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HunieCam Studio

What’s going on you weird sack of shits? Isn’t it unusual for you losers to be looking up a review of a game that you can just play instead? Anyways, the topic at hand is HunieCam Studio, a unique take on the business tycoon theme among games. It’s kind of controversial because people have mixed feelings about the game. Plenty of perverted bastards expected lots and lots of sex but barely got anything in return.

HunieCam Studio is kind of a sequel to Huniepop - spiritually. Because the whole premise of HunieCam Studio is you play as a manager(coincidentally as Kyu the Love Fairy from Huniepop) of Cam Girl operations. If you have no clue about what a cam girl is, then get the hell out of this game review, you’re too young. Rather than a dating simulator, HunieCam Studio is more like a time management game.

You manage your cam girls, raise their style and talent, make sure they’re raking in the bills they should be, and you have to make sure they don’t get overworked. That’s the basic description of the game, but that’s just the superficial part. You’ll need to keep your girls happy with alcohol and drugs, give their work a little spice with sex toys. You’ll even get to go to the sleazy hotel, where you get more money, but your girls might end up with an STD.

Starting your game

As soon as you run your game, you’ll be greeted with a screen that might just get your wiener all excited. All of the pretty colors and familiar cam girl backgrounds are sure to bring back some memories of you being a simp for a cute camgirl you found online. Like every other game you’ve played, there’s always the new game, settings, credits and exit tab. Unless you’re an idiot and don’t know what those are.

If it isn’t already obvious for your cabbage brain to play, you need to start a new game. Click on the new game tab and create a new save file. It’s literally that simple; you don’t need a better explanation. Getting into the game, you’ll get a juicy loading screen, so if you want to get one little wank out, then during that loading screen is a good time for that session.

Actual Gameplay

The Love Fairy Kyu(from Huniepop) is the one guiding you throughout the whole game. She’s your godmother throughout the game. Trust me; you’ll need her. She gives you the rundown on how to play, how to recruit, how to manage, and how to get around the whole game. The HuniePot team actually makes sure that you can play the game correctly and not fuck around and waste your time.

So I said this game was something akin to a business tycoon. Meaning you have to earn money with the work that you give to your girls. To up your income, you need to gain more fans. To do this, you’ll need to consistently provide your girls photoshoot sessions so that your girl earns more popularity. Don’t forget to regularly pay your “employees” because you don’t run on slave operations.

Your ass better pays attention to what Kyu has to say if you want to get those sweet, sweet handmade Dick(yes, literally) trophies. To get those trophies, you need to reach a certain amount of fans. Diamond being the highest with 100k fans and bronze being the lowest with just 5k. Each of your girls cater to a specific fan’s fetishes - you wish you could see that, right? Each girl satisfies 2 fetishes, so the fan count can depend on those too.

Remember, though; you have a time limit of 21 days. 21 Days are all you have to increase your fan count to reach that sparkly diamond dick trophy. That’s the thing about this game, fuckwits like you can’t play the game as smoothly at first because of that deadline, which makes the game a great challenge and highly repeatable. You also get tokens at the end of each grading, spend these tokens on different outfits for the girls you want.

The whole game is operated with just your left click. Dragging and dropping, clicking, interacting, and everything you can think of in a game is done with only the left click. Kyu mentions a technique called “Finger Blasting,” which is literally what you’ll be doing to your mouse. Spam the left click in order to decrease the time girls work and to collect the points that are left in the building.

There are 4 ways to keep your girls happy and less stressed. Give them booze, give them cigs, give them drugs, and let them relax at the spa. It would be best if you had them rest and relax so their outputs while working always stay at their best. Don’t forget to raise their style and talent points in the respective buildings. You can also buy them random shit from the adult store, things like sex toys and accessories.

The main challenges you have while playing this game are; you need to make sure you never go bankrupt because you’ll be evicted from the whole managerial role. You also have to ensure you’re consistently and continuously earning fans. There’s the struggle in deciding what your girls will do and which girl will do what, along with the synergies of the random items you get from the adult shop. Experiment, to find out what’s best to get that high score.

The Quality

Aside from the gameplay, every aspect of the game is close to perfection. The graphic quality is top-notch, along with the animations and art style. The music choice couldn’t have been better; it provides a really chill vibe and not to mention that it really fits with the whole look of the game. The quality of voice lines and just the audio itself comes out really crisp and clean, which adds to the entire picture.

Recommendations for Improvement

Coming from the same team that made Huniepop, you would have at least expected something of the same caliber. Huniepop came out in 2015 and is considered too good for its time, while HunieCam Studio came out a little lacking for the whole target audience. Its an adult game in terms of the type of business you’re handling, but it only reaches that point. There are no juicy scenes or some saucy CG pictures and animations.

So I recommend just adding some scenes where we get to see what each girl does when they are “working” in the cam studio. Maybe even some sets of photoshoots that the girls have gone through in their sessions. I feel like this will add unto the whole “adult video game” aspect where any sick freak can wear their underwear on the ankles and just beat one out while playing - since the whole game can be played with one hand.


I am in love with the whole aesthetic of HunieCam Studio. Although it’s more cutesy-looking and less erotic, I had genuine fun while playing the game. Because you’ll have to use more than 2 brain cells to decide on everything you’ll do, which things will allow your gameplay to be smoother. There are aspects of high risk vs. high rewards, which make the whole decision-making process and playing the game a whole lot more fun.

I can’t recommend HunieCam Studio enough for just a great time killer, and something us degenerates can put our attention to daily other than our penises. The quirky thing about this game is that it is played in real-time, remember I said 21 days? Yeah, 21 days in real life and not 21 in-game days. So just take out 30 minutes to an hour of your day to sit down, chill out, and manage your camgirls.

PornGames likes HunieCam Studio

  • Your favorite Huniepop characters make a comeback along with fresh faces.
  • Fucking crisp game graphics.
  • The gameplay makes sure you’re interactive.
  • It actually gives loser degenerates like us
  • something to stay committed to for 21 days.
  • Operating with just clicking means less effort for 50 IQ fucktards.
  • It is an excellent clicker game.
  • You can get AIDS and other STDs.
  • Thicc anime thighs.
  • Cutesy animations.
  • Actually needs some thinking
  • unlike other adult games.
  • Has a lot of variety with items
  • synergies
  • and fetishes.

PornGames hates HunieCam Studio

  • There’s none of the “fun” stuff.
  • It does get stale after some time.
  • There’s no real goal to it.
  • Barely any benefits from restarting the whole game.
  • It’s severely lacking in tasteful humor and more so for the voice acting.