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My Very Own Lith

I’m always overjoyed to cover a porn video game that stands original, with no clear influences from other games. I also really love porn games that aren’t working from a schema. This right here is a porn game with original ideas, unique writing, and a generally hot ass vibe. There’s also a shit ton of content for you to explore, and you can blaze through it as quickly as you fucking want to.

It reminds me of old school Tamagotchi toys that we used to have when we were kids. They were these little pocket pet toys that had you feed and bathe the damn things so that they don’t die. They were fun to play with. It felt like having an actual animal pet in your pocket. Now, it didn’t occur to me that this concept could also be used for jacking off, mainly because my balls hadn’t even dropped back then. I wasn’t really big on jacking off when I was a kid. But now, as a super-perverted adult, I can see the appeal in having a pet that you also get to bang, especially if that pet is a super-hot futa babe with huge cans.


Let’s start at the top. You fire up My Very Own Lith, it asks you to fire up Flash Player, you do, and the game takes off. It puts you in a character customization menu and asks you some questions about your ultimate self. It lets you play as one of several species, including human, wolf, dragon, horse, cat, and fox. You also get to pick out your gender, your gender identity, whether or not you have tits, whether or not you have a penis, and, of course, whether or not you have a vagina. And, these can be mixed and matched however the fuck you want. It’s a very inclusive and wholesome experience.

Now, as for the pet itself, it can be a he or a she, from the get-go. They can also have a penis as well as a large pair of tits and a vagina. The pet is very specifically a Lith, which is supposed to be some sort of cat creature. I’m not familiar with the term, but it doesn’t matter very much.

Talking to Your Pet

This particular pet is apparently a semi-used pet with some history, whose only job in this world is to be your companion. She’s got his wants and desires as well as some secrets, but she’s overall a very chill cat. Whether you make the Lith male or female, they’ll be very dainty and submissive. I’d recommend you make her a futa, so it’s a two in one deal. Leave me alone; I’m not gay.

Anyways, you can talk to your Lith and chat about damn near anything you want to. The game has a ton of textual breakdowns, with no actual graphics during the core gameplay. For the most part, you’re just picking out textual options from a list. So, for instance, you can flirt, have small talk, ask about their personality and interests, and so on. The list expands the more you get to know each other, and the game makes sure to let you know when your relationship has changed and shifted. You very much feel like you’re building a sort of kinship, but it’s all very sexually loaded throughout.

Ups and Downs

The game has a very limited interface, but one of the things you’ll notice, probably immediately, is the little blue to red bar on the left of the screen that ranges between a halo and demon horns. These are sort of like good to evil points that can grow in either direction, depending on how you play the game. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the implication is that the more subservient you are, the more demonic points you get, and the more you dominate your pet, the more saintly points you accrue.

Try it out, mix and match and see how this works exactly. All I know is that you direct the story of the game as you play along. You start off with some casual flirting, maybe have some chats, but in less than five minutes, you can pretty much fast track to some hornier shit. Plus, the game comes with a ridiculous amount of sexual scenarios that you can unlock, so the direction in which you choose to push the conversations is very important.

A Huge Gallery

I mentioned that the majority of the game is textual, but the actual rewards come in the form of full-blown art pieces of the Lith and your avatar in hot sex scenes. Now, these are not actually unlocked at random for the sake of you getting some fap material. They’re the depictions of things that actually happen within the game. You only unlock what you deserve, depending on how you play.

The gallery pretty much shows you ahead of time that there are three pages’ worth of scenes for you to unlock, even though you don’t know what they are in advance. As you play the game and as the Lith opens up to you, you unlock more of the story.

The art itself is of a pretty high quality, and I found it to be very fap-worthy, but it’s not exactly my thing. I mean, I did find a few stills that would work for me just fine, but for the most part, it’s a bit too furry for me. I’m not throwing shade; it’s just, some of the art is a bit too on the bestiality side of things for my fancy. There will be some blowjob shots and a few titjobs here and there that’ll work for me, but overall this is a game aimed at people who either love furries or love cats. So, I’m a bit out of demographic, if you know what I mean.

The Story

I’m not gonna divulge too much, but let’s just say there’s more to this game than a simple simulated pet that talks back to you. The story unfolds very slowly, especially at the start, but you quickly get to some hints that suggest there’s more hidden beneath the surface. I’d advise that if you find the very first part of the game interesting, that you dig deeper, because you will most definitely like what you find.

Normally, I don’t like games that serve up the story like some sort of textual dump of exposition, but it works here because there’s no environment. You don’t have to read a huge essay describing the walls of the room you’re in. Fuck that. You only read about the character you’re talking to and the shit that happens between the two of you. It’s all very straightforward, and I love that.

If you have no trouble with the fur that this Lith comes with or if you happen to love furries, then boy howdy, is this game for you. It’s a very well-crafted experience and comes with a super-unique design that I haven’t really seen in other video games.

Sure, I’ve played other textual adventures before, but those usually waste my time with descriptions of dungeons and smells and vibes, and it’s all just maddening. I don’t want any of that. I want to get to the smut. Plus, this game loads ridiculously fast. If you click an option, bam, it’s already on screen. You could speedrun this game with an auto clicker if you wanted to, in what will probably end up being a five-second click through. I appreciate that kind of response time. If the text actually typed itself out gradually on screen, the frustration of having to wait for it to finish would have me yeet my laptop out the window.

Luckily, this game comes with no bad decisions. It is absolutely perfect for what it is. Some developer out there had a great idea in his mind, and he brought it to fruition. It’s also one of very few recent Flash games that’s absolutely worth using Flash for. That goddamn game engine is outdated, useless, and all-around bloated, but it works great for projects like this one.

The developer happens to have a very successful Patreon, because people will always recognize smut creators who are bringing real passion into their projects. Make sure to check it out. The game is, of course, free to play, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

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  • Perfect writing
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