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Night Games is a Text-Adventure Game With a Unique, Erotic Twist. There really wasn’t enough fucking going on in the Hunger Games or Maze Runner. Like, what the fuck? You’re telling me that a couple of dozen horny 18+ teens weren’t banging each other’s brains out at the first opportunity? You put that scenario in real life, and there would be a lot of dark, kinky shit going down. Some of those chicks were fucking dime pieces, and the dudes were alphas. You wouldn’t be able to televise that shit if it happened for real. That kind of stuff would be over on Pornhub easily getting 100+ million views.

I found a game that goes in that same direction. No, it doesn’t take place in some grungy dystopia where the government reigns supreme. This one is a bit more playful. Night Games is a text-based adventure game where you run around a college campus trying to make hot babes orgasm before they make you nut. There’s a free release of the game that you can find over at The game has been officially released, but it launched back in 2015 and has been getting regular updates since then.

Customize Your Character and Try to Survive the Night Games

Fuck, this is a cool concept. So, you start off by making your character. You have a whole slew of customization options that will influence how your “battles” go. You will have to pick a weakness, a strength, and determine the basics of your overall appearance. You can also go a bit further in-depth with how many NPCs you encounter and how fast each of you will orgasm.

I highly recommend going through the tutorial. Not only does it tell you how to play the game, but you also get some hot illustrations and a full-on sex scene. I’d take that shit while you can get it. Getting a babe to drop her panties and let you fuck her till she’s weak in the knees becomes quite literally a struggle.

If you play and lose, then you’ll have to start the entire game over. But that’s what is supposed to happen. You learn new strategies. You get new, random scenarios. And you can even unlock different challenge modes that will change how the game is played. There’s a fuck ton of great ways to approach and play this kinky game.

“Fight” Hot Babes to Make them Orgasm before They do the Same to You

After the intro, you are thrown out into the action. Your goal is to go around and make any babe you encounter cum before she makes you blow your load. If you win, she will let you fuck her so that you aren’t edging next time you find a hottie. You’ll also get her panties as a trophy. Whoever gets the most underwear by the end of the night is the winner.

Each night will take you a solid 15-20 minutes to get through. Your goal is to get through as many nights as you can before you lose the game. It’s hard as fuck. Each battle ends up being a nailbiter where you don’t know if you’ll be able to pull through. You see, you can’t view your enemy’s stamina, arousal, or mojo. You’re basically swinging in the dark. And some babes will be more resistant to certain approaches than others.

You’ll have a map of campus that you can move through to find hot babes. It’s a decently sized map with lots of stuff to discover. When you do encounter a hottie, you’ll have the choice to battle or flee. You can flee and try to recover at certain locations on the map, but some of these sluts won’t let you get away. If you battle, you’ll enter into something close to combat. It’s pretty complex. Again, definitely give that tutorial a watch. You’ll need to keep track of your three status bars: Stamina, Arousal, & Mojo.

Complex Combat System Will Keep You on Your Toes

Mojo is your alpha energy. Kissing, groping, and doing other naughty things will usually give you some more mojo. Having a higher mojo lets you try and do tricky moves to undress babes or other special moves like that. If your arousal hits the max, then you will cum and lose the fight. If your stamina hits zero, you’ll be weak and easier to arouse.

The same is true for your enemy. You want to weaken her by pushing, mounting, tickling, and much more. Then you want to make that bitch wet by kissing her, taking off her clothes, and feeling her up. It’s easier said than done, though. The weaker she is and the fewer pieces of clothes she has on influences how easy it is to get between her legs.

Lots of Replayability as You Try to Survive Each Night

The game is set up in this same loop. Each night will be a night game. There will be different sluts that show up and different events that can change how that night’s game is played. Eventually, you’ll be able to sneak out and set up traps and shit beforehand to get a bit of an upper hand. It’s not a game with an in-depth story or anything. Think of it kind of in the style of a roguelike where new shit happens in each playthrough.

Night Games wants you to bust a nut. You get amazing, hot descriptions for everything that happens. But this game doesn’t stop with just erotic descriptions of sex scenes. You get uncensored illustrations at nearly every step. Every babe you encounter will have a sprite on the left that changes depending on which clothes you strip and how aroused they are.

Hot, Uncensored Illustrations & Incredibly Fapworthy Erotic Descriptions

You’ll also get large illustrations of you fingering, fucking, and stripping clothes off of these hotties. But these are odd. Sure, they are hot as fuck. But the illustrations don’t match up to the babe you’re fucking. I get that there are a lot of girls in this game. It would be impossible to draw out scenes for every single one of them. But it is still a little weird the first time you notice it happen.

For a game with a seemingly limited premise, there is a fuck ton of content here. Every night offers up a whole new experience. And the combat is unique and complex enough to keep you interested for a while. You can expect to sit down and fap yourself to dry to this game for hours on end. I just wish I could take this shit on the go. I don’t think there are any plans for a mobile version in the works. Unfortunately, Java isn’t very mobile friendly, and that’s what this game runs on.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Night Games is unlike any other erotic text-adventure game that I have ever played. Talk about a cool concept. The gameplay was on point. I liked the unique combat system and how you have to pin these sluts to the ground before stripping, groping, and fucking them. And, hey, everything is consensual in this game. That’s a fucking first. You don’t have to feel guilty about forcing yourself on these horny sluts. They signed up for the game just like you did.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Some sort of background music really wouldn’t hurt. I’d like some sort of intense soundtrack during fights and some hot, jazzy fucking music for when you win. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. And voice acting is always good. Even just a moan here or there when you strip these sluts down and pin them to the ground. But other than those suggestions, Night Games is hot as fuck and does most things right.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Night Games is a fun, sexy take on erotic text-adventure games. I’ve never played another game quite like it. Most text-based games out there throw you into some cut-and-paste fantasy world where you get corrupted and raped by all sorts of beasts and creatures. Night Games is a breath of fresh air in comparison. There’s something fun and thrilling about this game. You get to hunt down hot babes and make them cum again and again. What’s not to like about that? Go on over to Silverbardgames.come and give it a download!

PornGames likes Night Games

  • Very replayable game with a solid gameplay loop
  • Fappable
  • uncensored illustrations
  • and engaging erotic descriptions
  • Fun combat system
  • Free & premium versions available for download

PornGames hates Night Games

  • No music
  • voice acting
  • or sound effects