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Portals Of Phereon

toPortals of Phereon is a Fantasy, Strategy, Monster Girl Breeding Game. Some porn games don’t have enough meat to satisfy you hardcore gamers out there. There will be a few hot scenes and the barest excuse of what could be called “gameplay.” Point and clicking on shit until something kinky happens isn’t really gameplay. Sure, those games are fucking great for a quick nut or two. You can slide right in and jerk off to some slutty hentai bitches.

But I know some of you nerds want an actual game that you can play for more than just the porn. You want a challenge. I mean, that’s pretty fucking lame, but who am I to judge your tastes. I went out and dug up a great game that will make you think and strategize as well as fap. Put your thinking caps on. This shit gets complex.

Portals of Phereon is a fantasy tactics-based game by Syavron. This cuck has been working on this game since back in 2018. It’s still in beta, so don’t get your hopes up too much. You can snag a free copy of the current game from their Patreon page Despite being in the works for years, it looks like this game has a long road ahead of it still. But at least you can get it for free right now. You better download this sexy game before it’s too late.

Detailed Character Creator With Choices That Influence the Entire Game

You start off with a pretty complex character creation menu. You can play as a futa, female, or dude. I went dude because I want to fuck hot bitches, of course. But each character has a different story that they follow, so make sure to read about all of that before you make your choices.

It literally changes how the entire fucking game plays. Talk about being ambitious. No wonder this game is taking fucking forever. You can even toggle how difficult the game is by adjusting certain modifiers. There’s also an option for determining how long the game will last, though even the shortest option will have you plugging away for a good while before you reach the end of the game.

From there, you can mess around with all of your stats. There are options for strength, magic, lust, fertility, and quite a few others. It all depends on how you want to tackle the game. Will you be a spellcaster, fighter, seducer, or something else? There are in-depth explanations for each stat and item on the page. I recommend you take a look at that shit so you can build your character right. Prepare to settle in there for a while.

Pick out Your Favorite Monster Babes to Start With!

Oh, but character creation isn’t over yet! You can pick the race, gender, and abilities of your two starting minions. I went with some centaur babe and a hot succubus slut. You get to sort out all of their abilities as well, so try to make a balanced party. I statted everything into lust, and, well, things didn’t work out too well. I got fucking destroyed when I got to the first few battles.

There is a loose plot about breeding and collecting hot monster girls. It’s not anything that will blow your mind. Basically, you have free roam to go around and capture, fuck, and breed slutty monster girls. See, I told you it wasn’t complicated. That’s all you really need to know. As the name suggests, the game takes place in a fantasy world called Phereon. You can obtain a teleportation stone that allows you to access portals to other realms with different monsters and terrains.

Loads of Information, Options, and Menus Can Feel Overwhelming at the Start

Holy fuck, this game is information overload. When you load up the game, you get taken to an area with all kinds of menus, boxes, characters, and options. I wish the tutorial covered everything. It feels like you get thrown to the wolves. Thankfully, you can hit an exclamation point in the top-left corner to have a fairy named Fae help you out. But, even then, it’s a lot of fucking information.

I recommend ignoring most of the shit on the screen and going around town to learn about the people here. There are plenty of interesting characters with tasks, quests, and stories that they would love to offload on you. And here is where the writing shines. It’s a very fantasy novel inspired game, so expect flowery language and all that worldbuilding shit that you’re used to.

Explore the In-Depth World of Phereon and Prepare Yourself for Combat

Talking to all of the people in town will help you learn what the fuck to do with all of the other menus. It’s not worth it to explain it all here, but you’ll get the hang of it all quickly enough. But what you’ll want to do is train your skills, talk with people, buy items, and complete tasks to prepare yourself for the outside realms.

Once you’re feeling good about your chances, you can head into a portal (or go to the arena) and try your luck in combat. It’s a hex-grid battle map with an emphasis on tactics and analyzing enemy weaknesses. It’s not easy. You’ll need to beef up your spells, skills, and attacks to even stand a chance out there. Thankfully, each portal tells you exactly what sort of enemies to expect. So, you can hunt down the babes that you want to fuck and breed the most.

Intense, Difficult Combat & Kinky Sex Scenes Where You Take Control

That brings me to the sex scenes. You can fuck any of these babes whenever you want. This isn’t the kind of game that bars you from that juicy, fapworthy content for hours on end. Whenever you have a babe in your party, you can choose to have some kinky sex.

And you can highly customize how the scenes go. It’s fucking insane. You can toggle so many different options, and you get some light animations to go along with them. The art style is a kind of painted style that looks pretty fucking nice. It may not be as clean and HD as hentai, but these are definitely fappable scenes. Fucking the NPCs may require some gifts or dates, but it’s still not that tough to get some monster pussy. This game is all about fucking!

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork. It’s different from your usual porn game toon or hentai style that you see everywhere. It’s the kind of art you would see in a fantasy graphic novel or something. And it’s especially great when you get those lewd animations during sex scenes. The art, combined with the quality writing and breeding focused gameplay, makes for an experience different from any other sex game that I have ever played.

Then there were the sex scenes. Holy shit, you can customize every single layer of the scene. You can determine how harshly you kiss, grope, and fuck these babes. Hell, you can even choose how they are getting you off. Do you want to get a succubus to shove her tail up your ass while she blows you? By all means, fucking go for it. The world is yours.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game could do with a cleaner look. There is too much going on. So many of these little indicators and menus could be tucked away beneath drop-down arrows or something. It all takes away from the gorgeous artwork and writing that this game has to offer. That’s my only main complaint. Cleaning up the look of the game would go a long way in making it less confusing for new players.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Portals of Phereon will be a pretty satisfying game for your fantasy nerds out there. It’s a lot. There’s no getting around that. Don’t play this one if you’re looking for a laid back game where you can just click to different events and fap your brains out. This is a complex strategy game that requires a nuanced approach to succeed. But the rewards are pretty worth it. You get to fuck and breed beautifully drawn monster girls who crave your seed. I highly recommend you hardcore gamers to give this free game a shot!

PornGames likes Portals Of Phereon

  • Complex strategy-based gameplay
  • In-depth character customization options to tailor your experience
  • Hot
  • fully controllable sex scenes
  • Fuck and breed slutty monster girls

PornGames hates Portals Of Phereon

  • Way too much information on the screen at once