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Tentacles Thrive

Ever get the urge to see a hot chick getting felt up, poked and prodded by a monster with a bunch of slithering, slimy limbs? The everlasting popularity of tentacle rape porn still comes as a shock to much of the general public, but porn gamers and hentai fans have been enjoying the stuff for years. Tentacles Thrive is another indie game that combines the perversion of cephalopod sexual assault with the interactivity of a Simulated Life Game (SLG).

Tentacles Thrive is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Patreon supporters get access to a newer version, even at the lowest $1 tier. For this review, I’ll be playing the free web-based version.

Holy Shit, This Game is Fucking Popular!

Tentacle rape is common enough in these games that even true fetishists have trouble keeping up. Tentacles Thrive isn’t just another shitty RPG Maker adventure, though. This is a porn game with a really strong following that just keeps growing.

How strong? Well, the game is entirely free to play, but a thousand fans are pledging monthly donations on Patreon to the creator so he can keep working on what he does best. That alone tells you this shit gets people pretty worked up.

Tentacles Thrive has also spawned its own fan-run wiki. Wiki software is relatively easy to set up, but it takes a dedicated group of nerds to fill one up with the kind of details you’ll find here. I wasn’t just impressed by the time and effort the game’s fans have put into the wiki, but also blown away by the sheer depth I can see before even playing the game.

Welcome to a Kingdom of Pervs

The game begins with a kingdom map that I thought was a loading screen until I started clicking. The map is draggable, but the only place you can click initially is the walled city in the corner.

A hot anime broad appeared on the screen. Lilith is headed out into the woods in search of supplies, against the wishes of the guards. The game put me back on the map screen, and now my only clickable option was a Secret Garden at the top of a mountain. That zoomed me in to a more detailed map of the location, showing forests, giant spiderwebs, icy mountains, and other ominous landscapes. Here, my only menu option was to explore.

“Search for Tentacle skin, also has a chance to encounter a Tentacle Monster in the area. If an encounter takes place, Lilith is 100% pregnant by the wild creature. Consume 1 Turn.”

It was a pretty ominous warning, but the game didn’t really give me much choice. I proceeded ahead, finding some tentacle skin for my troubles. I repeated the process a few times, alternately earning nothing or more tentacle skin.

And then suddenly, I got raped. The monster that did it looked more plant than animal, though the tentacles were doing some obscene things in the short, looping animation. The art in Tentacles Thrive is drawn in a crisp, sexy hentai style that looks more professional than your typical porn game. Anime porn fans are going to pop some serious wood, provided they’re into boneless monsters boning broads.

Boneless Beasts Boning Broads

Much of the story and action plays out in on-screen text. Sometimes these erotic narratives appear alongside hentai images of the characters in question, other times on top of the map, which ain’t half as exciting.

After the monster rape animation, I clicked through some text pages that told me what happened next. Lilith’s belly was already getting fat as she headed back to the city. Before she even made it, she collapsed to the ground and gave birth to a goddamn tentacle monster.

It gets worse for Lilith. Some fucking Count spies her from the city wall and watches as she squirts a seriously deformed baby out of her twat. The noble douchebag then decides she’s not allowed back in the city. It’s unclear if it’s just because of the interspecies breeding, or if he’s using that as an excuse because he already had it out for her.

That’s the basic setup. Lilith gets back to the city, and they tell her to fuck right off. Then you’re back to the Secret Garden on the mountain to figure out how to survive and take care of that newborn on your own.

Explore, Hunt, and Fuck Monsters

Back on the mountaintop, I had some grinding to do. I took my baby tentacle monster hunting and exploring, which earned me some meat, some hearts, and some more monster fucking. Every time Lilith got banged by a new monster, she’d immediately get pregnant. A few turns later, she’d have the baby.

Time is measured in turns, and you only have a handful before you have to go home and rest. At times, I did find this tedious. The worst days end after a few fruitless rounds of searching without finding.

Lilith is also a bit handicapped whenever she’s preggars, with is often. When there’s a bun in the oven, she can’t explore or bond with her babies. You’re stuck hunting a few times, then going home to rest, then repeating the process.

The baby tentacle monsters do level up and get more powerful as you take them exploring, hunting, and bonding. The initial part of the game felt pretty grindy to me as I kept getting knocked up, having kids, and leveling them up, over and over and over and over.

How to Bond with a Pervert Monster Baby

Usually, my only options on the map were Exploring, Hunting, and Bonding. Bonding with your children in this game ain’t a matter of playing catch in the back yard. You choose one of your baby monsters, then click a location to explore. Some of the time, the game tells you the search turned up nothing. Other times, a tentacle sex scene begins.

“As though measuring her level of lust, the monster braced a tentacle-tip against Lilith’s sopping cunt. She looked down just in time to see the tentacle penetrate her soaking lips.”

While Tentacles Thrive does have some pretty killer hentai artwork, a lot of the sexual details are confined to text. There’s a lot of clicking through erotic paragraphs as the story leads up to another monster/lady sex scene. When the looping animation comes up, there’s more text with more details.

So Much to See, Do, and Breed With

I wonder if the wiki could have helped me avoid that grinding feeling. After giving birth to half a dozen little monsters and leveling them up a bit, I finally clicked the little scroll icon in the corner of the screen. It opened up a core skillsets menu where I could start learning new shit.

One of the first things I unlocked was a full map mode. Now, I could click on an eye at the top of my map menu to zoom way out and then explore a new region. The new regions still felt a bit grindy, as I was still doing the same things, but at least it was progress.

I finally looked at the wiki, and it turns out that, yeah, I’m on the right track. Apparently, the core skillsets menu is where things start to pick up, though “there is no forced path on how to play the game.”

One of the things that was really apparent to me during my fap-test of Tentacles Thrive is that I was only scratching the surface of the game. There’s a lot of depth here, enough that it takes real time to start getting into everything the game has to offer. I played for at least an hour and didn’t even manage to get into one of the battles mentioned on the Patreon page and the wiki. The slow pace is going to piss off some players, but that level of depth is the “realism” that SLG players crave.

Tentacles Thrive is a Simulated Life Game about tentacle monster sex in a fantasy kingdom, illustrated with beautiful, hand-drawn hentai. The massive fanbase alone tells you this game in a modern eroge classic, and its unique approach to the tentacle rape genre is sure to engage any pervert with a thing for wormy appendages and forced penetration.

PornGames likes Tentacles Thrive

  • Free x-rated simulated life game
  • Sexy hentai artwork
  • Kinky tentacle monster sex
  • Richly detailed world and storyline
  • Well-designed gameplay

PornGames hates Tentacles Thrive

  • Sometimes felt like a grind