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Lust Grimm

Lust Grimm is an Eroge RPG Where You Explore a World Ruled by Succubi. Ready to dive into another kinky hentai RPG? I know you fucks are waiting with bated breath for the next hentai fuck fest to come out. I like the ones that deal with corruption and lust. Those are the fucking best. It’s great when you get to build a character and watch as they are twisted, changed, and turned into sluts or sex slaves as the game goes on. These games can be hard to come by. Well, at least the goods ones can be. There are a handful of kinky titles out there that you have most likely already heard of. Hopefully, I’ve got one for you that may have slipped beneath your radar.

Lust Grimm is an eroge RPG that was developed by 62studio and released in October of 2017. It’s been out for a solid few years and has already had sequels made by that same developer. But the original is amazing. It’s full of kinky hentai scenes and loads of fetishes. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. You can find the game on many different sites like DLSite or F95zone. And, luckily for you English-speaking cucks, the game has been fully translated from Japanese!

Uncover the Mystery of Who Sent You to this Kinky World

You play as some young dude named Magrut. What a name. The game kind of gives you the option to change it, but I saw no way to delete letters. Whatever, I guess I’m Magrut now. Anyway, you are inspecting some books in a library when you get sucked in a dark portal to some different dimension. There’s all of this mysterious shit where a girl in a red hood might be involved or something. The game doesn’t give you all of the answers right from the start. You’ll have to uncover that mystery as you go through the story.

You wake up from your fever dream only to discover that you’re in some strange house that is apparently owned by a chicken named “Primary.” That’s right, a fucking chicken. This bird talks to you and gives you the rundown about the world and how succubi rule it. Most men seek out quiet lives to avoid getting turned into sex slaves, but some go out and try to defeat the rulers of this land so that they may free the world of the succubi. The chicken recommends chilling at home and doing nothing. That probably sounds familiar to most of you neckbeards.

Standard RPG Feel With Lots of Characters to Interact With

You can venture out and talk to a bunch of locals, gear up for your adventure, and all of that standard RPG shit. The house will be your central hub, and you will eventually unlock a bunch of different locations that you can teleport to from there.

The game was made with RPG Maker. If you’ve played any RPG Maker game before, then you will be familiar with the basic controls. Move around with arrow keys, interact with everything, and hold shift to run. Easy stuff. Though I do wish that they let you use your mouse instead. I like it when I can slump back and click on shit with minimal effort. I’m sure some of you cucks feel the same way.

You’re not given much direction besides leaving the house. Just go out and explore the world. Eventually, you’ll run into one of the villains of the game. She appears pretty early on, but I won’t spoil too much about that. You will find succubi all over the fucking place, though. And this is where the game deviates from your regular “hit attack until it dies” combat system that RPGs usually have.

In Lust Grimm, you need to deal enough lust damage to make the succubi succumb to their desires before they do the same and rape the fuck out of you. You can cop a feel, make out with them, undress, and power thrust at them until they succumb to their slutty desires. But you can’t fuck them when you win! What kind of bullshit is that?

Experience Hundreds of Kinky Hentai Scenes Scattered Throughout the Game

I was a little bummed that you don’t get any hot hentai scenes unless you lose. I want to stake my claim on these succubi sluts! But that’s alright. The game more than makes up for that by having a fuck ton of hentai scenes scattered throughout the game. There are hundreds of different ones that focus on wild fetishes and kinks. There are even environmental encounters that can pop up out of nowhere that result in some bizarre shit.

The game has a couple of interesting mechanics that tie in with combat. You have a lust percentage that increases when you lose a fight, encounter something sexy out in the wild, or suffer lust damage from combat. The higher this percentage is, the more damage you take from hot babes. Then there’s dependence. Dependence acts as a modifier that makes you more likely to take or suffer lust damage if you keep losing fights until you ultimately lose your free will and become a succubi sex slave.

Incredibly Hot Art, Animation, and Erotic Descriptions

The art and animation in Lust Grimm are hot as fuck. The hentai art style is crisp, well-done, and the animations are very fluid. Watching these slutty succubi undress and flaunt their perky tits as you hit them with your lust attacks is fapworthy on its own. And that’s not even counting the losing scenes, where you are drained of your precious seed by these babes. The scenes themselves are usually just a short looping animation, but you get many lines of erotic dialog that detail the kinky shit that is being done to you.

Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty solid. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with the same 10-second track for fucking ever like most RPG Maker games have. You get a wide variety of intense electronic music during battles, cutscenes, and travel. Each location will give you a new song or twist on the previous song, and it’s pretty impressive. This whole game is much more put together than your usual RPG Maker affair. It’s got cutscenes, flashbacks, unique character sprites, and lots more.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked that Lust Grimm made some cool changes to the standard RPG Maker formula. The lust and dependence features were particular favorites of mine. You not only have to try to keep your lust down in battle, but you also need to make sure it stays low in the outside world unless you want to risk taking harder hits from hot babes. The art was incredibly fapworthy. You horny weebs will be shooting your goo to these kinky hentai scenes in no time at all. Even the combat is sexy enough to keep you interested between the full-on fuck scenes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I would have liked some hot scenes or at least some steamy descriptions for when I won fights. After all, you need to kiss, caress, and thrust at these sluts to win these fights. You’re telling me that my character is blue balling the fuck out of himself after each fight. I’m not about that. Let me get that slut to deepthroat my cock or something.

It especially sucks when you take into account that it takes a while to lose in the early game. You need to go out of your way to let the succubi win. If you didn’t know any better, you could go a while without ever getting a hentai scene. This isn’t a huge complaint since the game is already jam-packed with hot scenes, but it would definitely be a welcome addition.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lust Grimm is a damn good eroge RPG game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. It’s got a great storyline, fantastic art, and fapworthy hentai scenes that will blow your mind. I had a lot of fun with this one. It’s definitely a game that you can sit down with and enjoy for the story and the fap. I highly recommend any RPG or hentai fans go out and give this game a shot. Trust me; you’ll be jerking off to hot succubi sluts in no time at all.

PornGames likes Lust Grimm

  • Hundreds of fetish-filled hentai scenes
  • Simple
  • fun RPG with hours of hot content
  • Engaging storyline with many branching paths
  • A unique lust-based combat system

PornGames hates Lust Grimm

  • You need to lose in combat to get hentai scenes