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Hey, hey, hey, you ostracized bunch of degenerates! I don’t know why you’d rather spend your time reading a review about some porn game rather than playing it yourself, but you know, everyone’s got their own tastes. So, Rack is a game all about testing your subjects. Though its nothing too scientific because it’s all about making your subjects cum - male or female, furries or human beings. This is a gold mine for sadists and degenerates alike!

Rack makes you complete objectives in order to progress through the game, which allows you to buy new items and upgrades of some items that you may already have. They are very specific objectives, so the creator/s didn’t want to confuse you fuckwits. They range from making your female test subject cum continuously for 100 seconds to allowing any of your subjects to have a hands-free orgasm just by watching.

As some of you fuckfaces have already pieced together, you don’t need to focus on anything else in the game other than making your ‘lab rats’ orgasm. Other than that, there’s not much substance to the game. Everything’s unlockable within a certain period, and the challenges are nothing too complicated.

Your Weird Fantasy

I know the lot of you reading this review are a bunch of weird little shits. As such, you have your own weird fantasies. Well, Rack is here to fulfill one of those said weird fantasies. You get to act as the mastermind(or mad scientist) behind an operation that tests furries and humans and how their personality traits can affect their orgasms. Not only traits but tools such as special paint, portals, sex machines, and pills.


Okay, since most of the game has already been described in the intro, there’s not much to talk about anymore - other than gameplay. So this game doesn’t require any downloads, as it is already playable online. Meaning its kind of a shitty, low budget flash game - so there’s no need to get your expectations and hopes up. I consider this a good game just to let time pass and something that gives the sadistic motherfuckers decent wanking material.

Since it is a flash game, its controls are really basic (you can operate everything with the mouse), the arrow keys, and the spacebar also has some use. Click and drag everything around. The instructions are even given to you, so you don’t need to throw a little bitch fit over your incompetence. Click and drag to wank and finger your subjects, click around for the sex machines and watch as they give your subjects the orgasm of their life!

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock tools that help to achieve the objectives at a quicker pace. Tools that will influence characters to have certain traits that you or the test subject next to them desire. Smaller or bigger penis and titties? Boom, special paint. Constant edging? Boom, cock ring, and nipple clip. Maybe you want to take a futuristic approach? Then use a portal on a penis and stick that into any vagina! There are lots of possibilities in Rack.

You don’t only unlock the tools through progression but the characters too. Rack has made sure every gender and biological makeup was put into the game. Male, Female, Hermaphrodites, Cboys. If that isn’t for diversity, then they also made them into Furries! So you don’t only get to play around with humans. Fek made sure to get its community involved in Rack as well, as they can make their own characters of any species and any gender.

The creator/s (fek) of Rack was kind enough to give you lazy fucks the shortcut by adding cheats! This is no way anyone should play, but you sore losers will probably still use it anyway. You can instantly unlock everything, earn a shitload of money, complete your current objective, make all of your active subjects cum, and increase all of their sensitivities. If you just want the quick fap, then use the cheats, but where’s the fun in that?

What I Like

The fact that this is a flash game is underappreciated. I mean, they offered plenty for a mere flash game. The basic animations are enough to get the perverse public riled up, and it gives enough life to the characters. The art quality is decent enough to make out every tool as they are, and its enough to at least get an erection just by staring at it.

The diversity of not just the characters, but the tools as well is great. I must say, the creators of Rack’s creativity is quite commendable. They put in a good amount of devices that are already accessible in real life, as well as tools that are so detached from any level of today’s science. I mean, dick portals? That’s gold. A sex machine even gives you options for the dildos(human, canine, horse, monster, and alien!). If you don’t think that’s cool, then you’re the weird one.

Back to the characters, the diversification is applaudable. Though the base characters offered are already enough to provide a full cast, the people in the community still have their own characters(and maybe fursonas) to put in the game. They probably really want to see every species and gender fucked mercilessly by some jackhammer dildo sex-machine. Doesn’t that just drive your hidden, inner mad scientist wild?

There are cheats in the game as well. So if you’re stuck(you fucking loser) and can’t think of how to complete your objective, then you can clear it and move on to the next one. If you just want the challenge of completing the goal, then buy the current items without having to worry about the money. Maybe you wish to see the test subjects cum over and over in unison to satiate your own lust; you can do that too!

What I Don’t Like

The game’s audio is quite shit to me. There’s always an annoying repetitive beeping, the buzzing of a vibrator or vibrowand, and there’s no audio on any of the subjects’ orgasms! Like, come on! The one thing the virgin readers don’t get to hear are the cries of pleasure. So at least give them that from the game! It’s not too much to ask; there are even other shitty flash games that have better audio quality. There’s no background music either.

The controls are so damn dull as well. It’s going to add work for the team, but couldn’t they have added more options for controls? Other than just focusing everything on the left click, they could have added some button mashing. Though if it’s all on the left click, then the perverted bastards playing this game can just use their free left hand to jack off - which could be positive, I guess?

The game progresses slowly at first, though. Unless you’ve got the drive to absolutely finish this game without the help of cheats, then it’s probably going to be boring for the other 98% trying out this game. So it kind of heavily depends on the cheats for any good and satisfying gameplay. So either play like a loser and use cheats or be a loser that actually tries his best at a flash porn game, your pick.


Though the game was boring at first, it was easy to find a flow once you’ve progressed far enough to get the correct tools. This means if you actually want to play the game for its worth, then you have to try a little. Because I’m not a cruel fuck that enjoys seeing test subjects strapped to a table, I didn’t really get the desire to jack off to the content I was seeing. It’s not my cup of tea, but I guess it can be for some people.

It’s a good game to play if you just want to let time pass by. Though you are playing an adult game(and will be heavily judged for it), you’re holed up in your room anyways with nothing better to do than to jack off. For a flash game, it was satisfactory, a 3 out of 5 in my book. The creators of Rack are making a Rack 2. So if you’re still interested in the whole test subject thing, then you can wait for that release - though still in its very early stages of development.

PornGames likes Rack

  • A good flash game
  • A lot of tools
  • Lots of combinations for making subjects orgasm
  • A vast diversity of species and characters
  • Decent animations
  • An okay art style
  • There’s an easy mode

PornGames hates Rack

  • Audio quality is shit
  • There are no voice lines
  • Too much unnecessary noise
  • Boring as shit controls
  • Slow progression means its a boring game
  • Dialogue is the same stale 6 lines over and over