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PaPaPub is a Hentai Game Where You Run a Pub and Fuck Hot Waifus. I don’t know a single fuck out there who hasn’t at least had the passing thought of owning a bar. I swear it’s a fucking requirement for being a male. That time for me has come and gone. Sure, the idea sounds great on paper. You get to drink a fuck ton of booze, flirt with college-aged sluts, and did I mention you get to drink a fuck ton of booze? But the idea isn’t that great when you get down to the nitty-gritty.

You have to deal with drunk betas all the damn time. You have to do paperwork and buy shit. I’m not about that life. I can’t be tied down to any single place like that. How am I supposed to pump and dump kinky dimepieces if I stay in the same town all my life? I wouldn’t want to run out of good pussy. And I have a habit of leaving babes wanting for more.

Run Your Very Own Pub to Attract Hot Adventuring Sluts

But why am I running my mouth about bars? Well, you probably guessed it. I’ve got a hot hentai game that is themed around you running a bar and fucking bitches. Okay, in the hentai fantasy world, it's called a “pub,” but you get my point. The game is called PaPaPub. It was developed by R’lyeh, and it first launched back in November of 2018.

You can buy the game from the creator’s DLSite page for around 13 bucks. Or, of course, you can cheap out and find one of many free download options for the game. PaPaPub was on Steam for a little while when it was still in early access, but it has since been taken down. I’m not sure why, but my guess would be that it wasn’t selling that well there. After all, that’s a hefty price tag for the game that you get.

Strange Genre Mix of RPG, Mobile Fighter, & Resource Manager

It may look like it from the cover, but this isn’t a service simulator game like you weebs may have been expecting. This is no VA-11 Hall-A. You’re not mixing drinks, pouring ale, or chatting with hot waifus all throughout the night. I would have loved it if it was like that. I’ve never seen a porn game try and step into that genre. But that doesn’t make PaPaPub a bad experience by any means.

The gameplay is a cross between your usual resource management shit and porn RPGs. It’s a weird fucking combination, and it doesn’t quite nail it as either genre. It falls into this odd middle ground, where you have a few elements from both genres that don’t really mix all that well. It also has the barest requirements for being considered a bar simulator game, but it doesn’t quite get that right either.

Balance Combat and Shopping with Drugging and Raping Slutty Adventurers

You start off with an opening that gives you a general run down for the story and the basic gameplay. You’re a retired adventurer who has opened up a bar for other adventurers that came through the town with the goal of completing some sort of maze or dungeon that is nearby. But, really, you opened the bar so you could rape the fuck out of female adventurers. Man, they could not have made your character look any more sleazy if they tried.

And you don’t get a tutorial so much as a very brief look at some features. The game doesn’t tell you what to do while it shows you these things. You get thrown into this combat that looks like its something out of a shitty mobile game; then you’re told to buy shit and run the bar. That’s it. Though, to give the tutorial some credit, there isn’t that much for you to actually do in the first place.

From what I could gather from the very shitty machine-translated English in the game, you need to explore the world and fight bad guys with your army...though I have no fucking clue where you got an army from. You fight shit to earn money. You use the money to buy stuff for the tavern. The better your tavern does each night, the more hot babes will come and stay the night. The longer they stay, the more chances you have to drug them and fuck them in their sleep.

Poorly Translated Game That Lacks Notable Gameplay Elements

All of that being said, the game is nearly automatic. You can buy upgrades and items for the tavern, but you don’t have to serve drinks or anything manually. The tavern just runs itself, and you get whatever earnings at the end of the night.

Even the combat runs on its own, and it’s somehow influenced by the babes that are staying at your pub. I would have liked to see more gameplay here. Throw in some restaurant simulator style shit where I have to deliver food and drinks. Or add in deck/team-building elements to the combat. Let me build up my squad of mercenaries or whatever the fuck they are. As is, everything just sort of happens without you needing to put in much input at all. You don’t even have special abilities to use during combat.

Alright, so the story, gameplay, and writing leave a lot to be desired. That sucks, but this game has a glorious saving grace: the hentai. You won’t be able to help yourselves. You hentai-addicted weebs will be humping your waifu body pillow until she bursts at the fucking seams. You get beautiful illustrations of hot hentai bitches getting fucked in all manner of ways.

Kinky, Censored Hentai Scenes With Incredible Voice Acting

The only bad thing is that this shit is censored. But you’re no stranger to jerking your dick to pixelated pussies. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to the real thing anyway. Fortunately, the game makes up for this by having HD scenes with multiple images and professional voice acting. That’s right; these bitches will moan, gasp, and cry out as the fuck them.

These scenes come up pretty often. You won’t have to toil away and grind for hours before you get to drug and fuck the next babe. It’s a pretty steady stream of quality content that will keep you cucks fapping. I just wish the gameplay between those scenes was engaging enough to keep my interest. I kept getting bored as fuck doing all of the menial tasks.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The hentai. Hands down. Well, you cucks probably already have your hands down. Seriously, the hentai in this game is good as fuck. Sure, it’s censored. But you fucks fap to censored hentai all the damn time. This is some good stuff right here. You get amazing, HD illustrations of busty hentai babes getting fucked against their will. I know you betas love getting off to that kind of rapey content. So, have at it with the hentai scenes in PaPaPub. You even get fully voiced moans and gasps as you take advantage of these horny gals.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game needs more direction. It tries to be every genre at once without doing any of them justice. It’s a mobile-fighter without the team-building aspect. It’s an RPG without quests. It’s a bar simulator without any actual simulation. Cut the fat and stick with one of these. And, please, get this game translated by an actual human being. The writing is laughable, but not in a funny way. There’s no real plot hooks or anything. This game is spread way, way too thin.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, PaPaPub is a decent hentai game if you’re solely in it for the nut. You’ll be pleased with the voiced hentai scenes and quality illustrations. If you’re looking for a well-rounded gaming experience, then you’ll want to keep on looking. This hentai game is severely lacking in the “game” department. It needs a lot of work.

There’s no getting around that. I can’t recommend you dish out the 13 bucks for the game unless you’re really just in it to fap. But go find a free copy and see if it’s your kind of experience. Hopefully, there will be some updates in the near future that turn this game into a must-play experience.

PornGames likes PaPaPub

  • Loads of fully voiced hentai scenes
  • HD illustrations
  • Dark rape and drug fetish themes

PornGames hates PaPaPub

  • Game tries to be too many things at once
  • Censored hentai porn
  • Expensive price tag