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Hunt And Snare

I always like giving unique games a shot. I mean, there are thousands of the same cut-and-paste hentai simulation games out there. You can only bust a nut to the same generic-looking slut so many times. Okay, maybe that’s not true for you cucks, but I need some variety.

So, I went looking for a breath of fresh air. I wanted a completely unique experience, and, well, I may have gotten a bit more than I bargained for. I found an open-world game with lots of customization, fighting, and a unique concept. But, of course, It had to be a fucking furry game.

I’ve got nothing against you yiffers out there. It just isn’t my cup of tea. The whole cat with tits thing doesn’t do it for me. But I’ll try and hop into your headspace for this one and give you the lowdown on all the kinky furry shit you can do in this game.

It’s called Hunt and Snare. It’s a 3D open-world shooter that came out in 2016. The creator of the game is called Ruffleneck. Everything about the game is still very much in development. The game is still in alpha, and you can view an exact timeline and schedule for updates over at There you can name your price for the game, or download it for free if you’re a cheap fuck.

Expect Bugs and Quirks Since the Game is Still in Alpha

Once you’ve downloaded the game and launched it, you’ll be brought to a title screen with a few options. You can jump right into the journey, customize your character, or you can go to the scenes gallery to skip the gameplay all together and fap to hot furry fuck scenes.

You can play as a male or female cat person, and you can customize your character with some basic options like modifying fur color, fur pattern, tit size, and all of that good stuff. But there is so much more. You have a whole array of complex options that let you really make your character your own. It’s definitely one of the more in-depth character creators that I have seen. You can make your own personal fursona and go out into the world!

You don’t get much exposition when you load the game up. You’re thrown right onto the dock without any direction of what to do. Though, of course, this game is still in alpha. I won’t fault them too hard for not having a tutorial or anything set up yet. You do run into some fuck on the dock who acts like a dick to you as you get your ship registered. There you can make a variety of different dialog choices that help shape how other characters view you...if there were any other characters.

The Game Currently lacks Plot, NPCs, and Music

The village is a fucking ghost town. It actually felt a little spooky. I think it’s because there isn’t any music or voice acting. It’s just the sound of your paws hitting the ground as you run around empty buildings. Even some basic looped music would be welcome. It’s so fucking weird having a cat with his dick out just staring at you without moving his lips or having any sort of sounds. It’s like they’re all big cat sex dolls that you can fuck.

If I had to compare this game to another, I’d say it feels most like Oblivion or Morrowind. It’s got similar textures and movement. The only thing it’s missing is skooma, and we’d be good to fucking go. The controls are simple. You can run with WASD, talk to other cat babes with E, and shoot them with your rifle using the mouse.

Now, I thought this fucking thing was a double-barreled shotgun at first, but it’s actually a tranquilizer rifle. So, don’t worry, you’re not actually blowing anyone’s head off with this thing. And aiming the thing is a task in and of itself. Trying to hit anything more than 5 feet away from you is nearly impossible.

Lots of New Features to Come as the Game Develops

The game page says that a crew, townspeople, more gear, and a whole bunch of stuff will be added as development progresses. But right now, the game is basically you running around the world and searching for hot babes to hunt down. It looks like the game will be particularly focused on you finding rare babes with special colored fur. Hopefully, they make it so you can take them back somewhere permanent or log that you found them. Like a Pokemon type deal but with furries.

Run Around and Hut Down Hot Furry Babes to Fuck

There is a lot of ground to explore, and it can take a while to get fucking anywhere. You never know when you’ll run into another cat slut out in the wild, so you have to just run and hope you come across one. Once you do, they’ll run like hell. You’re faster and can catch them pretty easily, or you can take out the rifle and shoot them. Either way, you can go over to them and make them follow you.

Now, you can’t fuck them right then and there. You need to find certain spots where you can interact. There are plenty in town, but getting back there can take forever. You’ll stumble across some randomly in the wild. The game direly needs a map where you can see event locations. Trying to find one is such a chore. Why even bother with it all if I can just go to the main gallery page and fap my brains out to any furry sex scene I want?

Sex Scenes Are Unfinished and Lack Audio and Climaxes

And the scenes aren’t really finished. Meaning, you can’t finish. The characters will fuck for a while with no sound at all. You can switch POVs and speed things up, but you have to end the scene manually. No nutting. Oh, and you’re locked into fucking in whatever position the event area is built for. No swapping positions unless you want to trek across the fucking map to find another area.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked that Hunt and Snare was different. It wasn’t the same boring ass porn game that keeps you occupied for a few minutes. Hunt and Snare has the potential to be a fantastic game with a branching narrative, engaging open-world, and fun fuck scenes. It just needs time. The whole concept of having to go out and hunt hot babes is great, and I haven’t stumbled across any other games that are quite like it. I look forward to seeing all the great and kinky features that get added to the game in the coming months.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I have a fuck ton of suggestions, but I think most of them will be addressed as the game goes forward. Add music and sound effects aside from walking. It’s so fucking awkward watching two characters fuck in complete silence. If I wanted that shit, I’d go back to my ex-wife.

And the game has a fair bit of bugs. I lost the ability to jump, shoot, and crouch at certain points. That was frustrating. And the game really needs blips on the map for fuck spots. I hated having to wander around aimlessly for 10 fucking minutes just to find one. And, of course, the sex scenes could use work. Add climax scenes where you can bust a nut and make it, so you have a couple of different positions to choose from at every sex location.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Hunt and Snare is a fun furry game to fuck around in for a little bit. It doesn’t have much meat on its bones yet. I’d download it, give it a play, and then come back to it when there’s more to do. But, hey, you might have fun running around and capturing hot furry sluts with the game as it is. It can still be a good time. There’s a big world to explore, and you might just stumble across a rare babe that you have never seen before. I recommend you cucks go ahead and give this game a shot if you like furry porn. Get on out there and prepare for the hunt!

PornGames likes Hunt And Snare

  • Unique 3D third person furry game
  • Huge world to explore
  • Hunt hot furry babes and fuck them
  • In-depth character customization options

PornGames hates Hunt And Snare

  • No real story yet
  • Buggy and still in development
  • Currently lacks music and climax scenes