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Meltys Quest

Melty’s Quest is a High-Quality Eroge RPG With Hardcore Hentai Scenes. Anyone else tired of playing the same cookie-cutter eroge RPGs with the only porn being the hentai sprites during battles and the shitty dialog that sounds like a beta cuck who’s never even seen a woman in real life wrote it? I know I am. And, sure, that may be a little harsh. Those games can be fucking awesome.

But I need a break from tiny ass game-windows and the same tired controls that you see in all of these eroge RPG Maker games out there. I want something that feels and looks premium. I want a good story, solid gameplay, and hentai scenes that are actually worth fapping to.

And I found a game with every single one of those features and then some. Melty’s Quest is an eroge RPG that will make you fall in love (or lust) with eroge RPGs all over again. It was developed by Sachinama using RPG Maker. Not that you could tell by looking at this game. It’s what all RPG Maker games should strive to look like. It launched in 2017 and has gained a massive following of horny gamers over the years. You can find this game on Steam for $19.99. I don’t say this very often, but this game is worth every penny.

Save Your Sisters by Going out and Fighting the Evil Monster Army

You are thrown into the game during a time of crisis in the Rothstein empire. The king summons his four daughters to describe said dangers, but Melty doesn’t show. The king’s right-hand man, Rudolf, goes out to fetch princess Melty. She passed out after having going out to get a tan. She’s insolent, crass, and definitely not a prim and proper princess. But then the ground shakes, and shit starts going down.

You gain control of Melty here. You can use a gamepad, keyboard, or mouse to navigate the world. I dig that the game gives you so many different control options. Using just the arrow keys usually feels too clunky for me. You can play this entire game with the mouse in one hand and your dick in the other. Now, that’s my kind of game. You can even toggle keyboard configurations, message speed, and a dash toggle to make the game easier to control.

Plenty of Different Control Options Let You Tailor Your Experience

You leave your room and find that monsters have overrun the place. You rush upstairs to find your father and sisters surrounded. Rudolf puts up a good fight but is ultimately bested by some loli monster slut with massive tits. She tries to kill your dad, but Rudolf fucked her up too bad to finish the job. Your sisters are drawn into a dark portal, and you escape with the king and Rudolf, though he is pretty injured.

The castle is destroyed, so you hole up in a nearby town, and this is where the game truly begins. You have to help save Rudolf, explore the world, and build up the strength to defeat the monster army. Apparently, humans and monsters duked it out a few hundred years ago, but none of the humans from that time are still alive. On the other hand, the sexy monsters live for hundreds of years and still hold a grudge.

I would never have guessed this was an RPG Maker game. Holy fuck the game player is huge, the dialog boxes are unique, the sprites are custom made, and the entire game really pushes the limits of what that program can do. You can tell that the developer put a lot of work into making this game stand out from the crowd. And, fuck, it was worth it. This game draws your attention and holds it right from the start.

Standard but Engaging RPG Style Quests and Leveling System

The game has your standard fetch quests, escort missions, dungeon crawls, and shit like that. But it manages to present them in a pretty fun way. Side quests lead into main quests fairly often, so it doesn’t feel like you’re just wasting time. There’s always someone with something that needs to be done. It’s worth doing all of the quests you can because you need money to buy new gear and shit. But this game isn’t just about buying gear, leveling up, learning new abilities, and all of that standard RPG fare.

The hentai! You have a whole screen dedicated to telling you about all of the kinky shit that you have done. There are stats for all sorts of fetish shit like how many times you’ve been creampied, fucked in the ass, dominated, gangbanged, bukkaked, had your ass eaten, and so much more. It’s insane. This game has more sexy art than I think I’ve seen in any other hentai game that I have played to date.

Hundreds of Jaw-Droppingly Hot Hentai Fetish Scenes

That is truly where this game shines. You get a cute illustration of Melty off to the right of the screen at all times that changes depending on what clothes you are wearing (if any). And even the combat has fantastic artwork. When you fight the monster general, in the beginning, you get this huge image of her in all of her glory. Everything is uncensored, and the game does not shy away from hardcore shit. If you lose to goblins, then you will get 5 or six different illustrations of Melty getting fucked and made to suck their dicks.

The voice acting, sound effects, and erotic descriptions really bring those scenes together. I’ll be surprised if you betas aren’t cumming in your pants at the first sex scene. This shit is so good. And the game doesn’t punish you too harshly for losing. You just have to venture back out and start whatever dungeon you were at over. The game even includes a “Give Up” button if you want to skip all of the bullshit and go right to the kinky hentai scenes.

Enjoy All of This Content at a low $19.99 Price Point

All of that said, this is a great game on its own. The characters are developed, and all have their own personal shit going on. The gameplay is fun to delve into. Even the story is pretty engaging and interesting. And that’s not just for a “hentai” game or whatever. It’s a good game in general. You get dozens of hours of content and incredibly fapworthy scenes with HD artwork for the low price of $19.99. It’s a fucking steal at that price point.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This is one of those very few titles where I enjoyed nearly everything that it had to offer. Melty’s Quest does not hold back at all. You get a fully fleshed out hentai RPG with hours and hours of amazing content to delve into. The story is great. The characters are original and have unique designs. The combat is engaging and requires a pretty decent amount of preparation to get through. And we can’t forget the amazing hentai art. Holy fuck, you cucks will be hard-pressed not to whip your micro-dicks out and get fapping to this game right from the start. It’s a well-rounded experience with a ton of content to offer.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The only thing I didn’t like is that you have to pay for it. That’s not a fault on them. I just don’t like dishing out the dosh for hentai games all the time. I’m not one of you cucks who can’t get pussy. So, I was hesitant about the price tag. And I know some of you cucks might be as well. While you can find this game out there for free, I recommend giving the creators the support on this one and giving them that cash if you can afford it.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Melty’s Quest is a fapworthy RPG with nut-bustingly sexy fetish scenes. It’s a game that I can easily recommend to just about anyone who likes hentai or RPGs. It’s a solid all-around game that has all of the features you crave in a sex game and an RPG. If that sounds up your alley, then you should definitely go give this game a shot. You’ll be up fapping to this shit all night. Head over to the Steam page for it and give it a look.

PornGames likes Meltys Quest

  • Well-rounded hentai RPG with loads of unique features
  • Hundreds of kinky hentai scenes to find and experience
  • Premium quality artwork
  • juicy dialog
  • and erotic voice acting
  • Great music

PornGames hates Meltys Quest

  • Costs $19.99