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My New Life

My New Life is an adventure and incest role-playing game developed by Beggar of Net, a young artist from Spain who relies on his supporters from Patreon to improve the game. Further, the game is the very first game that Beggar of Net developed. Thus, My New Life is currently in an alpha version that consists of a lot of bugs and glitches.

Feast your eyes and prepare your impatient dicks because the game is full of challenges and confusing quests that’ll give you a hard time to complete the game. You’ll have to live the life of the main character by going to school, studying, completing daily recess tasks, gaining popularity by posting vlogs, and even doing house chores.

The best part that you incest-loving fuckers are craving for in My New Life is coming home to fuck your sister and stepsisters to your heart’s content. You can also do almost every perverted shit you can choose from to your stepmother during her sleep. So if you want to experience what it’s like to fuck all the women in your family, then get ready because here is My New Life for you!

Desire Being the Best Family Fucker?

Are you? Well, for pitiful, incestuous fucktards who can’t get into good relationships and decided to do whatever you can to bring out your sexual desires on your sisters. Just from the title of the game itself, My New Life, you can already imagine that you’ll be able to live a different, better life to get away from your sad, desperate lives for a moment.

The Gameplay

The gameplay starts with having to choose a name for the main character. Further, after selecting a name for the main character, you’ll be given a choice to go through the short introduction or to skip it entirely. Keep in mind that going through the intro is a must since you’ll be able to see the background story of the family and also see what your sister, stepsisters, and stepmother look like.

After going through the short introduction, you’ll be taken to the game in the view of a typical isometric role-playing game. You can also either move by point and click or using the arrows to move around. You will also only have 30 days to do almost everything to earn money and enhance your sexual skills to give your sisters and classmates the maximum pleasure.

Moreover, you have to live the student life of the main character by going to school, interacting with classmates, and studying to prevent being scolded by your homeroom teacher. You can also collect items such as milf magazines, dirty panties, and make a copy of keys as tools to help you gain the trust of your sister, stepsisters, and stepmother to fuck them.

You can also program your alarm clock to wake up early in the morning to have an opportunity to fuck your sister and stepsisters either in the living room, restroom, and bathroom. However, they won’t be in those rooms at all times. In turn, you can play a video game and invite whichever of your sisters has the closest relationship with you.

After inviting them to play, you can either choose to win or lose to get two different 3D computer graphics sexual scenes. On the other hand, there are also two ways to fuck women, fast and slow. By choosing fast, you can fill your climax gauge more quickly, but if you prefer slow, you can also fill the woman’s climax gauge better.

The Plot

The main focus of My New Life is the main character, who probably has the biggest dick in the game. The main character is part of a broken family; his father Jack will also be away on a business trip for 30 days. The main character also has a sister named Sarah, who’s crazy about collecting TinyMon collectible cards.

Collecting the best TinyMon cards by either buying them from a kiosk or finding them around the map is crucial since you can improve the love you have with Sarah. When you give Sarah the TinyMon cards, she’ll reward you with sexy dances, blowjobs, handjobs, boobjobs, and sex until you cum inside or outside her.

You also have to build your relationships with your classmates because they can help you get through tasks. For instance, once you have your first ever sex with your best friend Alex, she’ll suggest you go to the book shop owner to enhance your endurance and ability in sex. Increasing your sexual skills will allow you to give maximum pleasure with the woman you’re fucking to make them cum and squirt.

One of the challenges you’ll face at the start is your feisty stepmother named Maria since she doesn’t like how perverted you are. Your two stepsisters, Amy and Laura, are also difficult to build a relationship with since there are no tasks and guidelines to help you. However, for some reason, waking up early in the morning and interacting with them will allow you to fuck them.

As you progress through the game, you can also go on dates with the people you have a high relationship level with, going on dates will also allow you to fuck them. The only way you can build your relationship level with them is by completing tasks that will make them happy. Keep in mind that screwing up or disrespecting them will decrease your relationship points.

What I Like About the Game

What I liked about the game was that you have to build your character, such as earning money, enhancing your sexual skills, and building relationships. The reason being is that you can see the improvement you’ve made and differentiate it from how you have sex at the start and end.

My New Life is an adventurous game where you have to make most of your main character’s every life worth it, given that the time flies by so very fast. You also have to do a lot of things as you can before it’s night time because when it’s night time, you have nowhere else to go but to go home.

On the other hand, the sex scenes and the moaning sounds of the women are enough to make your dick go hard. The 3D computer graphics of the sexual scenes when you fuck your sisters Sarah, Amy, and Laura are also well-drawn, which makes the game more entertaining.

Apart from fucking your sisters, you can also fuck other women, such as the sister of your stepmother. Further, you can even sneak into other people’s to record their families having sex. What made the game a bit more realistic is that you have to develop your stealth skills to make sure you won’t get caught while sneaking to record them fucking.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

My New Life is nowhere near perfect, mainly because the developer somehow abandoned the game. Until now, the game is full of bugs, such as black screens. Getting a black screen is the worst part because you won’t be able to do anything about it apart from restarting the game and loading it to your last saving point.

Another part that annoyed me when playing the game was that there is no autosave feature. You always have to save and overwrite your saved files under the fear of not having to get any black screens.

The moaning sounds and the unsmooth movement of the sex scenes can also get pretty annoying over time because it’s all the same for all sexual interactions. Another factor that put me off was that everything is repetitive, such as actions, sex, dialogue, sounds, and movement.

The grammar and the language are also terrible, given that the developer is from Spain. You can see it when you play the game that the dialogue is full of misspellings, a lot of words are also in Spanish. Thus, you’ll often get confused when playing since you won’t understand what the other characters are trying to say.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

My New Life has a lot of potentials, especially if the developer continues to work on the bugs and the glitches to allow users to play the game without any worries. Since you fucktards always tend to complain when the game has a slight problem, you might have a hard time trying to play since there are many black screens.

I also recommend that the developer makes the gameplay smoother such as the sex scenes. Since the game is all about fucking, the last thing that the developer could do is to make the sex more realistic and enjoyable. There should also be different voices for all the women to make the moaning and climax more arousing.

My Conclusion

My New Life is still playable despite all of the bugs and glitches that you might face. It’s also better to download the game rather than playing it in a browser to make sure that the game runs smoothly. Building the main character makes it fun and challenging for users because you have to go through a lot before you achieve the best results.

The story is also entertaining because of how your stepmother scolds and grounds you at the beginning of the game. However, doing all the tasks she requires you to do makes it a bit more realistic for a student going through highschool. Apart from all the problems, the game is still enjoyable, given that there is a lot of fucking, sucking, and cumming.

PornGames likes My New Life

  • Free to play
  • You can play it on the browser or download the game
  • Has a lot of flirting and sex
  • Amazing 3DCG clips whenever you’re fucking women
  • The characters are well-drawn
  • especially the women
  • You can use cheats to maximize everything
  • even your money

PornGames hates My New Life

  • Black screen bug
  • No instructions as to where you should go and what you should do.
  • Repetitive moaning sounds
  • Unsmooth sex animations
  • The time of the game runs incredibly fast