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Ketto Majiku

We’re going a bit back in time with a Nutaku classic that really made a lot of noise when it first came out. I remember I was reading about Ketto Majiku on several different news outlets, even ones that weren’t even porn-related. Now, I know Nutaku does a great job with press releases and all that, but I haven’t seen many of their other games gain this much coverage on launch-day. That got me thinking that maybe there was more to Ketto Majiku than met the eye. But as it turns out, I had my expectations set a bit too high. I wasn’t disappointed, mind you, this is a great game. But it’s just another fine addition to Nutaku’s ever-growing library of quality hentai games, with a few twists.

So Ketto Majiku isn’t particularly magic in itself, but it is absolutely loaded with hentai, and isn’t that what matters in the end? So, let’s dive face-first into this turn-based RPG game about a young wizard who’s just trying his best to end up balls deep in some pussy.

Hands-On Gameplay

What I really liked about Ketto Majiku is the gameplay. I know what you’re thinking. Gameplay in a Nutaku game? Get out of here. No, seriously. This isn’t another RPG in which you just wait for the action on screen to resolve in-between bouts of trying to optimize your party. I mean, you do optimize your party just the same, but here’s the catch. In this game, you have complete autonomy over a grid-based map.

You can move your characters around any way you want and set up plays in order to take down the baddies. It’s sort of a mix between chess and a turn-based RPG. I guess you can say it draws inspiration from older games like XCom and Advanced Combat on the Nintendo DS. If you’ve ever played either of those games, you’ll know what I mean. It’s not just about using the right spell. You want to plan your steps ahead and make sure that you move in the right positions in order to not get absolutely dicked by a bunch of goblins. I can’t tell you how much I like this approach to gameplay.

The whole idea of planning ahead while being able to see most of the map in front of you makes things interesting, and it also guarantees that your own experience will be different from that of someone else playing the exact same game. There are also locked doors and hidden corridors that you can explore, but don’t always have to. But, sometimes, there will be locked doors to get in your way, so you have to get the key if you want to progress, but that means you have to find the key.

You see where I’m going with this. It’s the kind of game that really gives you a proper experience of a dungeon crawler mixed with elements of magic and medieval fantasy role-playing. It’s not an excuse to spend time grinding; you’re actually having fun in an engaged way.

Bonerless Plays

Unfortunately, all of these engaging mental gymnastics pretty much guarantee that most of your blood is gonna be floating up north and away from your crotch. Plus, the gameplay itself doesn’t have any sexy moments. You do fight some chicks here and there, but overall they’re just cute mini-versions of the sex goddesses they appear to be during the cutscenes.

You can’t jack off to a two-pixel wide pair of tits that are hidden behind a dress. You want to see those giant milkers in all of their glory if you’re going to pop a boner. Instead, you’ve got both of your hands very much above your desk, and your dick is limper than a wet noodle on ramen-day. So why would you play this game?

Well, there’s balance. You get a ton of smut rewards and sexy scenes, which I’ll describe in more detail further down the line. But, the general idea is that you’re playing two games that are sort of mushed together. One of these games is a turn-based dungeon crawler with a lot of secrets and challenges. There are monsters, goodies, traps, and all kinds of challenging fun to be had.

On the other hand, you’ve got the smut portion of the game, and there’s no thinking to be had there. When you’re talking to the many bitches within this game, you are not planning any combat maneuvers. It’s all about the enjoyment. Your screen is covered in hot pussy, and while the chicks aren’t always naked, they don’t wait long before demanding your cock.

Bonerific Sex Scenes

Now I get to tell you about one aspect of this game that I’ve never seen in any other Nutaku game. The sex scenes are not full-screen, and this isn’t technically a bad thing. How can that be? Well, instead of going for the traditional visual novel approach to smut, instead, you experience this game through a book of magic.

Basically, the left side of the book or the left page is covered in the smut scene you’re currently experiencing. So, let’s say that your character is balls deep in pussy. He’s got one of his hands on the chick’s tits, the other pulling on her hair, and he’s generally having a good time. She’s just enjoying being bent over by such a powerful stallion. It’s all well and good.

Normally, other Nutaku games would interrupt this kind of action with on-screen dialogue that tells you what’s happening. It’s either descriptive, or it’s literally just the words that the girl is speaking while you’re fucking her. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be very disrupting. I want to stare at the smut.

Well, the right page of the book is covered in the exposition, which you can read if you want to, but you never have to. So, if you’re the type of guy who wants some neat literary exposition, by all means, have at it, you nerd. For what it’s worth, it’s very well written. You get to read all about how her ass feels, how warm and wet her pussy is, how throbbing your cock is, and so on. Personally, I like jacking off to pictures, but this is some hot smut if you’re into reading.

The Story

I give this story seven out of ten pairs of supple breasts. It’s not entirely original, but it serves the gameplay just fine. You are some random dude-bro who is trying his hardest to become the greatest mage in the land. To that end, you start working for a witch, who just happens to be the hottest bitch you’ve seen in a very long time. She has you running errands and doing quests.

Along the way, you improve your arsenal of spells and meet as many bitches as humanly possible. Some of them are horny, others pretty much want to kill you, but they’ll all come around one way or another. This doesn’t really work in real life, but in this game, you can punch bitches in the face until they realize that what they’re missing in life is your hard cock in between their legs. Don’t try to hit women in the hopes of having sex with them in real life. But, in this game, by all means, go ham.

The Graphics

I straight-up love the graphics in this game. As is tradition with Nutaku games, they’re split between the combat and the smut. The combat parts could use a bit more polish, but they’re still very serviceable. They’re tiny, cute, 2D and simple. That’s as much detail as I need for my combat. Yeah, it would have been fun if instead of goblins, there were giant breasted whores scattered about, but I’ll take what I can get.

The smut, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. It’s expertly crafted, gorgeous porn action that gives you a bunch of shots per scene. I know I mentioned that they make heavy use of the text to describe the scene, but that doesn’t mean you only get the one piece of art at a time. They move shit around.

Even the fully clothed bitches you see during the talking scenes look absolutely fuck-worthy. You don’t get to bang them all, as far as I can tell, but a decent chunk of them end up naked in the end, so it all comes full circle.

This is just another one in a long line of quality Nutaku games that has its own unique flavor of gameplay. Like most of their titles, it’s free, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out. Try it for a few minutes and see if you get hooked.

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