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Harem Collector

This is probably the most hilarious and dick-satisfying game you will ever know. Have you ever imagined yourself to be the greatest dick-headed destitute adventurer and be a Harem collector? Dude, why not? Let your imagination get wilder and wilder. Never allow yourself just to fuck yourself in the hidden corner and moan secretly. Let your imagination enter the world of virtual, and for sure, your balls will never be the same.

Harem Collector is a hentai RPG game that allows you to widely adventure in a land where you have so many fucking quests to encounter like fighting against demonic cults, rogue slaver, ancient curses, and a great traitor. You’re the goddamn hero of this game and were expected to win over adversaries, and of course, you are expected to complete your harem collection. I’m telling you, asskisser, this will always be worth your time.

What is Basically A Harem Collector?

Of course, assholes, let me introduce you to the game. How it should be played and how to win over quests? Harem Collector has an adult theme. Meaning, only for those 18 years old and above should play this. Thus, if you are 18 below, better fuck off, bitch. You do not belong here. Oh, I’m so sorry! Am I too harsh?

Hand yourself a toy to play with your balls as this game will seduce you by showing vagina and boobs from different sexy female characters because you are a fucking harem collector. This is the coolest and the weirdest fucking game, and while playing it, you will be shocked that you spent more than 3 hours in your biggest fairytale. Just close your bedroom door while playing it. Your mom might see you while your brief is sweating.

Easy Mode and Normal Mode

Your butt should know how to play easy mode and normal mode. These are some of the main things to consider before playing the game. But don’t you worry, my little friend. The game will introduce to you the differences between the two. Harem Collector will never leave you hanging.

The normal mode is the way the fucking game is expected to play. While in easy mode, the player will receive a time turner that grants you advance time, a book of Hax that infinitely restores your party, and for free satisfaction points, you will also receive a dehydrated orgasm. Aside from those, get your balls ready by receiving a starting equipment, a collection of treasure, a treasure in dungeons, and because your ass is an idiot sometimes, you will also get free hints for revealing puzzles.

Now, would you prefer an easy mode or a normal mode? Dude, I suggest that you should go for a normal mode for a more challenging dick adventure. An easy mode is just for a child-like asscowboy who needs breast milk. When you choose the normal mode, you automatically ask to confirm one last thing. What does your ass need to confirm? Are you ready to experience the craziest and extensive harem experience and the most gratuitous Sex? Dude, without further ado, click yes.

What Makes The Game Fun?

Throughout the entire game, you will be expected to collect money aside from collecting numerous girls to play with your dick. The money you obtained from the quest can be used to buy some properties that can significantly benefit you. In my experience, it is not hard to collect a vast amount of money from the game. This particular task keeps the game more fun and exciting.

What I Liked About Harem Collector

One of the best things I like about this game is its feature that carefully guides you from the start until the end. Like guiding you on how to create your ideal harem character. You just have to press the “Z” key to create a character and “X” key to delete a character. Isn’t it easy, my friend? The whole game is just like putting oil into your dick, smooth and relaxing.

You can enter any name you want. Whether it is your name, your father’s name, your fucking neighbor’s name, or maybe your celebrity crush? Oh! Your male celebrity crush? Are you fucking...never mind! Let’ s focus on the game without revealing your real gender identity. But, no worries. You are always welcome, regardless of your gender preference. Mind your own ass business, homophobes.

The game allows you to interact with its developer. In the case of game complication, you can send your reports, concerns, comments, and criticisms to the provided email. After reading all the necessary details, your ass is now welcome to play the game. You will be introduced to its beautiful aesthetics of the game’s adventure guild. Never received genuine applause in your entire life after fucking some vaginas? Well, be joyful as this game will welcome you with the most real and happiest applause.

You are free to meet different female characters at the start of the game like Meline, the weird one who will ask you to sleep in your bed, and Raina, who flirts with everybody. Amazing, isn’t it? They are not the typical bitches you regularly saw sitting while smoking on the side of the road. Get drunk inside the game and fuck yourself off as you will be asked to drink by random strangers you just met in the guild.

If you don’t have many friends in real life? Well, that is not a problem. Make yourself a bunch of friends through virtual. As you enter the guild, you will meet different characters that can be your friend who can accompany you in taking drinks and to your wildest sex experience. This group of friends you meet virtually is much better than your assholes friends in real life that just made you for granted. Wake up, dude!

Dude, exercise your brain sometimes. Don’t just focus on exercising your small dick. Oh, is it big? Let me see. No, I was just joking here. Don’t take anything too seriously. If your character gets fooled by the attention seeker antagonist, you are going to solve random scenes like what I did, and because my butt is way too smarter than the antagonist’s small head, I solved cases. He better fuck himself off.

What I Don’t Like About The Game?

While playing harem collector, I get bored with its long storylines. I’m a fan of reading, though, but this game is different. I want to fuck a lot, not to read a lot. The conversation of the characters is somehow long, and any players will get bored with it. Maybe, it’s better to play with your balls while you are reading its storylines just to make your ass alive.

You might don’t know where to go as your ass gets lost while playing the game. There are numerous places you can encounter inside the game, and sometimes, you don’t know where the specific location you intended to go. This may stress out your balls, but trust me, the game is still satisfying, especially if you win over those challenging tasks. Just don’t make your internal storage full. It will influence your gaming experience.

My Recommendation for Improving Harem Collector

The aesthetics and the entire feature is cute, though, but the characters are just so small that it makes me scream for some improvement. Maybe, the developer should work on improving the size of the characters to emphasize the big boobs of the female characters. The color used in the game is sort of dull and not attractive. The gamer’s experience would be more satisfying if the colors used were seductive like black, red, and copper or bronze.

The narrative is too long. When you are having a conversation with the other characters, you are going to read long sentences, which can make players bored. I would suggest that the developer should cut those too-long conversations and just focus on collecting girls and fuck them hard.

There are censored scenes, and I don’t know why those scenes of the game were censored. Dude, for god’s sake! We are playing an RPG style game, so why does it have to be censored? Please, make the fuck experience full penetrate all the fuckers out there. It’s always better to make everything visible to our naked eyes.


Overall, the game is one of the weirdest games you will ever play with different bitches to encounter. The game will guide you well from the start until the end. It provides instructions that are very easy to follow. You are not going to ask for some help in the dictionary just to find the meaning of each word. The animation is great, yet needs some improvement, especially when it comes to the size of the characters and the colors used.

PornGames likes Harem Collector

  • Great Story Plots
  • Flirty Female Characters
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Allows Interaction Between the Player and the Game’s Developer
  • Challenging Quests

PornGames hates Harem Collector

  • Too Long Narrative
  • Small-sized Characters
  • Not Too Seductive Aesthetics
  • Censored Sex Scenes