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Welcome boys and girls to yet another promising crowdfunded video game that was apparently made entirely in RPG Maker. Oh, dear Christ, it’s another one, please send help. Can we please start some sort of petition to stop people from using RPG Maker in the future? Please? It’s not just the engine itself that refuses to die. These people are reusing the same fucking assets across every single video game. I can recognize the engine from a mile away, because the textures are one and the same across the board. This is Shitsville, population indie developers. I need this to stop. RPG Maker is almost 30 years old. We can shelf it already. I can’t believe that these kinds of games are coming out in the same year as VR games that let you get it on with babes in virtual spaces. Are indie developers lazy or just stupid?

As much as it hurts me to admit it, I tried hating Into the Wild and I failed. I actually enjoyed this game. This is rare. Normally, when I review porn games for this site, I speed my way past all of the clicking and talking and I get to the smut. Then, I rub one off and I get on with my life. It’s more than enough action for me. It’s not that I don’t like gaming, mind you. I mean, I’m not a nerd, but I can game just fine. I can enjoy the occasional COD lobby and what have you. The problem with porn game gameplay, especially RPG Maker gameplay is that these games don’t actually have you do much of substance. They waste your time to pad the length and justify calling their art a “game” when really, it’s all one big slideshow presentation made for faps.

A Promising Start

Once again, this game’s got me breaking convention. I want to talk about the story, first and foremost. It’s a worthwhile story. It got me interested to learn more. Keep in mind, this game is hyper focused on furry porn, so if it managed to grip me, it must be hiding something damn exhilarating. The story starts off with you, random character that you can name whatever the hell you want, crash landing on a seemingly deserted tropical island. You are dressed as Indiana Jones and you have a female handler over a communicator, so I’m guessing you’re some kind of spy archeologist. I have no idea. You’re an explorer for sure, though. The island is supposed to be completely devoid of life, but you very quickly discover the remains of an ancient civilization as well as the presence of a modern civilization made up of animal people. Furries. They’re furries.

They seem nice enough, though they make it a point to inform you that their relationship with humans is tenuous at best. There was once a friendship between the two races, but the humans betrayed and slaughtered them using advanced technology like guns and cars. The animal race is still stuck with medieval era technology. They’re afraid of humans, but they give you a chance since you’re such a fucking sweetheart or whatever. Hell, the first animal bitch you run into straight up rides your cock for no reason other than to say hello. She’s sweet. I like her attitude.

From there on out, you begin your exploration of the island along with working hard to make friends with these random animals most of whom are female, all of whom are bangable.

Not Just for Furries

If I’m calling furry bitches bangable, well, that tells you exactly what you need to know about the appeal of these characters. You don’t have to be a furry to enjoy their bodies. They’re shaped exactly like human women. They might have hooves and tails, but tits are tits and anal sex is divine. Give it to me. I don’t care if you’ve got a bit too much hair in places that don’t conventionally feature hair. It’s no skin off my ass. I just want to blast my load inside your pussy. I’m a simple man. The main character of this game is also quite straightforwardly simple. He gets the job done. He doesn’t waste much time. I can appreciate that. It’s really easy to get into the whole vibe of the game when my interaction with the world and the characters is so straightforward.

The game itself is built as a semi open-world RPG. You start on a narrow path and you unlock more of the world as you progress. This should be a familiar concept for you if you’ve ever played any other RPG Maker games. Most of them work like this. The longer you play, the more reason you have to roam. You gather several quests at a time, so you’re very much free to play the game as you’d like and progress the story in your own way. There were many points in my playthrough where the game let me decide what to do and this led to unique consequences that were not forced. I could have avoided them all together. It all depends on how you play the game. This is fantastic stuff. A random furry bitch sat on my face and took away 15HP points from me, because I fell asleep in the woods after eating some poison berries. Talk about a fun adventure, am I right?

Not Yet Finished

Normally, when I see an indie porn game that is blatantly unfinished, I end up soft and disappointed. Nothing kills my boner worse than a game that shamelessly intends to blue ball me half way through my experience. Into the Wild is technically one of these kinds of games, but there’s a huge silver lining. I only played the very beginning of the game and I already experienced a ton of content. It’s a worthwhile experience. Sure, I only had an hour of fun, but here’s the catch – I was playing episode one, of seven. There are seven episodes that have already been released and they contain 11 babes across. That’s 11 fuckable pussies for you. This is the game at 26% funding. This dates my review somewhat, but fuck it. I can’t wait a few years for them to finish the whole damn thing. I might as well get a jump on things.

The game is crowdfunded and they’ve currently gathered 260 dollars. I mean, the total that they’re going for is $1000, so yeah, math. They’re not asking for much in my opinion. You might think that Patreon subscriptions that ask for a dollar per person are a lot less greedy, but consider that when Into the Wild is fully funded, the funding will end, most probably. They’re not going to keep milking their donors forever. Instead, they’ve got a budget in mind and they’re using it as best they can. This is a great approach.

The Furry Smut

Eh, I’m aroused, but I demand to see more. The sex scenes in this game are spaced out across roughly 20 minutes of gameplay, with some variation. You won’t go more than half an hour without seeing titties, that’s for sure. I like this spread, but the sex scenes themselves are way too short. I played the game for half an hour and was rewarded with a 2-image sex scene that barely featured any naughty bits. Hell, I didn’t even get to see the front of the bitch until the sex was over and she said goodbye to me. I know that artists are on a tight schedule and all that, but come the fuck on; they can afford a bit more than two images per sex scene.

Some of the sex scenes are animated but they’re few and far between. The developers aimed at having many sex scenes, but they kept them as short as possible. Most of what you experience is open world roaming across a two-dimensional world that’s entirely made up of free RPG Maker assets. It’s a bit of a chore, though the story kind of makes up for this.

Try it Out

I think that Into the Wild has a lot of potential, both in its current state and with what I expect to see down the line. It’s a fantastic furry porn game that everyone can enjoy and the story is intriguing enough to give you every reason to keep playing. Even right now as I’m writing this review, I’m getting all kinds of questions in my head about the history of the island and the nature of this mysterious furry species of bangable babes. I want to know more. I want to uncover the secrets of the island.

I believe that you’ll find the game similarly enjoying, provided you don’t mind the relatively slow pacing of RPG Maker games in general. I mean, your character moves very slowly across a grid. You can’t even move diagonally, for fuck’s sakes. This can get old really fast. But, if you’re willing to overlook the retro pain, you’ll find a very enjoyable porn game just waiting to be milked for fun. Enjoy.

PornGames likes Into The Wild

  • Original and mysterious story
  • Semi open-world
  • Likable characters
  • Fun smut

PornGames hates Into The Wild

  • Smut scenes are too short
  • RPG Maker is crap