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Adventure, romance, love, and a hero that endures everything that comes in his way. It would seem like it's the perfect recipe for a fucking game, right? Moreover, go and get your dicks up and pussies wet as I'm about to share to all of you motherfuckers out there a game that may or may not render you lifeless. I'm not fucking joking, bitches, I've already wasted countless hours and energy into this game, and I fucking can't wait until you do too.

Anyhow, in a press release, Nutaku has just announced a fun-fucking-tastic adult role-playing game to be released. The name of the game is Ouroboros; this game is from an indie game maker Sierra Lee, who also worked on Noxian Nights and The Last Sovereign for a couple of other adult RPGs… Stop! Let's not get sidetracked here, I know there are many more things to say about the developer of the game, but we're here to review Ouroboros. So, without further ado, let's get on with this fucking review.

The Creator of the Game

Created by a well-known game developer, Ouroboros is represented using typical role-playing game genre cliches. For instance, a princess needs to be saved from the villain in the game while monsters roam the ground and wreak havoc as you progress as the hero. Not to mention having different love interests fight for the hero's side.

Anyhow, the use of traditional genre cliches is somehow a calculated decision on the part of the developer, Sierra Lee, to hide the real story. Sierra Lee also promises to "twist standards of the quests in games" and that they have turned the genre on its head, while still being an enjoyable RPG to the core. The game encourages players to break the rules, work with the villains, and have a lot of sexy fun as they get deeper into it.

A Start of Something Erotically Beautiful

Ouroboros is represented by a vibrant and cheerful world, in which things go wrong in the worst possible way. The hero, in which the players will be portraying, would have to save a damsel in distress (how fucking common, right?) on a quest that was set before him.

However, you might feel a little tingle in your fucking dick that you might have already experienced this before. As you progress through the game, you'll soon realize that all of the monsters you beat, and all of the dungeons you go through is just a fucking distraction to move you away from the main task, which is to uncover the truth.

The Graphics

Ouroboros is using sprites that I fucking believe are part of the building kit of the RPG Maker. Of course, they are cute sprites, and it's fun to see them line up from the right like a Final Fantasy game from the old days. The enemy sprites are beautifully rendered when it comes to size and realism. For instance, human enemies look a little bigger than the sprite of Atreyan but only a little. And when bosses look huge and menacing, they're really fuckin are. Moreover, the real treat for the eyes and genitals are the lewd images of fucking.

The Sound Quality

Although the game's core elements are quite superb, the consistency of the music is almost up to my standards. Regardless if you believe me or not, I do have my fucking standards when it comes to the overall sound quality, so shut the fuck up, you dickless motherfucker. Anyway, the forest is the first place in the game, and the music that plays there is arousingly mysterious, I would even say that it fits perfectly when you often wake up after a death.

In the city, the theme is quite touchy and respectful. The theme of the castle is both somber and royal, as it gives a vibe that something is about to end. And the style of the fight is tense and captivating. There's a sweet "victory"-jingle there too.

Nevertheless, there is only one song that plays for every single fight, and there are a couple of songs for the cut scenes that only play once. Whatever sex scene you're in, there's also the background music that was played before the scene began. Particularly in one dark music scene where Atreyan razes the town and fucks a shopkeeper, and it's quite bothersome.

Most of the sound effects on the game are stock sounds in the RPG Maker. They're all quite generic, like the things you've probably heard from other games on the RPG Maker. For example, the "bounce" sound when you leap, the sheen of a blade when slicing, the oomph of a magical spell, and the ping when you pick a save file; everything is literally there. I would only assume that the developers didn't bother to create their own music effects. However, the sounds do add some excitement, thus making the game feel a bit stronger. The worst part? This game does not have any form of voice acting.

The Hentai Elements of Ouroboros

The game was actually good enough to fuck up the RPG conventions, and the sex scenes are handled as perfectly as they can. The writing by Sierra Lee demonstrates in underlining the tentative love made in each practice, from the basic form of stripping to doing things really nasty. There is a lot of warmth and affection with the key girls that Atreyan communicates with, as their acts of love are actions to try and relieve the stress of the plot of the game.

Each of the lewd scenes comes with a highly detailed image that accommodates the erotic writing. However, a single image is usually all you're going to get, so when the actual fucking starts, Sierra gets imaginative by getting the image blurred out. When the text catches up with the art (and I would guarantee you would be fucking interested), the picture clears up. In addition, there's a fucking bonus; you can save it after you finish the game and watch any of the sex scenes you've seen before, and use it to jerk off your night away.

What I Like About Ouroboros

The game is somehow an unorthodox role-playing game; it's quite traditional when it comes to the genre. Moreover, the one thing that I like most about the game is the time travel mechanics and the capability to manipulate events that would render your character down multiple paths. Not to mention that there's a combat system, I mean, who the fuck would make a role-playing game without a combat system, it would make the game pretty fucking boring if you ask me.

Anyhow, without character levels, there's no more need for some endless grinding where you have to spend countless hours into defeating monsters to gain experience and equipment, and I fucking adored the fact that the developers went on with this path. Thus making the game more interesting as you only get to acquire new techniques and strategies as you go deeper to the gameplay and close to the truth, which is the main goal of the game.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

Aside from the fact that Ouroboros is not a free game, I can honestly say that there's actually not a single thing that I would change in the game. Of course, I still have my nitpicky bitch of trait, but all I want for the developers to add is to put more effort into the part where there are fucking. What I'm trying to say is that the sex artwork is quite terrific and all, but I want to see some lewd animations of my character fucking the living shit out of bitches in the game.


I have so much love for the developer, really, I do. Sierra Lee went up and beyond into telling an erotically wonderful story about chaos, loss, and love. The gameplay holds up all of the elements perfectly, as I seem to have way more fun than what I initially expected. Not to mention that the hentai part is quite excellent. Thus, I would highly recommend this game to all people out there who would love to play a hentai-themed game.

To sum it all up, all I can say is, there's a lot of elements in the game that I would definitely hate, but the positive side of Ouroboros is too many that I would totally forget about all of the bad parts. Anyhow, if you really like what you've read in my review about this brand-fucking-new porn game called Ouroboros, then go ahead to Nutaku's website and get it from there. However, a game is fucking awesome as this isn't going to come in cheap. However, I might say that it's fucking worth it, and I would rate this game a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

PornGames likes Ouroboros

  • Role-playing gameplay
  • Travel mechanics
  • Enemies are visible and easily avoidable
  • Guaranteed 5+ hours of gaming
  • Unlockable gallery of lewd images and animations

PornGames hates Ouroboros

  • It comes with a price