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I make sure that my reputation stays in tip-top shape. I also make sure that I do not fail to scour the internet for some great XXX games. If I said that I have fucking found a gem in my search, I do not expect hesitation on your part. I actually fucking found this gem of a game called Mozzoloh. Don't you just fucking love it when I bust up a title that has so much potential? I bet you're going to spend so much time on this game, so read the rest of this review to get a grasp of what Mozzoloh is all about!

Of course, Mozzoloh has a lot of fantastic sex in its content. I wouldn't fucking give it a thumbs up if the game had none of that stuff. Mozzoloh falls into the same category as the titles that have the potential to make you want to sink your teeth in for a while. You might be wondering, Mozzoloh sounds like a word that the Arab guy at the kebab says. I am not exactly sure where the fuck or how the fuck they came up with Mozzoloh. However, This game is a fucking gem, trust me on this.

What more can I say? Of course, Mozzoloh has a ton of sex content embedded in the game. But what I didn't expect was all of the content and game mechanics that the game actually had. When I played Mozzoloh, I got the impression that I was actually playing a game in which they actually fucking worked on. Mozzoloh seems to be one of those games that have me playing with one fucking hand. You'll have to read the rest of my review to see what else does the creators of Mozzoloh have in store for us!

First Impression

Mozzoloh is an RPG adventure game that is adult-oriented. The game actually has a ton of fucking action, fights, basically a great storyline. I seriously did not fucking expect the storyline to be this loaded for a porn game. While it did catch me by surprise, I still got what I was looking for. I absolutely needed to see uncensored sex in the game, and boy, did I find what I was looking for. You will have to work for every single pussy in this game, but it is all absolutely worth it.

Mozzoloh is a game wherein my character has been selected to be the protector of Earth's inhabitants. My character had to protect the people of the Earth from a monster that was taking people away into the "Monster Zone." Of course, the creators provide you a base that has all the resources that you'll need to fulfill your task. The more battles you win and the more people you will set free, the more you will gain sex partners.

The reward system is pretty fucking neat, so you'll have to bring your A-game in terms of micro-skills. I had to fucking sharpen up my skills and effort to get my reward, which was the sex content, of course. Throw me a fucking bone, the bone, which is all the uncensored sex content. Mozzoloh combines both puzzle and arcade elements. Though the game uses both genres as its main mechanics, everything still boils down to how fast you can click.

Not Your Ordinary XXX Game

When I say that Mozzoloh is not your ordinary sex game, it is because it really isn't. I have never encountered an XXX game to have so much detail in the game's storyline and gameplay that had nothing to do with sex. Although that shit did not really leave me shocked, it definitely felt like a fresh feeling. I mean, I have to defend Earth from a monster and get sex for a reward? That's some next-level thinking by the creators right there!

The more fights that I won, the more I had the chance to have a lot of sex partners. That's kind of realistic right there because if I were the cool guy, of course, I would get mad pussy, right? The more battles I won, the more experience I gained. And apparently, by my experience, I was able to gather a lot of weapons. Sounds neat, again a fresh take by using not just sex content as the only source of reward.

I really found the fight scenes to be noticeable. I wasn't expecting any top-tier fight scenes, but I was left somewhat disappointed. The fight scenes really felt repetitive, and eventually, I did not find the fight sequences engaging anymore. I had to click like crazy in order to win fights, and I ultimately got fucking bored of the same process.

What I Liked About Mozzoloh

I really liked that Mozzoloh had such unique gameplay. I was not expecting any loaded storyline and gameplay for an XXX game. I definitely found the gameplay engaging and found myself playing for hours. The addition of a save option worked wonders for me.

I definitely found myself coming back for more, and the save option was a lifesaver for me. The game also had a fresh take for the rewards system. Again, Mozzoloh didn't focus on mere sex in there gameplay and storyline. There's actually more content you can sink your teeth in than what you expect. This led me to spend a lot of hours on Mozzoloh. Mozzoloh was a good, well-rounded game that kept me engaged for the entire duration I was playing it.

I'd commit a crime if I did not talk about the great sex scenes that Mozzoloh has. Mozzoloh has wonderful sex scenes that will surely make my cock so fucking hard. I'd have to warn you to play with one arm at your own risk. You'll be risking shooting your fucking load on your PC, so have your tissues near you.

What I Did Not Like About Mozzoloh

I did not like that Mozzoloh had such a long loading time. I do not know if the creators of Mozzoloh had a coding issue or browser issue. I had to gather up all my fucking patience in the world just to get to the loading screen. I do not know if other people can be as patient as me, but I sure hope the creators of Mozzoloh do something about that. Everyone looking to play Mozzoloh is in it for a good time, and slow loading times would definitely fucking ruin the experience.

I also did not like that Mozzoloh had all those repetitive fight scenes. I mean, the game basically felt like a game from the '90s with all that boring shit. I absolutely know that the creators can muster up something that, at least, would feel modern and would be engaging. If I'm going to play this shit for hours, then I might as well have fight scenes that will not bore me to death. Understand that Mozzoloh isn't solely focused on sexual content, so the game has got to be more well-rounded.

Recommendations For Improving Mozzoloh

I definitely recommend that the creators of Mozzoloh work on the game's weaknesses. With the XXX game market moving as fast as it is now, they could easily lose ground. If this happens, they would eventually lose their fanbase. The creators of Mozzoloh has a good thing going on with the game itself that it would be a shame if we don't get to see its full potential. They definitely need to work on those weaknesses. Despite all of that, Mozzoloh was easily one of the best XXX games I have played this year.

I also recommend that they find more engaging alternatives for the game's fight sequences. I understand that the game does not only revolve around sexual content. They have to step up with the game's overall well-roundedness to make up for that. It is one thing to be bored by an aspect, and that could definitely spread to other parts of the game.


Overall, Mozzoloh is a fucking great game if you like RPG adventure games. The game has a rich storyline and gameplay. You'll have to work for that sex content as a reward, but I promise you my friend, All of it is fucking worth it. So if you are an adventurous idiot who loves to receive sex as a reward, then Mozzoloh is a perfect match for all your XXX game needs.

The game takes some time to load, but that does not take away from the fact that Mozzoloh is absolutely worth your time. You'll be playing for hours and get addicted to this game, that's for sure. Don't blame us if you cum all over your PC after playing the game with one hand. You better sharpen up your multi-tasking skills, you horny motherfucker!

If this game sounds like something that you'll sink your teeth into for days, then play Mozzoloh now. For once, have some fucking fun in your life and go on an adventurous sex run with Mozolloh!

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  • Great Content
  • Great Gameplay
  • Great Sex Scenes

PornGames hates Mozzoloh

  • Boring Fight Scenes
  • Slow Loading Time