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Today we’re talking about yet another RPG Maker porn title. I can’t actually prove that this game was made in RPG Maker, it could just as easily be Ren’Py, but at this point, what’s the fucking difference? You get an overworld, and you get turn-based combat encounters when you walk into a baddie. It’s the Pokemon meets Final Fantasy experience. Stay out of the tall grass.

However, in those games, the chances of getting some hot anal passion are next to none. In this game, they’re a fucking guarantee.

A Brutal Story

I don’t normally like brutality in my porn games, especially not when it comes to things like forced sexual encounters, but if you frame them right and don’t delude yourself, you can milk a lot of hot action out of these themes. I don’t like it when the game has female rape victims who tell themselves it was their fault they got raped. That’s sick shit.

But imagine a game in which you straight up play as the bad guy. Imagine a game in which you play as a spiked helmet wearing brutal warrior of a man whose primary purpose in life is to bang every and any wench that he can find, throughout all the lands. That’s what you get with Overwhored. The game doesn’t hold back any punches. You are very much playing as the bad guy here, and you’re kicking ass and taking names.

You awaken to find that your previous conquests have been nullified. Your tower of evil is in shambles, and your sex slave army has been liberated. Things are not looking good. You’re going to have to set out into the world and beat your enemies back into submission to amass another sex slave army. Hopefully, you’ll also get to bang a lot of hot bitches along the way.

Standard RPG Tropes

Now, this part might sound like a long list of complaints, because it kind of is, but only because I’m tired of the exact same type of RPG gameplay. I’m not ragging on the game; I’m ragging on RPG Maker for encouraging people to use the exact same RPG design for over 20 years.

You’ve got your over-world through which you traverse the lands and encounter people you can talk to and monsters you can beat into submission. During the combat, you see your enemies as 2D sprites, standing proudly in front of you while you punch them in the face.

You can amass a party of bitches, I mean, sex slaves, who will fight alongside you. Every single one of them can be leveled up with the experience you get from the combat. You can also equip them with various weapons and trinkets that you find throughout the game world. Find a review for Final Fantasy 1, copy-paste the technical parts, insert them into this review, and you’ll do just fine. It’s the exact same fucking formula you have seen a million times over.

Why Play This Game?

Well, with every RPG porn passion project, there’s something unique beneath the surface that elevates it above Final Fantasy 1. That’s usually how this works. In this case, you play the game for the dick and ego strokes. Everything in this game is bending over backwards to make you feel like a strong, powerful warrior who is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a great power fantasy to dive into during those late and lonely nights when you realize that your life is spiraling into a never-ending lethargy.

The game makes you feel powerful and feared, but also wanted, by the seemingly never-ending line of bitches who are hungry for your cock. The writing is top-notch, and I haven’t found any cringy lines or immersion-breaking dialogue. It all flows quite smoothly.

Plus, the game’s littered with sex scenes that you straight up have to earn. They’re not just thrown at you for the hell of it. You have to earn the right to fuck a bitch in this game, and you savor every last second of low-FPS animation that you get. I found the sex scenes very easy to fap to, but they’re definitely boosted by the fact that you feel like you really are the character you’re seeing on screen. If you were to just look up the sex scenes on a tube site, I doubt you’d give a shit.

It’s not that they’re not hot on their own. The thing is, the immersion makes them super-hot. You feel like you’re finally getting your just desserts after sweating through countless enemy encounters that were a bitch to handle.

The Sound Design

This game strikes a nice balance between retro sounds and slightly more modernized music. The background music is all very serviceable and memorable. Very few tunes feel repetitive, and the overall soundtrack is very enjoyable. I usually turn the music off in porn games if given the chance, but I didn’t do that here. I didn’t even check to see if I could. It just didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of the game.

Most of the songs in this game are great, but some of them are super memorable. There was this really neat honky-tonky tune towards the beginning of the game, around the part where you talk to a character called “Crazy Hobo”. That song really stuck with me for some reason. It has a retro video-gamey vibe that really takes me back to my youth. It’s got literally zero pornographic value, but I enjoyed it just the same.

As for the sound effects, they’re bit-crushed, and that was a great decision. The crunchy, Nintendo-era sound effects all work really well, considering the game looks very cute and retro outside of the sex scenes. Naturally, you don’t have to listen to crunches, beeps, and dashes while you’re watching the sex scenes. The sound effects dial the fuck down when the good stuff crops up on screen.

The Art Design

There’s a part in this game where you can click on a monument to see a tribute to all the artists that contributed to this game. That list is almost longer than my reviews, seriously. So many people contributed art to this game it blows my mind. On the one hand, it makes everything mesh together really oddly. On the other hand, it means that every asset in this game got enough love to be serviceable.

I definitely found that the game feels a bit out of touch with itself at certain points. Like, when you’re in combat, the art looks nothing like what you had on screen a second before that when you were in the overworld. But alas, this is the best they could do, and I’d rather have a game with mixed art than a game with no art.

Naturally, whoever made the smut scenes was not also involved with the level design, so there the art looks absolutely nothing like the rest of the game, at all. This is just one of those things that you’ll have to live with in order to get to the good stuff.

Shot in the Foot

No, not the game, the developers. Patreon shot them in the foot. Well, not literally, and it wasn’t really Patreon’s fault. Ok, let me start over. Payment processors put the squeeze on Patreon to ban certain themes like hypnosis from their platform. As the developers make great use of hypnosis and similar themes in the majority of their games, they had to abandon the platform altogether.

They’re still on Patreon, under a different name, for all of their safe-for-work content, but the porn games are out of commission. That means that Overwhored here is an entirely free to play game, by a studio that is no longer being funded at all by pledges, which would otherwise be more than happy to throw shekels their way.

I don’t understand why we can’t have nice things, but alas, this is the world that we live in. Fictional video games in which you hypnotize people to have sex with you are apparently a serious problem that has to be kept under control. I cannot for the life of me understand why this is happening, but I guess we just have to live with it.

I can’t recommend this game on the smut quality alone, because there’s so much RPG goodness that you’d have to wade through. If you’re an RPG fan, you’d love it, and the smut would come as a bonus. If you want to speed through the game one-handed in order to get to the sex scenes, you’ll yank your dick clean off your body in frustration. This is a game made for real retro RPG lovers, so keep that in mind.

PornGames likes Overwhored

  • Great story
  • Decent art style
  • Amazing
  • memorable music
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates Overwhored

  • Mixed art styles
  • Turn-based combat