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Simply Mindy

Simply Mindy is a Free-To-Play Pixel Porn Comedy Game by Sexums. Pixel porn is still in, right? I know you fucks love jerking your dicks raw to hot animations of pixelated bitches getting pounded. It’s probably why you guys fap to so much JAV. But there is definitely something sexy about watching some pixel babe get fucked by tentacles or bent over by an orc or some shit. It’s not even like you’re getting HD porn or anything. I don’t fucking know. Sometimes it’s not worth it to get to the bottom of why you like certain things. Sometimes you just do.

I bring up pixel porn because I found a pretty kinky pixel game that will have you jerking off in no time at all. Simply Mindy is a free porn game made by Sexums back in late 2016. It stayed in development and got frequent updates until the end of 2018 when Sexums hung up his hat and called it quits. It’s a shame. Some of his games are pretty damn hot. But at least he got Simply Mindy to a nearly completed state before dropping off the face of the earth.

This game runs off of Flash, so you will need a standalone flash player to get this game up and running. Unfortunately, this game is a tad too beefy to run in the comfort of your browser. But there are plenty of free flash players out there. It’s easy as fuck to download one and get started. If you can find one on your phone, then you might be able to get this game running on there as well. Though I’d recommend sticking with the desktop experience. It’s a bit more accessible anyway.

Explore the City of Hell and Earn Money, Pay Rent, and Fuck Devils

Simply Mindy is a comedy game with lots of fucking and funny animations. You start up the game and play as Mindy. She has just arrived in hell because, apparently, her house burnt down while she was taking a shit. She doesn’t remember any of this, but the devil “aka Lil D” gives her the rundown about everything. The only thing he doesn’t know is why you were sent to hell. You see, he lost your paperwork. He also lost the orb that gives you your job placement in hell.

In this world, hell isn’t some sort of fiery place with brimstone and all of that shit. It’s basically New York. I mean, that checks out. Traffic, fucking, crime, and all of that. Your goal is to go out and make a living by going to school, getting a job, and paying rent. Once you get good enough at a certain job or thing, you can earn what’s called a “Sinner’s Orb.” This orb locks you into whatever job you pick for eternity. These are basically game over orbs.

Game Over Just Means a Fresh Start With New Items!

But game over isn’t such a bad thing in Simply Mindy. Each time you get a certain ending, you unlock modifiers that give you more stats, money, or items at the start of the game. Plus, you want to see all of the kinky animations you get with each of the endings. My first playthrough got me the “Camwhore” ending, where I forever became a cam slut who needed attention to get off. Seeing Mindy ride and squirt all over her sybian was pretty fucking hot.

Let’s backpedal to the gameplay. You have money and stamina. You need to spend stamina to make money. And you need to spend money to continue living in your apartment. Every day you can pick from a variety of different jobs to do. Each job will modify your stats. Camwhores get more charisma, but they lose out on class and cleanliness. You can be a farmer, guard, or maid as well.

Playing further into these jobs will eventually unlock side-quests and other complications for you to dive into. For example, the camwhore track eventually gets to a point where your computer starts fucking up. If you have a high enough intelligence, you can figure out how to repair it by going out and getting spare parts. Doing so unlocks a whole different story path from the usual cam girl ending.

Tons of Secrets Strewn Throughout the Game

You can also spend money on “Education.” There are a few different classes that will buff up your strength, charisma, intelligence, and some of the more basic stats. But then there are the sex classes where you increase your fuckability by, well, getting fucked by mummies, zombies, and devils.

Building up certain stats will unlock more options for you in the game. There are a fuck ton of secrets, and the game doesn’t really tell you how to get to them. I’d recommend looking up a walkthrough if you find yourself failing at the same points every time. Sometimes you need a special item or a higher number in a certain stat to unlock that sexy shit.

Find and Fap to Hundreds of Hot Animations!

And this game is packed with sex. You get sexy pixel art fuck scenes all the damn time. You always have this overlook of the city. Sometimes you’ll see giant tits rise out of the ground, a tentacle monster come through and start fucking people, or a massive cock monster will rise out of the ground and erect itself in the middle of the city as horny babes climb up it.

Then there are the scenes of Mindy. You can see her masturbate, get fucked, give blowjobs, take it up the ass, and so much more. You won’t see many hardcore fetish scenes, but the game is packed full of good, plain old fucking.

Though I wish you could control the scenes more. The only option I ever saw was for “squirt.” And that popped up in a few different scenes. It meant getting nutted on by a zombie in one scene and getting drooled on by a big frogman in another. I wish I could take control of the pace of the scene. It makes for better fapping that way. But at least you get hot moans, juicy fucking sounds, and a decent music track during the scenes. I can never get off to games where the sex scenes are just silent. It’s fucking weird. I’m glad Simply Mindy went all out with these scenes.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Simply Mindy has a lot of good shit going on. I really liked the overall tone of the game. There are fourth wall breaks, tons of funny characters, and some great dialog through it all. The game definitely does not take itself too seriously. And the art and animations are fantastic. They aren’t for everyone. I know pixel porn has a pretty niche audience of fappers, but this is some top-tier pixel porn. Any pixel porn addicts out there will love this shit.

I also thought the game was paced well. There’s a good balance of sex scenes and gameplay that keeps things interesting. I also liked the focus on replaying the game and unlocking dozens of different endings. It’s a unique approach that certainly pays off.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Unfortunately, any suggestions I have here are falling on deaf ears since Sexums has given up on making sex games. But, hey, I like hearing myself talk, so I’ll say this shit anyway. I wish you had more control over the sex scenes and Mindy in general. I’d like to be able to alter her clothes, appearance, and the pace of the fuck scenes. Being able to choose different positions and the speed of fucking would be great. Also, having a scene gallery for previously unlocked sex scenes would be cool.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Simply Mindy is a great pixel porn game. You can tell a lot of passion went into this title. The humor is on-point. The animations are fluid and fapworthy. The story is funny. The characters are quirky. And, last but not least, the game is pretty fucking fun. You can’t beat that. I highly recommend you cucks go ahead and check out Simply Mindy if you’re into kinky pixel porn games. This is one of the better ones out there, and it’s completely free-to-play. Go on. Get out of here and go download this awesome game.

PornGames likes Simply Mindy

  • Hot pixel porn sex scenes and animations
  • Funny
  • quirky game with lots of humor
  • Dozens of different endings make the game very replayable
  • Completely free-to-play

PornGames hates Simply Mindy

  • Can’t control the sex scenes much