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Tactics Elemental

Tactics Elemental is a Quirky, Fun, Tactics-Based Porn Game by Fred Perry. I get it. You think most porn games are beneath you. You’re a smart cuck who gets off on people stroking his massive ego. I get it. It’s the only thing massive about you. It’s also the only thing you’ll ever get stroked if you keep acting like a douche.

You think you’re the smartest asshole in the room. Well, you might be right if you hang around a bunch of dumbasses. It’s like being the tallest cuck in the room and being 5’4” But that won’t get you any pussy. What it will give you is an advantage in the game I have for you fucks today. It’s not the same old simulation game or RPG that barely requires 5 IQ to play. This one is for you big brain nerds out there.

The game I have for you is called Tactics Elemental. You don’t have to know how to play 4D chess to know that this is going to be a tactics-based strategy game. If you’re into turn-based grid-style games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, then you’ll want to check this shit out. Oh, it’s also worth a look if you love jerkin’ your gerkin to hot cartoon porn scenes. This game has a fuck ton of those.

Tens of Hours of Content to Explore, as well as Multiple Full-Length DLCs

Tactics Elemental has been around for quite some time. It originally launched way back in 2014. It was developed by Fred Perry and has gotten quite a few DLC updates over the years. This is some fucking dedication. It’s six years later, and this cuck is still sending out patches for his game. You can buy the game over at for around 25 bucks. But you’re getting a lot of content for that price point. You can expect tens of hours of content in the main game without factoring in the beefy DLCs.

The game runs using Unity, so don’t expect to take this game on the go with you. I’m not saying its impossible, but it would be a fuck ton of work. The desktop experience is good enough to stick with. It doesn’t require a crazy good PC or anything like that to run. Just download that shit, launch it, and play it. You should be good to go without any issues.

Fun, Engaging Storyline With Likeable (and Fuckable) Characters

This game actually has a decent story. You meet with this busty sage slut named Theedle, who tells your character, Chizzle, that shit is about to go down. Aliens are coming, and they aren’t the sexy kinds that want you to fuck them. They’re the kind who want to blow up the entire universe. She wants you to help her stop them.

To specify, Chizzle is only your character for a brief hour or two. Theedle is trying to raise some eternal warrior god thing to fight back the alien menace. Guess who that is. Ding ding ding! That’s where your custom character gets brought into the fold. You meet a fuck ton of characters, all with different storylines, quests, and the whole nine yards.

But that does end up making the game feel a little cluttered. There are too many things going on at once to really hold my full attention. That’s my only main complaint about the story. There are so many characters that get introduced, and I found myself not giving a fuck about them as it went on. I would have suggested toning it back and having just a small squad of hotties whose stories get explored more in-depth. Quality over quantity, you know?

Tight Gameplay That Will Challenge You Every Step of the Way

But that’s enough story. I don’t want to spoil any of it. It’s full of neat little twists and turns that should keep you hooked throughout. The gameplay is what’s important for tactics-style games. It seems like they are usually pretty hit and miss. Sometimes you get some shitty game pretending to be a tactics-based system that is secretly an auto-fighter.

This isn’t one of those games. This is a full-bodied tactics game that will please the hardcore fans of the genre. It’s not easy. The first fight or two may be a cakewalk, but there is a decently high learning curve that makes later battles unforgiving. You need to learn enemy weaknesses and strategies to ensure victory. This also means you’ll need to grind...a lot. Holy fuck, you don’t want to enter a battle under-leveled unless you want to get fucked up.

And the game doesn’t tell you a whole lot before throwing you into the action. I would have appreciated a more in-depth tutorial of the mechanics. That way, you know how to view and target certain weaknesses for certain enemies. It took me forever to figure out that shit. It would also help to have leveling explained, as well as in which order you should be tackling missions. You don’t get any of that laid out plainly for you.

A Fair Bit of Grinding Required to Succeed

This can cause the pacing to feel kind of off. You have to slog through encounter after encounter before you can tackle some of the main storyline plots. But most of you cucks who play these kinds of games will be at home with the grinding. It’s not horrible if you enjoy the combat as a whole.

Then there’s the art and general style of the game. It’s fucking fantastic. It’s got a quirky art and writing style that makes the game feel unique and fully fleshed out. I found myself actually laughing at some of the dialog/interactions in the game. The writing is solid and kept me hooked. The art style is just as good. It’s a western-toon style with loads of lewd drawings. Hell, the sage bends over and shows you her pussy nearly every time she speaks. The same can be said for the other sluts you recruit like Beatrix.

Amazing, Lewd, Uncensored, Toon Porn Scenes

The Sex scenes are pretty fucking hot. Granted, you aren’t getting full animations or anything that nice. But you do get uncensored art with multiple illustrations per scene. There are hundreds of these scenes to experience across the main game. Don’t expect any crazy fetish content, but there are some decently kinky scenes that I think you fucks will love. I would have liked to have had some quality voice acting or sexy sounds to accompany these scenes, but you have to rely on the dialog and illustrations to bust that nut.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I loved the tactical gameplay in Tactics Elemental. It’s one of the first porn games in this genre that actually hits the nail on the head. It’s fun. It is challenging. And, best of all, it’s sexy. The tactical gameplay, coupled with the lewd scenes, quirky writing, and hot art-style makes for an immersive, fapworthy experience that you nerds will enjoy.

The game is full of fun, sexy characters who you can fuck like crazy. It’s not often that you get a game that manages to have decent gameplay elements while packing in well over 200 unlockable fuck scenes. That combination alone makes this a must-play game in my book.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I wish there was a free demo. You have to go all-in or nothing. Give me a little taste before I plunge balls-deep into this game at the 25 dollar price tag. That’s the reason people torrent shit like this. Aside from a demo, I think the game could benefit from having a better combat tutorial that focused more on the elemental weaknesses of enemies. I didn’t even know about that shit until I lost a battle five times in a row.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Look, I already said it’s a must-play. What more do you want from me? Should I go on more about how the game has excellent, dynamic characters? Or maybe I should mention that the gameplay is challenging and makes you work for those kinky fuck scenes? Or maybe I can bring up how the art-style is fucking incredible, fapworthy, and unique? Well...I guess I just did. Anyway, I highly recommend you horny gamers go to and give this sexy game a look.

PornGames likes Tactics Elemental

  • Quirky writing with a dynamic story and characters
  • Challenging tactical gameplay
  • Lewd
  • uncensored
  • toon porn scenes
  • Tons of content with additional DLCs available

PornGames hates Tactics Elemental

  • Hefty $25 price
  • Lots of grinding required to progress