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Lust Doll Plus

I get that I am a reliable source when it comes to anything about sex games or porn, as a whole. I have played interactive porn games and have experienced a lot of neat stuff. If I say that this certain game is the bee's knees, you would believe me, right? I do not want to hear any hesitation on your part because what I fucking do is fantastic—introducing Lust Doll Plus! Read the entire fucking review, and you will thank me later!

Lust Doll Plus takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game gives off somewhat a semi-modern/futuristic vibe, kind of like a 2D anime cyberpunk. First off, I started off with a character that is completely naked. My avatar really started off with nothing on its back. I had to be the one to carve out a piece of the cyberpunk world for myself. Lust Doll Plus has a main storyline, but I never got much into the storyline. All I fucking did was screw around and have fun.

Lust Doll Plus is a great fucking game if you are into anime. Basically, Lust Doll Plus has the vibe of anime porn. The graphics are in 2D. Although the graphics are into 2D, it is not low quality or some terrible shit like that. The 2D graphics are designed just like the old 2D graphics for interactive sex games. You will not have a hard time adjusting and continuously engaging yourself in the game itself.

My First Impression On Lust Doll Plus

First of all, here is a disclaimer. You don't have to be familiar with Lust Doll in order to play Lust Doll Plus. I know I did not have any fucking issues adjusting to Lust Doll Plus. So, you have read that Lust Doll Plus is a post-apocalyptic blah blah blah world. There is more to Lust Doll Plus than that. Basically, Lust Doll Plus is a game wherein I was able to create my own doll. I then had my doll roam around the fucking map for some unadulterated r-18 fun.

The objective of Lust Doll Plus is to have my doll fuck around with different creatures. All I fucking did was have sex with slimy monsters and some random characters that I encountered. Although Lust Doll Plus's storyline does not really transcend to my taste, the free roam was a great experience. I was able to either fight monsters or men or choose to surrender to them. My avatar needed to save energy to reach the endpoint and so that I could enjoy all the hot fucking the game has for me.

Lust Doll Plus also caters to a lot of different kinks that all of us guys have. When I say they cater to kinks, I mean they cater to a lot of fucking kinks. You will not have to worry about being bored or your kinks not being met with this game. Expect a lot of variety of kinks, and I won't even mention them because there's a whole fucking lot on the menu. You'll find yourself being surprised by what the game has for you; I know I fucking did.

Lust Doll Gives You The Control For All The Sex-Anime Fun

One thing that is fun about interactive sex games is control. Lust Doll Plus does precisely all of that and then some. You get to choose how your avatar is going to turn out. Pick your outfit and other stuff from monsters that you will encounter. Don't like a particular piece? Fucking drop it and fight or surrender to the next monster and do it all over again. You will surely have a fun time doing exciting and unadulterated shit on your way to the end. I definitely fucking enjoyed the journey rather than the end of Lust Doll Plus.

I was also able to control everything about the content. It is only right that I get to control all the fun, sexy stuff, right? Lust Doll Plus stays true to the interactive sex game genre and gives you full control of everything. I was able to set a path for my avatar to have sex with only females. I also had the chance to go the other way, but I figured out that sex with only females was an intriguing way to start.

The game has an equal tilt towards both male and female partners. The same level of being a sub or a dom content is balanced between a male and a female. This aspect is truly a fucking nice touch to go with all the major sex kinks that the game has to offer. I definitely had the chance to mix and match, and you'll have the opportunity to, and I fucking bet my porn review experience that you will enjoy it.

What I Like About The Game

I really fucking liked that Lust Doll Plus had all the kinks to go with the game. Although the game has this 2D feel, the experience did not change for me at all. I guess it is safe to say that the vast menu of kinks played a huge part in that. I was able to fulfill my creampie, big boobs kink, and so much more. I believe that the fun part of this game is how I was able to mix and match everything to play out to my kink. A tremendous fucking job to the creators for giving me all the freedom and control I needed.

I also liked that Lust Doll Plus had a great game mechanic to go with the game. I had fun trying to balance out my avatar's different stats so that I could make it through the end. One wrong decision in my stats could end up in a bad situation for my avatar. Don't get me wrong, there was still a lot of sex content either way, but I like to get competitive and finish the fucking game.

Lust Doll Plus is continuously being developed and updated. You will not need to worry about being bored and needing to engage yourself in the game over and over again. I heard that the creators are trying to implement a pregnancy system. They are also thinking about the slavery system. Those ideas just open a lot of sexual kinks possibilities, and that is fucking neat.

What I Did Not Like About Lust Doll Plus

I do not know if the creators intended for the graphics to be 2D. I definitely wish they could have kept up with the latest sex game trends by using 3D. I think the game's vibe could have been a lot better by using 3D models and animations. Although I am not complaining about it that much, the 2D models were used in a smooth manner. They kind of felt like an adult-themed random game on a Playstation 2 or 3.

I also did not like that the game had leaned into other things rather than working out a decent storyline. I mean its one thing to have a great game mechanics. The creators should understand that they will have to incorporate a decent storyline to go with those great game mechanics.

I really felt like I was just roaming around the map fucking monsters and other guys and shit like that. I still believe that a great game storyline would engage users much more and would have great reviews after. I get that the creators of Lust Doll Plus 2 are continually working on the game with new updates. I do not think that they'll re-work the models, graphics, and storyline soon, though.

My Recommendations For Improving Lust Doll Plus

I definitely recommend that the creators of Lust Doll Plus look into other perspectives of the game. I mean, improving the game's mechanics is a great thing, but working on the fundamentals? That shit is fucking priceless. The creators could be sitting in a gold mine, and all they are doing are just flooding updates that do not matter.

I personally think that some updates can be done later. I'm not exactly complaining about Lust Doll Plus now. What I'm yappin' about is my future game experience and the game itself moving forward.

Lust Doll Plus can definitely use the improvement in graphics. I am pretty sure that the 2D movement is going to phase out soon. The game can also use a decent storyline. A decent storyline provides structure and direction. Not to mention, it keeps me engaged in the entire duration of my gaming time.

My Conclusion

Overall, Lust Doll Plus is a great game to dip your head into if you're a kinky and horny fucker. You have absolutely 100% control over everything in this game. Get lost in your gaming experience as you'll encounter situations and sex content that will surely make you forget about the real world. If you're a kinky motherfucker who loves cyberpunk anime sex games, Lust Doll Plus is definitely the fucking game for you.

The game has endless possibilities. Exercise your full control over the game and feel like the fucking Alpha. Lust Doll Plus is the game to boost your kink experience and develop new ones. Creampie on her and try some neat BDSM experience. Lust Doll Plus has a wide menu of every kink you can think of.

If Lust Doll Plus sounds neat for you, then go ahead and download the game now. It does not take forever to download and start caressing your kinks and fetishes over a wide map with endless things to do and have fun with!

PornGames likes Lust Doll Plus

  • Kink and fetish-oriented
  • Control over the outcomes
  • Continuous updates
  • Great game mechanics

PornGames hates Lust Doll Plus

  • Graphics
  • Lack of storyline to sink my teeth in