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Heavy Metal Babes

HeavyMetalBabes! You have to hand it to Nutaku. The developer/publisher knows exactly what kind of hentai filth its fans want. It rarely fucks up, either. Their games are like eating a medium-sized bag of your favorite candy. You know what you’re getting, and just when you start to feel disgusted with yourself, you’re out of sugary sweetness and ready to move to a salad, so you don’t turn into literal sludge.

Heavy Metal Babes is a lot like that – except there’s something different about the hentai turn-based strategy game. Sure, you get the usual buffet of hentai debauchery that you’ve come to expect from Nutaku over the years. But it’s in a different setting than most of its games, the combat feels fresher, and if you squint hard enough, you can see a game that could become a mainstream hit if it had just a tiny bit more depth. I’m not knocking Nutaku’s balls or jacking them off either: they’re simply getting better at finding and publishing talent from devs like DigitalArts Studio.

Not the usual Nutaku release

This isn’t yet another Nutaku-published adult game set in a fantasy realm or in a parking lot mall with snotty hentai bitches telling you to, ‘get lost, or I’ll suck your cock for some flowers at least.’ It’s not even another puzzler starring yet another fucking witch. No, Heavy Metal Babes takes place on a starship – and you’re the goddamn captain! Think of yourself as a regular old Captain Kirk, except you’re actually as horny as William Shatner is in real life.

You also control a fleet of mechs, as if piloting a spaceship and fucking hot, genetically modified bitches that can’t control their horniness wasn’t badass enough. They even fight alongside you. In typical Nutaku fashion, you get to upgrade your fleet of girls the more you play and level up. In addition, you earn gifts along the way that you can give to the girls to earn their respect and admiration. It also makes them fucking horny as hell – again, in typical Nutaku fashion. They’ll send you video messages and even let you fuck the shit out of them, among other activities.

But it’s never bombarded with more kinky filth than you can muster. If you’re here to get off to hentai content, you’re not going to have to fucking wait for it for long. Along the way, you’re going to get to experience some pretty goddamn decent gameplay to boot. It’s the best of both worlds, and once again shows that Nutaku keeps getting better.

Straightforward yet addictive gameplay

As you begin playing Heavy Metal Babes, you will notice that the game is easy enough. This is by design. The initial enemies are easy to destroy , so you can earn gifts, level up girls, and experience the first few instances of hentai pornography to hook you. If you’re into hentai porn – and why the fuck wouldn’t you be if you’re playing Heavy Metal Babes – you’re going to enjoy the initial offerings that the game has to offer. From the first video message that Hazel sends you, for example, you know you’re going to want to keep playing just to see the hot hentai action that is to come. And with Heavy Metal Babes having a shitload of scenes to watch as you unlock more of the content in the game, you’re going to want to keep playing to unlock everything that the turn-based strategy game has to offer.

Speaking of, the gameplay is pretty fucking stellar. No, it’s not as deep as a lot of mainstream turn-based strategy games, but it’s no goddamn slouch either. Like ThePornDude has already said, the game has its moments and will have you wanting to play one more turn. That’s the hallmark of any good strategy game, and at least, in this case, it fucking succeeds.

It also helps that the battles don’t exactly take a long goddamn time to finish, either. While the game does noticeable get harder quickly with enemies that eventually have the tendency to hand you your ass, you’re not going to be too overwhelmed. Each battle consists of waves. Each wave has more enemies that you have to overcome. If you’ve played games where you must survive one wave after another, you already have a typical idea as to what you can expect when playing Heavy Metal Babes.

What you will learn as you control babes like Lily, Hazel, and the other many hot bitches that you come across as you play the game is that they don’t all have the same special attacks. Each gal’s mech has its own special attacks that they can use to defeat your enemies. And you will need them if you hope to progress in the game.

As you progress through the game, you will discover that the same, basic machine gun that each mech possesses simply won’t defeat everyone. You have to get creative in a lot of cases if you hope to take out the fleet that’s trying to massacre you and your hot bitches, so get acquainted with each operator’s special abilities as you unlock them.

The trick is much the same as any turn-based strategy game of this ilk. You have to use special abilities to attack more than one enemy at a time and eventually defeat the fleet as you defend your teammates from…well, fucking dying! This involves figuring out when to use these abilities, anticipate their cooldowns, and plan accordingly. Just because a hot hentai chick has a missile launcher that can take out an entire enemy in one attack does not mean that you can simply spam that attack and fucking take out everyone.

Where the fuck would the challenge be in that? Nowhere, and DigitalArts Studio wanted to create a game that’s a tad deeper than that anyway. Figure out how to balance between attacking, keeping your team’s health optimal, and defending your fleet to ultimately defeat waves of enemy fleets without getting too scathed. It’s a balancing act like all good strategy games, and DigitalArts Studio pulls it off pretty fucking well. Color me impressed.

Tons of smut

Speaking of keeping the balance, what would be the point of Heavy Metal Babes without any of the hentai debauchery? There would be done, and thankfully the game is ripe with pornographic goodness that will make even the most snub-nosed hentai critic stand up and pay attention. If you have played a Nutaku game in the past, then you already know what kind of pornographic content that you can expect.

Whereas Nutaku has published a game that plays pretty fucking differently from a lot of its library of games, they haven’t changed a thing in regards to the quality and quantity of the porn that’s included in every game. And why the fuck would they? They don’t need to reinvent the goddamn wheel in any way.

Whether you are a fan of their games or not, every game published by Nutaku is perfectly paced when it comes to unveiling hentai pornography in-game. They don’t give you everything all at once, like other games. They make you work for it, but you don’t have to work so hard that the hentai content isn’t sweet once you get it. For just a little bit of effort, their games always give you at least something satisfying. The best part of all, you always have an opportunity to return and experience the hentai content all over again.

It’s a similar experience with Heavy Metal Babes, and why shouldn’t it be? You know why you’re playing the game. It isn’t for the strategic gameplay necessarily, though that’s all bonus. So take your cock out, lube up that johnson, and get ready to cream yourself to what’s to come, all the while enjoying a few rounds of some pretty damn good turn-based strategy gameplay.

Decent, poppy graphics

Similar to the other games that you can find in Nutaku’s online library of games, the graphics in Heavy Metal Babes are both poppy and colorful to look at. Again, if you have played other games published by Nutaku in the past, you already know what you can expect here. The graphics are bright, vibrant, and they’re pleasing to look at.

And that’s when you’re looking at the normal character models! As far as the sex scenes and pictures go, the tits, ass, and pussy that you see in-game are fucking hot as hell. I’m not a man that necessarily calls himself a hentai fan, but I’ve seen my fair share. Let me tell you: you’re not going to be disappointed with what you find.

One of those reasons is because Heavy Metal Babes also tries to satisfy different kinks as well. I’m not going to go into any details because why the hell would I spoil anything in the game? But what I can tell you is that if you think you’re going to find a bunch of vanilla hentai content, boy oh boy, are you wrong! The semen will fly both in-game and IRL when you take Heavy Metal Babes for a spin, making this – in my fucking opinion anyway - one of the more memorable hentai games Nutaku has published in quite a while.


Heavy Metal Babes is a turn-based strategy game with surprisingly more in-depth gameplay and plenty of hentai action. The only problem found is that the graphics become a tad downgraded during combat. It doesn’t take away from the gameplay, but it is slightly noticeable. This needs to be fixed in a future update; otherwise, the game is pretty damn good.

PornGames likes Heavy Metal Babes

  • Available in any browser and as an Android app
  • Tons of hot hentai girls
  • scenes
  • and pictures.
  • Poppy
  • lively graphics that make the game come to life
  • Surprisingly deep turn-based gameplay

PornGames hates Heavy Metal Babes

  • Graphics slightly downgrade during combat