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Price for Freedom: Avarice

Now I know I am the go-to guy for everything that involves playing a game only with your one hand. What I got for you today surpasses that. This particular game feels like a work of art, that is how fucking good this game is—introducing Price For Freedom: Avarice. The creators of this game based it on the original webcomic. If you are familiar with the webcomic, you will definitely be in for a great fucking time with all the top-tier sex scenes in this game.

Price For Freedom: Avarice is a role-playing adventure game that is based upon an original webcomic. The game meets all of my needs and wants upon playing a porn game and reviewing it. Price For Freedom: Avarice hit the fucking trifecta with this one. The game has a check for the storyline, a check for great cutscenes, and another for fucking awesome artworks. I did not fucking mind reading all the dialogues. I was fucking engaged the entire time I was playing the game, and holy shit am I coming back for more.

I would probably put Price For Freedom: Avarice up there in my xxx game Mount Rushmore. That's how fucking good this game is. It is a common thing to be looking for humor and easy-going content when looking for an xxx game. Price For Freedom: Avarice recreates that niche and twists it in a whole different magnificent way. I fucking loved the balance between quirky, humorous content and staying simple with the game's ideas and mechanics.

Highlights From Price For Freedom: Avarice

Well, to start off, Price For Freedom: Avarice is a well-rounded game. The game definitely gave me an impression of balance while playing it. When I say balance, the game's mechanics will work if it did not have any sexual content in it. I mean, Price For Freedom: Avarice would still be a fucking great game if they fed me with only the RPG webcomic stuff. However, we both know that is not what we fucking came here to do, right?

The creators of Price For Freedom: Avarice has matched the great game mechanics with the awesome sex content. I mean, if you were to look at the fucking artworks in this game, You would be playing the game with one fucking hand just like I did. I'm not ashamed of it at all. If any, that is a fucking compliment to the creators of the game. Great fucking job, guys. That is a fucking well-made porn game that actually served its purpose.

I was not high in webcomic games before. I fucking admit that. But, upon playing this, Price For Freedom: Avarice has changed my opinion. The game gave me a fucking new perspective on games with gameplays like this one. Maybe it is just this game that is actually well made. I'm not sure, but definitely, the game changed my opinion and gave me a great experience. I fucking feel alive again with all the reading and looking at the artworks and shit. It is a different experience, but that experience is a fucking great one.


Don't expect any 3D interactive sex bullshit on this game. Price For Freedom: Avarice works like a great old school xxx game. Like what I said, the game is different, but it is actually good. I got the rewards of the game, which was the sex scenes, and it was fucking amazing. I had a fucking great reward from all the interactions that I went through. Not fucking bad. The artworks and the models were also well-drawn that I had to take a couple of breaks just to jerk off and let off some steam.

Price For Freedom: Avarice has a world filled with all kinds of interesting creatures. It definitely is refreshing to see those creatures and the overall design and models of the world itself. A nice fucking touch by the creators of Price For Freedom: Avarice to make sure that the user experience has a somewhat high interactive rating. You won't get bored and find yourself constantly re-engaging your focus. You will have plenty of characters, creatures, and other races to interact with for that.

Price For Freedom: Avarice is a game that is still in development. Imagine all the amazing stuff they will come up with. Over some time, the developers will add more to the storyline and even with the mechanics. I guess we perverted idiots will have to wait and see. For now, I had the pleasure of soaking in all the potential of this game. All that fucking one-hand gaming potential.

What I Like About Price For Freedom: Avarice

I really liked that the creators of Price For Freedom: Avarice took a huge risk on this game. I mean, who would have fucking known right? How could I have possibly tell that a 2D looking game that had the mechanics of an old school game would be in the top games I have played this year? Price For Freedom: Avarice gave me a fresh new experience and a whole lot of scintillating sex content that has undoubtedly got me addicted to it for a few weeks now.

I would commit a fucking crime if I failed to mention about the fantastic sex scenes in Price For Freedom: Avarice. I mean, this is the shit that we fucking came for, right? Price For Freedom: Avarice gives what we crave for in a top-tier quality way. It is a fucking great feeling watching all the characters in this game get fucked and violated, so I suggest that you guys get your hand lotions and tissues available on sight.

I also liked that although Price For Freedom: Avarice floods us with great sex content, the game still sets limitations. Price For Freedom: Avarice stays true to its well-balanced mechanics by not adding any over-the-top bits to the game. Although the game sets limitations, overall user experience is not compromised, and I do not know how the creators have managed to do that. The creators of Price For Freedom: Avarice definitely needs to be commended for a well-rounded game.

What I Did Not Like About Price For Freedom: Avarice

Honestly, I do not really feel that mentioning Price For Freedom: Avarice in a lousy manner is justifiable. The game served its purpose to me, and the game is not even fully developed. It felt like I was just drowning in the game's potential, and I already found the material fucking good.

I also think that although I found the game mechanics great, some weirdos who don’t like to read or cannot read would find that shit to be uninteresting for some reason we may never know. I'm afraid that the platform may be unappreciated by others who are not into this shit as much as I am.

I guess you could say that the game being under development is something that I do not like. I'm not complaining, though. I believe in the creators of this game and their ability to put out something that is truly engaging and magnificent. With that being said, hurry the fuck up with the game already because I fucking want to enhance my experience. I just want to fucking play Price For Freedom: Avarice in its full potential. Fucking add the new features in their or some shit.

Recommendations For Improving The Game

I honestly do not have any fancy recommendations to improve the game. I believe that my trust in the output of those magnificent creators of the game is enough. If I could suggest anything, maybe they can play with the idea of the game on another platform. I would definitely like to experience the game in a more immersive and maybe graphics-enhanced platform.

I am fine with the way the game is. I honestly cannot ask for anything better than Price For Freedom: Avarice. I had a fun time with the "new" and "different" game ideas, which definitely worked for me. Maybe a simple suggestion could be adding more characters that I can meet and fuck. This would only give me more opportunities to play with one hand, and I really, really love doing that shit.


Overall, Price For Freedom: Avarice is a fucking great game if you are looking for a game that you can play with one hand. You'll definitely find yourself jerking your cock again and again with all the scintillating sex scenes in this game. The sex isn't all that Price For Freedom: Avarice has! The game has an engaging storyline to go along with that amazing sexual content.

You will definitely find yourself addicted to this RPG game that has an original universe. Immerse yourself in the exciting universe that was made in a long-running webcomic. Like what I have said, this game is different, but it works. Price For Freedom: Avarice promises a fun, unique experience that will make sure to make you want to empty those cum-filled balls of yours.

If you like the game, download the game now. The creators have a Patreon page wherein you can find the download file. The game is pretty easy to download, and you'll find yourself playing Price For Freedom: Avarice. Again, I am not to blame if you run out of hand lotion and tissues. You have the game's creators for that purpose.

PornGames likes Price for Freedom: Avarice

  • New Idea
  • Great Artwork
  • Original Storyline
  • Fucking Amazing Sex Scenes

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  • Under Developed