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Rainy Skies

Rainy Skies is an Erotic Sci-Fi Adventure Game by Indivi. If aliens ever come and visit Earth, I hope they are hot as fuck. Imagine if they were those ugly-ass blob creatures you see in Star Wars or some shit though those ones would probably be more in your league. And, who knows, maybe you will get lucky and find that those ones fuck like freaks.

I want those alien bitches with the set of six tits, two pussies, and a lust for human cock. You know, like in those sci-fi porn games. I can get down with some sci-fi. You can go for some weird fucking fetishes that you would normally never see in regular porn games. Believe it or not, there are only so many ways you can fuck an elf babe. But when you throw in the insect milk-queen from Karoblar 5 things get a little...kinkier, to say the least.

So, of course, you know I’ve got a good sci-fi porn game for you alien pussy loving nerds. It’s called Rainy Skies. Not the kind of title that I would expect from a sci-fi game. It sounds more like some sort of anime visual novel. But it’s not! Rainy Skies is a sci-fi adventure game that was made by Indivi back in 2021. It is still somewhat in development. This version isn’t final, but the creator has expressed uncertainty about whether or not they will keep working on it.

Pick Your Price or Download the Game for Free

You can find the game over at There you can download the full, current version of the game without any issues. You can throw the creator a buck or two for their hard work, or you can download it like the cheap fucker that I know you are. They also have a Patreon where they bring in well over 7 grand a month. Holy fuck. I’m genuinely surprised at that one. Not that this game is bad or anything, but that’s an insane figure for the games this person makes.

Right now, the only playable version is on desktop, so you lazy cucks will have to actually get out of your grungy pigsty of a bed for this one. This game uses the RPG Maker VX Ace software, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it. Indivi completely revamped the overall style, look, and sound effects that RPG Maker games usually use. It looks and feels like its own standalone game.

No Real Exposition Dump or Tutorial Makes the Game Feel Directionless

The game throws you right into character creation with no real title screen or anything. That felt weird. But at least you get a basic title screen after you launch the game for the first time and make your character. Character creation is simple. You choose if you want to be a male, female, futa, or something else.

Hell, you can create a character that just has balls and nothing else. That shit cracks me up. Could you fucking imagine? That would be like taking some slut back to your place and finding that she didn’t even have a pussy. Though as long as she has a mouth that would work for me.

Holy shit, these character sprites look like they were made by an alien who only knew what humans looked like through second-hand descriptions. I know that’s pretty critical, but man, these are wild. Seriously, what the fuck is up with these models? The thighs and calves are the same thickness, and your character stands in such a weird fucking stance. And don’t get me started on the damn torso. It looks like you took out the three bottom ribs. They actually kind of creep me out a bit.

Odd Art Style May Turn New Players Away

Anyway, yeah, they look janky as all hell. But the game starts out pretty simply. You’re on some sort of junkyard space station. You’re trying to earn some dosh so that you can get a ship and explore the vast nothingness of space. Why? Good question. I’m not actually sure why you’re trying to do anything. Your character sprite will be on the right, and you will navigate the game by moving a flashing square that represents your character around a grid. People, items, and enemies all have different sprites.

You aren’t given any concrete directions. You just wander around and find out how to beat enemies. Combat is incredibly basic. Smash hit to win in most cases. And you have to keep going back to certain locations to rest in between battles, which was tedious as fuck. You will get new skills and items eventually, but they don’t make the combat that much more exciting.

Fight Your Way Through Space While You Build a Crew

Eventually, you’ll get some items to fight with as well as some information about the general politics of the space station. There are raiders, junkers, and all sorts of unsavory characters. But at least there’s a brothel where you can go get a happy ending at. But the sex scenes are weird. You don’t always get a visual of the hottie giving you a helping hand. It’s like you’re getting jerked off by a ghost, which is pretty hot now that I think about it. But, yeah, there aren’t any real animations or climax scenes. At least not at the brothel.

You will eventually run into sluts in the wild. I found this one babe trapped in a stasis pod. You get to check out her hot body when you get her out, but that’s about it. It takes a while to get any full-blown fuck scenes, and even then, those are pretty softcore. I feel like this game is trying to focus more on the story side of things, but, sadly, there isn’t a good hook at the start. I still don’t know what the fucking point of the story or game is. It feels very directionless.

Good Writing, Gameplay, and Sound Design

The overall quality of the game is good. As you probably guessed by now, I’m not big on the art style. But the writing is good. Descriptions are well-written, even if they aren’t very detailed. The gameplay is simple and easy to get the hang of. The sound effects, music, and general ambiance of the game is nice. The menus can be a bit clunky to get in and out of. I don’t get why the menus are bound to “x” and not “i, e, or m” like every other game.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The game has a good foundation. The interface is cool. The design and theme of the game make for a good atmosphere. It’s basic, sure, but you can do a lot with it. The setting is on point. And the overall quality of the writing is solid. Even the gameplay is pretty fun. I enjoyed gearing up and fighting my way through the scrapyard in the hopes of finding a hot babe. And, to the game’s credit, I eventually did.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I need some story. This game feels barren of any sort of story. I get that you have to go out and find it, but even then, it doesn’t have much meat to it. Give me some reason to explore. Tell me the universe is going to blow up or some shit if I don’t find and fuck every hot babe that I can find. And then there’s the artwork. I hate to rag on the artist too much, but if you’re pulling 7 grand a month, you can afford to commission some better sprites. Especially when the game doesn’t have that much art.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Rainy Skies is a fun enough sci-fi game that has enough content to keep you occupied for a few hours. It’s not a game with a crazy, winding story. It’s not a game with insane fetish fuck scenes or erotic descriptions that will leave your balls aching from how many times you’ve fapped. It’s a decent title that those of you who already like sci-fi porn games will enjoy. Though I do feel like they missed an opportunity in not having crazy alien sex be front and center in this game. Anyway, go give it a shot. It’s free to download and get fapping!

PornGames likes Rainy Skies

  • Cool sci-fi setting with quality writing and sound design
  • Fully customizable character
  • You can toggle fetishes on and off
  • Easy to pick up and play without too many complex features

PornGames hates Rainy Skies

  • No engaging storyline
  • The art isn’t very sexy