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A Spell For All

A Spell for All is a Text-Based Porn Game Full of Demons, Magic, and Kinky Sex. What if you could cast a spell and turn some slut into your perfect fuck doll? That would be the dream, right? I know some of you weird fucks would be turning hot babes into furries, futas, and lolis if you had that power. There are so many games out there where you get transformed or corrupted by the kinky world around you.

Your character might grow a horsecock, wake up with huge tits, find themselves becoming a demon, or some other kinky bullshit. But I don’t care about that. I’m a fucking alpha who gets any slut to spread her legs and let me fuck her on a daily basis. I want the power to transform these bitches. I want to make turn these chicks into my perfect little cumsluts.

Of course, I wouldn’t bring any of that up unless I had the perfect game for you horny cucks. A Spell for All is a free-to-play, text-based porn game where you have the power to hypnotize, transform, and fuck all of the hotties that you could ever dream of. The game was created by Cmacleod42 back in 2016 and has amassed a rather large following. It’s full of wild fetish content and is still being updated to this day.

Text-Based HTML Game Available for Free on Multiple Sites

You can play the completed version of the game over at Just look up “A Spell for All”, and you’ll get popped right over to the correct page. This game runs in HTML, so it’s as simple as downloading and unzipping the files to get started. Though I had to download mine a couple of times before it worked right. I’d load up the game, and every image link would be broken. If you have trouble with the Tfgames version, then try the version, and you should be good to go.

You play as some dude or chick who goes to school at Glenvale Secondary School. It’s famous for its serious teachers and nerdy students. You can customize your name and some very minor features about your character, but then you’re thrown right into the game with little direction. It’s got spell in the name, so it’s a solid enough guess to assume you need to figure out how to cast magic and shit.

Directionless Beginning Led to Confusion & Frustration

You need to go out and explore all the locations that you can. You’ll eventually get a note that talks about some sort of dark cult going on beneath the town, and for some reason, you’re tasked with figuring out what the fuck is going on before ruin destroys everyone. But the game doesn’t really keep up that urgency and pace afterward.

I had no fucking clue what to do for a solid 30 minutes. I wandered around. I read books about magic and stuff. I flirted with a classmate that shot me down because I couldn’t solve some sort of complex math riddle. I looked at porn mags I had locked away in my room even though my parents never make an appearance in the game. I don’t even get why you fucking hide them. But, yeah, It was pretty frustrating. I had to look up what the fuck you were supposed to do.

Specific Decisions Need to be Made to Progress. Walkthrough Recommended

Apparently, you need to pay for a damn taxi to take you to this cuck’s estate, where he tells you about magic stones and some other cooky shit. Once you find a stone, you can bring it back to him and start learning spells while you work to uncover the dark culty shit that’s going down in town. Strange things will happen. Random babes will flash their tits at you. Some slut will grab your dick as she walks by. This is where the game starts getting fun.

You’ll talk to ghosts, have dark rituals, and eventually unleash a demon that stalks you through town. They should just start the game right when this good shit starts happening. Fuck all of that boring stuff that nobody cares about. There are a variety of paths that can occur depending on your choices, but most of them end up giving you some cool abilities.

Learn Kinky Magic That Lets You Hypnotize, Transform, & Fuck Your Classmates

You can train and charm sluts to become horny cumsluts when you’re around. You can transform yourself or others into kinky fetish freaks. You want your sexy friend to grow a futa cock directly above her sopping wet cunt? Sure, have at it. This game gives you a lot of control as far as transformation content goes. Hell, you can even turn yourself invisible so that you can rape or transform unsuspecting babes.

The game is mainly text-based. The descriptions aren’t going to go winning any awards, but they aren’t bad. The scenes are certainly fapworthy. The writing just isn’t anything amazing. It didn’t have me hooked. But, thankfully, the game makes up for this by having a fuck ton of images. They throw in kinky pictures of pornstars for each character or sex scene. Man, these are kind of low quality. At least give me some HD babes to jerk off to. I can count the fucking pixels on some of these images.

Loads of Fetish-Filled Scenes to Fap to on the Go With a Decent Mobile Version

This game is jam-packed full of fetish content. Don’t play this shit if you’re not into rape, transformation, ritualistic fucking, hypnosis, and all kinds of kinky shit like that. And, since this game is available for free on HTML, you can take this game on the go. Just get a file manager that can unzip shit, and you’ll be fapping to hot hypnotized babes who would kill to suck your dick. Though the mobile platform is wonky to use. The text can be hard to read at times, and I had trouble getting all of the image files to launch.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Once you get far enough into the game, you get to experience a fuck ton of awesome scenes. The magic element adds a whole new layer to the game that turns it into a kinky fuck fest. And the inclusion of the porn images and scenes were great. Sure, some of them are low-quality. But they are all still pretty damn fapworthy. I just hope they update that gallery with some higher quality material in the future.

And, overall, the story was good. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but I got more and more invested as the game went on. The characters end up being pretty dynamic. The cult shit gets super weird. Hell, you eventually unleash a demon. That’s some pretty cool story development, in my opinion.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The formatting of the game could be better. Having a game in HTML is fine, but the entire experience felt clunky. The menus weren’t very intuitive to navigate. And the beginning of the game felt like the biggest fucking drag. It takes forever before things start getting interesting. Good luck getting to any of that content without an in-depth walkthrough. I couldn’t figure that shit out for the life of me. Then there’s the fact that the writing is only okay, and the images are low-quality. The game needs a lot of polishing before it really becomes a must-play, fapworthy experience for everyone.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, A Spell for All is a decent text-based game with loads of transformation and hypnosis scenes. If you’re into that kind of fetish content, then you’ll be beating your meat to this kinky game in no time at all. But those of you that aren’t frothing at the bit for that kind of content may not enjoy this game as much.

It’s clunky at times. It’s difficult to navigate and get to the juicy content. The writing isn’t anything special. It’s a very average game overall. It shines during those kinky, transformation scenes that some of you fucks crave. But go give this shit a shot. It’s completely free. Give it a download, play through a bit, and see if you can get a good fap or two out of the experience.

PornGames likes A Spell For All

  • Text-based game with heavy transformation and hypnosis fetish themes
  • Completely free-to-play on desktop or mobile
  • Loads of porn images to accent erotic scenes
  • Replayable game with many different endings

PornGames hates A Spell For All

  • Slow and confusing at times
  • Low-quality porn images and lackluster writing