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Malise And The Machine

We’re going future-retro with today’s title, Malise and the Machine. This is a sci-fi porn game title with huge aspirations of becoming a full video game title. Until then, the game is a Patreon funded demo with tons of content already available. They’ve made it downloadable for free, from Mega, so you can pretty much get your hands on it right now. I know it’s just a demo, but the damn thing is loaded with so much content that the developers say will be in the final version. It’s definitely worth playing through. Let’s dive into what makes this game one of, if not the greatest sci-fi porn game out there.

Metroid Meets RPG Maker

It needs to be said; this game takes some inspiration from Metroid. Only a little bit. It’s not a Metroidvania, like with platforms and shit. It’s simpler than that, and I’m fucking grateful. I mean, I like Metroid, but in a porn game, I prefer my game to be a bit more linear. If I have to lose myself in a maze then find my way, my erection becomes a thing of the past.

This game doesn’t fuck around. Sure, there are aliens, and of course, you explore sci-fi themed complexes, but it’s all very straight and narrow. You use the good old RPG Maker top-down perspective to explore further, and when you get to an encounter, you get, again, the standard RPG Maker spiel of fighting enemies in turns. Every motherfucker with shit to do hates turn-based combat, and I get that. I’m in the same boat. I wanna get to the jacking off and get on with my life.

Turn Based Tentacles

But alas, this game has turn-based combat and for what it’s worth, it ain’t half bad. It doesn’t drag on, and if I’m being honest, it doesn’t require a lot of brain matter to figure out. You just slam the enemies with your special attacks, items, and skills and try not to get killed. The nerds in the audience might be disappointed, since I know some of you prefer a bit of challenge with your gameplay. Don’t get your boxers in a twist; there is enough challenge. I’m just saying; it’s not Pokemon levels of complicated, where you have to match up the right squirrel to the right nut in order to do a critical hit. It’s streamlined. I like that.

As far as I could tell, you get two party members. I like to call them Busty and Bustier. I think one of them was named Neon, but I wasn’t paying attention. One of them is a blonde, the other’s a brunette, and they’re both very fuckable. They each have their own set of special skills and abilities that make them a force to be reckoned with. They take down swarms of bad guys like it’s going out of style.

I didn’t mind the combat at all for two simple reasons. One, you get to see the chicks take up half of your fucking screen at all times, and that’s awesome because they’re the entire reason I’m playing this game. I want to see them take a cock up their ass. And two, they actually do take several different types of cocks throughout all of their holes during the actual combat, without breaking the flow of the game. They literally just get dicked right then and there while you’re fighting. It’s awesome.

Hot Ass Cutscenes

It’s kind of easy to keep an erection going through the combat, but that’s not where I’d like to jack off. Like it or not, I kinda had to focus on the combat more than my stroking techniques. So, I played through and got to a point where I defeated a boss, or at least I think it was a boss. It was a gigantic tentacle monster that was two-thirds mouth. It was just a giant slimy mouth with appendages. Anyways, I shot the damn thing until it plopped over dead, or so I thought.

This is where the first hot cutscene came in. It started rolling and showed me that no, in fact, I hadn’t killed the damn thing. It was time for its swan song, before it died completely. And, apparently, even though I stuffed it full of lead, it was still strong enough to yank my hot giant breasted brunette off the ground and into its mouth. Then, it produced dicks within its own mouth and hoisted her in three different ways. Then the pumping started. And I mean that both in-game and in my pants. I started stroking like there’s no tomorrow. The shit was really hot.

Then things got a bit weird, but I didn’t mind it at all. The alien monstrosity started pumping this chick full of alien cum. Ok, so far, so good. Ah, but then it impregnated her, and her belly grew the size of a fucking beanbag. Ok, starting to get weird now. Then, in the same cutscene, the alien dropped her on the ground, and she started queefing out eggs. Gigantic, alien eggs that no doubt contain more tentacle monsters. She pushed them out one by one, taking her sweet time. At this point, I was thinking, there’s no way that vagina will ever regain tightness, but hey, that ass is still free real estate.

Anyways, she got back up on her feet, and the game just sort of continued. I guess this is the kind of world in which defeating enemies is followed by them raping the shit out of you, after which they just sort of plop down dead and disappear. Or, maybe I wasn’t paying much attention to account of the stroking. Either way, I was rock hard throughout, so it hardly matters.

Fuckable Sci-Fi Babes

So I’ve been talking a lot about these chicks’ tits, asses, guns, and assets, but I neglected to mention the quality of this game’s art. I mean sure, as long as the tits are huge, you can jack off, but quality is very much welcome, and boy is there a lot of quality in this game. This art was made by someone who really understands how to get a man hard.

The art’s sort of inspired by western 3D renders of hot chicks with realistic skin, but they went out of their way to polish them, so they make a bit more sense in a world where everything’s a bit cartoony. So, on the one hand, they’re 3D renders, on the other hand, they don’t look like lifeless sex dolls. They feel a lot more alive than those 3DS Max renders of bitches you might have seen on imageboards as of late.

This art’s an absolute favorite of mine, and I applaud the fine work they’ve done. I am kind of sad that they couldn’t include actual 3D animation within the game, but this was always the case with porn games. Even if they have the goddamn 3D models ready to go, they don’t animate them within the game. Maybe rigging them is too much work or maybe they’re worried the engine can’t take it, and people won’t be able to play the game on older PCs. I have no idea. Either way, the renders you do get are hot as fuck, so it’s not like you’re missing out. Remember, it’s still entirely 3D, but you can’t rotate the chick, you have to just watch the scene play out.

This is one of those high-class porn games made by people that really care about their project. There’s no compromise on quality and no corners cut. They really did a great job. The chicks are fap-worthy, the combat is fun, and the enemies are entertaining. They’re flat out fun to shoot at.

As for the story, well, you know me and porn games, I have a very low attention span. But, this game still managed to push a decent amount of sci-fi thrills down my throat, and I have to say, I enjoyed it. Plus, it’s really fun to see a playable female character who isn’t a default bimbo. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when they’re whores in the bedroom, but when there are enemies on the horizon, I want her pointing the gun at the enemies not shoving it in her snatch.

The playable characters are cool and memorable, and I’d walk a mile, barefoot, through broken glass to stick my dick in either one of them. This game still hasn’t released as a 1.0, but there’s so much you can enjoy for free in the meantime. I wouldn’t complain. If you like the game, make sure to check out the Patreon for extra goodies and new version updates.

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