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Jessika’s Curse

I absolutely love RPG games when they’re done right. It’s the hardest genre to balance out, because there are so many moving pieces. If you add smut to that equation, it becomes an unmanageable mess. Am I clicking on random objects in order to get to the smut, or is the smut the actual gameplay? All these stupid questions come up when I’m presented with a new smut RPG game, and most of the time, I’m just trying to figure out what the catch is. The reason for that is that it’s fucking impossible to make a good RPG game that also centers around smut, or so I thought.

As it turns out, it’s not impossible to make an RPG that’s equal parts sexy and interesting; it’s just a matter of expertise that takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Well, a small team known as Venus Noire currently has a very extensive demo out of their new and aspiring smut RPG called Jessika’s Curse. I have a ton of high hopes for this game for a million reasons that I am about to list out in a single breath, like it’s the last fap I’m ever going to get on this Earth.

Insanely High Quality Design

I’m starting off easy with the least important part of the game, which is the interface. I’ve let other games slide when they decided to cut corners around their fonts and colors, because they couldn’t be assed to polish their game. But, they usually provided hot titties in return, so I was too hard to complain. I was also too tired from jacking off to the titties, naturally.

The second that this game actually loads, your eyes are going to feel like they’ve opened for the first time. The design on the UI is outstanding. Everything looks so crisp and satisfying that reading your character’s fucking stat sheet feels like a reward. The UI is so hot; you almost forget to stare at the tits. Almost.

I think this is probably the first-ever porn game that I’ve played where I don’t really feel comfortable criticizing design decisions or throwing out suggestions on things I’d like improved. They really seem to know what they’re doing. They’re very careful not to mix colors in a way that makes the game a fever dream. Everything is styled similarly, so there’s a ton of immersion. And to top it all off, the backdrop art to this game is ungodly. I mean, there’s so much detail thrown in for the hell of it, you start to wonder what you did to earn it. Remember, this is a free game we’re talking about. You didn’t spend a single cent for these menus, and yet they’re fucking gorgeous.

Lots of Humor

This game takes itself very seriously, but the characters within do not, and that’s perfect. They’re lighthearted enough to keep your spirits up and create a general vibe of fun and relaxation. Even though there’s a ton of combat in the game and combat is usually a matter of life and death, they manage to cram in a joke or two to keep things light. Plus, there are frequent visual novel style scenes that carry the story along, and those feature hilarious dialogue. These are the kinds of conversations that you only really see once per playthrough, since they’re part of the story. That makes the humor all the more appealing, since jokes don’t have a chance to be reused. That would be a nightmare.

The game is one big fascinating mix of lighthearted banter with cute medieval art that looks very inspiring. It’s a sort of simplified version of how Japanese anime usually presents medieval European cities and castles. It’s very colorful and it sort of looks like a painting, but it’s in motion at all times. In the free demo alone, you get actual animations in the backdrops. Now that’s quality. And that also brings me to the art style.

Fantastical Art

I’ve seen a few anime productions here and there that tried to portray European medieval fantasy with these supersized castle walls and all kinds of fantastical creatures. This game makes every single one of them look bad. That’s how amazing the art style is. Staring at the main hub area, which is basically this game’s version of a menu, is more satisfying than diving headfirst into a bowl of pudding.

Now, the art of the actual characters is in a bit of a different style. It’s still mostly a half-anime half-European art approach with strong colors, but it’s a lot sharper. It doesn’t look like a painting; it looks sharp. I like this art too, but it doesn’t really take my breath away, unless I’m staring at the main character’s tits. And boy howdy, do I like staring at her tits.

The best part is when she loses a battle, gets bent over, and most of her clothes come flying off. Those gigantic bazongas go flying in the wind while she gets eaten out by a goblin. Or, her lust meter can go through the roof, and she’ll mount a mushroom tip like it’s … well, my mushroom tip and go ham until she cums. This game does a fantastic job of getting me hard and keeping me hard.

The Gameplay

The developers have said that this game borrows a lot from recent titles like Darkest Dungeon, but I’m not sure what novelties they’re talking about. From the demo, I can see that this game does a great job of being a sort of Final Fantasy styled RPG. It’s entirely turn-based and two dimensional, but it also has exploration of dangerous zones, without having an overworld. I mean, you don’t go onto a map and have smaller versions of your characters when you walk around.

It kind of looks like Maple Story, to be honest. You move left to right until you run into shit, and you have a minimap to remind you where you’ve been and where you might like to go. Beyond that, there’s the hub area. I’m sure that they’re going to add many more places for you to discover and spend gold at, but for now, you only get the one town. They’ve also more or less completely unlocked all level up and upgrade features so that you can get a taste of how the game engine works. It’s not a real challenge; it’s a pure demo that serves to show you what they’ve got so far and where they intend to take the game.

The Future

I guess the biggest questions are not of quality but of quantity. I know this game is going to be awesome, because the demo is awesome. If the game itself is literally just more of the same, then it will probably be on my list of all-time favorite smut games. What I’m curious to see is which locations exactly they intend to add and what the stories behind them will be.

Who is this “Bimbo Knight” character, and what is her backstory? How can mushrooms be sexually attracted to humans? And why doesn’t anyone use lubricant in this game? Was it not invented yet? These questions and more will most likely not be answered in the final game, but I’m sure they’ll answer actual sensible questions and bring us more hot action.

Plus, we know from the demo that both the main character and her flat chested companion are fuckable, which kind of opens the door for even more girls to be fucked on screen. Maybe they could fuck each other too. Maybe, and I’m just throwing this out there, you could build an entire harem of fuckable bitches, because why the fuck wouldn’t you? Forget the goblins; I’d spend all day just training my girls in a makeshift pornographic bootcamp. Now that’s my idea of fun.

Either way, I am absolutely stoked for the final release of this game, and I’m sure it’s going to be an absolute smash hit the second that they come out with a full version. They seem to have made all the right design decisions, and my cock seems very satisfied with the results. I will be rubbing one off to the demo, now and again, until the final version is ready. I suggest that you stay tuned to their updates, check out their Patreon, and consider pledging if this game is your cup of tea. The demo is, of course, free and readily available on their website, so check that out too.

Just as a P.S., I’d like to say that when you’re in combat, the top of the screen reads “Turn order”, but at the same time, the font makes it look like it says “Cum order”. If you don’t think that’s the most ingenious thing ever, then buddy, we’ll agree to disagree.

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