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Merge Nymphs

Ever wanted to fight pollution AND get laid? It sounds like trying you’re trying to smash some hippy broad who doesn’t shave her pits, but nah, that’s actually the question posed by Merge Nymphs. Instead of dreadlocked White girls with hairy legs, you’ll be getting it on with beautifully drawn anime chicks, and you don’t even have to go to a rally full of screaming eco-nerds spilling kombucha all over their vegan leather shoes. Instead, you’ll befriend nymphs and unlock uncensored sex scenes.

Merge Nymphs is a grid-based strategy game full of big ass, big tits, and cute, chibi hentai sluts. According to the tags, it’s also got plenty of animated fucking, sex toys, and bondage along the way as you build your harem and take on the bad guys. It’s free to play online or download for Android. All you need is a free Nutaku account. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, check out my review on BestPornGames. All you really need to know right now is that Nutaku is like the Steam of adult games, and they’ve got the hookup on Merge Nymphs.

Strategy Gaming with Hot Hentai Sluts

Nutaku’s info page for the game will appeal to strategy game fans and anime perverts even before they click the Play button on the trailer. The anime chicks look fucking hot, and the screengrabs show them in some depraved situations. One jungle chick has a string of beads up her ass, and there’s a green-skinned babe getting titty fucked, cum all over her cute face.

And just wait until you get a glimpse of that gameplay. It looks like the typical high quality you expect from Nutaku, so I can’t wait to get in. A lot of porn games are visually amateurish, but this is polished and professional. This wasn’t made by one dude in his mom’s basement with a Pokemon fetish; this was built by a team of seasoned pros, with a fair amount of money behind it.

They go on to list some key features. They’ve got 80 needy nymphs with their own bootylicious cards, 30 uncensored sex scenes, as well as 70 puzzle levels and challenges. There are over 250 collectible items, and they keep shit fresh with weekly events and monthly updates featuring more sex scenes. All that adds up to more than enough to get me to click the Play Now button.

Welcome, Lord of Fertility!

The web version of the game loads in a couple of minutes while you stare at tentacles reaching toward an anime hottie’s exposed twat. As soon as the twinkly music starts, there’s a blonde hentai chick with her boobs out, saying, “Wake up, wake up! Is it really you?! Oh! I’ve found you at last!”

It turns out I’m the Lord of Fertility, and this Lake Nymph is my faithful servant, here to guide me through the opening stages of the game. All I’ve got to do is tap the Boobs of Wisdom to get some hints to aid my quest.

I had to deal with some really annoying bugs during the first couple minutes of the game, and I’m pretty sure it’s because Flash is an outdated piece of crap that even the developer is abandoning. The music kept playing as the screen went black, not letting me do a goddamn thing. I ended up switching from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, which was probably a first-in-history moment. You shouldn’t have the black screen issue with the Android download of the game.

The first level is simple as hell. You push one statue into another on the grid, and boom! The rest slide together, and you win the level with a new high score of 10—a naked, green-skinned nymph winks at you on the Level Complete screen.

The second level is slightly more complicated. This time, you have a couple of groups of panties on the board that you need to merge into bigger panties. I flicked a few tiles around before I figured out a technique: first merge small groups of panties, then get a bigger bonus by merging the small groups into big groups.

Deep Strategy, Easy Learning Curve

I like how the game introduces elements to you one at a time with short, easy levels. In the third level, you start merging different types of items together. Here is where that environmental element comes into play. Your Lake Nymph lady tells you to heal polluted land by merging wax into candles.

I merged the chunks of wax into dick-shaped candles, which I then merged with the cock wax that was already on the board. Pollution cleansed, I pushed the headless torso naked lady statues together to complete the level.

The fourth and final tutorial quest has you merging nymphs, which then help you purify the land using the dick candles from the last level. They harvest pheromones, which then unleash their healing power. I used that healing power to heal the black squares where fertility goddess statue ruins were stuck, letting me merge them with others.

After finishing that quest, they brought me to my home base. I figured I would get to at least look around or play a non-tutorial level before they introduced the gacha system, but suddenly Lake Nymph is back on the screen saying we should spend some Nymph Coins in the shop. She only had me buy a specific item, though I could already see a limited-time offer to buy more game coins with real ones.

Level Up and Fap to Fantasy Hentai

The item I bought in the store let me merge a few of my nymphs at Home. On the board, they’ve got a cute chibi style that I don’t understand how people can whack off to. However, once you level them up, something magical happens.

On the level-up screen, you click the chibi girl, and a cloud of hearts swarms her. When they’re gone, she’s transformed into the kind of sexy hentai babe that you want on the screen when you’re shaking your dick.

It gets better, though. Hit the camera icon, and you’ll unlock your first piece of Merge Nymphs hentai. What do you know? It’s your friend the Lake Nymph getting a big, veiny cock doggystyle. The image isn’t animated, but after she asks if I liked her surprise, the Lake Nymph tells me sometimes I’ll get pictures and animations as rewards. Nice!

I won some crystal dust, coins, and other items after I beat my first non-tutorial level. I spent a few of my rubies on the reward screen for further upgrades.

Which brings us to the gacha system. The in-app purchases are largely invisible during the tutorial phase of the game, but you start to understand their usefulness the further you get into the game. The Lake Nymph will have you go to the store to buy something you can afford, only to see a bunch you can’t, but would really improve your game if you’re willing to part with a few bucks. You start to notice more countdown offers after the tutorial, too.

Honestly? It ain’t bad. It’s expected with any of the free-to-play Nutaku games, and given the overall production values, you shouldn’t be surprised at all. Honestly, what’s truly surprising is that they haven’t crippled the game with gacha. You can play Merge Nymphs and have a fun time progressing, leveling up and unlocking hentai scenes without spending any money. If you want to toss some change into the bucket for some extra nymph incubators, nobody is going to judge you except your parents.

Merge Nymphs is an interesting strategic hentai game. The game is basically about matching tiles in the most efficient order, and in exchange, you get a fair amount of high-quality hentai. It’s got deeper gameplay than I expected, with a lengthy tutorial to slowly introduce you to all the elements without overwhelming you. It’s got the same high production values you expect from a Nutaku game, as well as the same gacha system if you’d like to win faster by spending money. The rest of you cheapskates can play for free on Android or web.

PornGames likes Merge Nymphs

  • Strategic game of pollution cleansing and nymph humping
  • Sexy anime art
  • 30 Uncensored hentai scenes
  • Monthly updates
  • Free on web or android

PornGames hates Merge Nymphs

  • Flash bugginess in web version
  • Gacha system