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Paraphore is a fantastic erotic text-adventure game that will ultimately have a very niche audience. I’d almost like to see them do something a little more palatable for the masses since they have such a knack for making quality games. Seriously, this game is nut-bustingly sexy if you can get down with some very taboo fetishes and scenes. Though, at least they lay it all out for you and let you avoid the extreme stuff. I’m torn on this one. I definitely can’t recommend it to each and every one of you, but it is a great fucking game that you twisted fucks out there will get addicted to.

PornGames likes Paraphore

  • Very hardcore fetishes and scenes
  • Incredibly detailed world full of charm
  • Fapworthy erotic descriptions
  • Completed game that is free-to-play

PornGames hates Paraphore

  • Extreme fetish content makes for a very niche audience