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Fairy Tale Adventure

Maybe your biggest fantasy is to fuck all those Disney characters you saw in your childhood days. A pale skin, perfect shape lips, and a very slim body, who doesn't want to have sex with them someday? Snow White, Rapunzel, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, and should I include Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Let's include her, by the way. You can just play with her boobs.

All those Disney princesses are one of everyone's dick biggest fantasy. Perhaps, that little dick of yours already imagined a screaming and moaning Disney princess right in front of your face. If you cannot fulfill what you ass wants because obviously, you cannot find a real Disney princess in real life and those women asking you to fuck them hard are living with a frog faces, why not do it virtually? Fairy Tale Adventure will let you own a princess-slut. Yes, Dude, you heard it right.

Your tits will be screaming, and your brief will be going to wet as those Disney princesses will brighten up your fucked day. Just a little reminder first, if you are currently in public places like school and workplace, better isolate yourself for your own sake as anyone will going to hear you moan. Well, if you are really a dick-headed person, moaning to the public is just like a part of your daily activity. As your butt believes, it is very healthy.

Why Should I Care About This Game?

Fairy Tale Adventure is a role-playing adult game that is set in a fairy tale universe. One of the main goals of the player is to rule every single land in the world of fairy tales. As you face your quests--yes, your fucking quests because what's the use of the game without it?--you meet and befriend popular Disney characters like Alice from the wonderland, Jack from the beanstalk, Rumplestiltskin, and many more. You also have the chance to have a romantic relationship with the fairy tale princesses.

For sure, it makes you excited after knowing you can have the best damn fuck with all the princesses you want. Well, Dude, do not deny how thirsty you are with their vaginas and their nipples. Hell, yeah! I know you are screaming for more. This allows you to befriend the bandits in the forest, join up with the thieves found in the city, and what's more? You can work in a private section.

At the start of the game, the image of Snow White with a perfect shape body figure and, of course, with big boobs pops up and asks you to be her husband, his maniac prince. Want to hear the cutest giggle? Well, Snow White will grant you that fucking dream of yours. She wants to be your wife, your royal-slut wife, and once you accept that, you can do whatever you want to do with her. Let your dick rules her little world.

While you are playing the introductory part of the game, there is a portion where you are free to choose from: show me your tits, show me your pussy, suck my dick, let's fuck, which Snow White grants any request you want to experience in the game. If you wish Snow White to suck your dick, Dude, why not? You can do whatever you wish in the fairy tale land. You are the master of the game. Thus, whatever you wish to experience, Snow White will command it.

Your ass might question if solely Snow White is presented in the game, but the whole fairy tale adventure will not be completed without the existence of that attention seeker magic mirror. As the usual game asks, the magic mirror will ask for your name and Dude; you can put whatever you want to put. To start your fucking little adventure, you will be asked to choose from: to rule the kingdom, to have all the women in the world, and to live a happy life. While I'm choosing from those choices, my dick gets overwhelmed as I don't really know what will happen as long as I enjoy what the magic mirror says.

The game is also proud of its great scenes that will surely delight your balls. Those scenes that I encountered while playing the game were not the typical scenes we usually saw in Disney movies because, of course, Dude, we are in a porn game who just want to fuck all day and all night. Those great fucking scenes are designed for only open-minded and mature maniacs--oh, should I say person?-- who wants to ruin the conventional world of fairy tales through their own desires.

The game is not just about great fucking vaginas, but it will also let exercise your brain by playing some riddles. You will have to read a few questions to answer those riddles, but trust me, asshole, it will not ruin your whole gaming experience. Instead, it makes your experience more fun and exciting.

What I Like About Fairy Tale Adventure

I like the masquerade logo design. It justifies what the game is all about. The color and font used to create the logo were so fairytale-inspired designs. Isn't it hugely ironic to create a fairy tale game, but the game is all about fucking? What the fuck! The game's developer is so brilliant. This really makes sense, after all.

I also admire the aesthetics used in the game. Since it is set in a fairy tale land, the color used will capture your eyes. The aesthetics are very similar to the typical Disney movies where Cinderella and Snow White are so feminine and virgin. But, this game will really change your whole perspective of Disney princesses. Well, if you are not ready to mess up with your adoration to Disney, better get your ass off in this game. This is not suited for a fucking innocent mind.

The background music is captivating; that is why I found myself lost in the game. But, except for the magic mirror part of the introductory section. The music is scary; that makes me confused if I follow what she says, or I will just throw off my phone if I could.

When you are ruling the entire story plot of the game, you should have many choices to choose from to make the outcome satisfied your goal--this what makes the Fairy Tale Adventure great. Every portion of the game, you will have choices to choose from that will determine the fate of your character. This feature of the game makes it more fun and exciting. You will be excited with the destiny that awaits you, and you will be having fun as this is crazy as a fuck little adventure.

What I Don't Like About The Game

First of all, Dude, the magic mirror is so creepy. It gives me goosebumps. Yes, you may judge me and tell me that it's just a part of the game to make it alive. But, hell no! It created phobia in my side. I don't like fucking horror movies, by the way.

The screen where some of the instructions are indicated is a little bit blurry, which makes my entire game experience somehow ruined. Well, it is still good for me as I don't have eye-problem, but what about those assholes who have eye-problems? The developer should care about their little ass. They have a dick too.

Narratives are good, but when it is too long, the players may get bored while reading it. Well, long descriptions will work for those fucking bookworms who care about what the fairy tale adventure-story is all about. But, me? Dude, all I care about is about big boobs and vaginas to fuck. This is how I live my life. This is how I satisfy my pleasures.

The adventure of the protagonist makes me question my existence. It caused me to rethink life. Why does the adventure he took in the fairy tale land doesn't exist in real life? Oh, what a blessed person he is to meet my ideal Disney princesses. I hope I can do what he did in his adventure, where I don't have to worry about office work and other life errands. The only thing I care about is the Disney princesses who always make my dick alive.

My Recommendation For The Improvement Of The Game

It is such a great game, though, but as they say, "there is room for improvement." The things that I recommend to the developer of the game are: cut those too long narratives as it can make the player bored, improve the quality of font found in the screen tab for more clear instructions, and more settings for a more satisfying story plot.

PornGames likes Fairy Tale Adventure

  • Slut Disney Princesses
  • Great Story Plot
  • The Adventure of the Protagonist
  • Logo
  • Colorful Aesthetics

PornGames hates Fairy Tale Adventure

  • Too Long Narrative
  • Not Clear Instructions Found in the Screen Tab