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Dragon Knight

What in the world are you doing here? Having trouble searching for new games to beat your meat to? Did you search for a new game in steam and decided to look for a review? Well, guess what? You got yourself lucky by landing on this game review. Prepare everything that you need as this review will give you an idea of how exciting and great this game is.

Dragon Knight is one of the best 2D games that you can play right now if you are looking for a game that is full of action with a mix of adult content. Published by Paradise Project, Dragon Knight is a 2D adventure role-playing game that has an amazing storyline. The game is already available for anyone to download enjoy. Don’t give me a reason not to try this fucking amazing game. As usual, I took the time and the liberty to try this game for your lazy ass and do an honest review. So, let’s get right to it.

Dragon Slayer

Experience the thrill as a dragon slayer with a very attractive avatar that you control. Explore different places, slay different monsters, earn gold, and acquire weapons as you conquer the game! Enjoy the fight and kill all of the monsters with the use of six unique weapons that all have different sets of skills and combos. Monster slaying is even better this time as you have an avatar that has a slim body, a huge pair of titties, and a very attractive Japanese voice. Isn’t that fucking exciting?

What to Expect

Even though the gaming industry has constantly been improving and has now reached a really good point, but it’s amazing how developers can still make 2D games interesting and fun. Just like how the developers made Dragon Knight, a 2D RPG game that is probably one of the best 2D games out there. It has really good drawings and animations. Good enough for anyone who is looking to waste their time playing adult-rated games.

The Gameplay

Enter a world full of monsters. You, as a foster child of the Dark Knight, have to create your own destiny alongside different characters. Slay all the monsters that you encounter to make yourself stronger.

The game starts with a scene where you have a conversation with your father. Some of the words are in Japanese, but don’t worry about it, all that matters is nudity, right? So, going back, you head out to hunt and collect as many dragons souls as you can. During this stage, you are shown some of the basics on how to properly execute all the actions needed to complete the game. Oh, and heads up, you will not be able to choose your own character. You will only be the one and only Sue.

A few minutes into the game and after a few dialogues, you are then shown your first dungeon, where you will be slaying small dragons to give you an idea of what the game will feel like. You will also be shown some various weapons that have different fighting styles. There will be villages where you can interact with other NPCs. There are quests that require you to roam around the village and search for certain things.

Items are also available for you to use. During the fighting scenes, monsters will drop certain items that you need in order for you to progress in the game. Some of these drops include the food, for your HP, gold for in-game purchases, and weapons to make your avatar stronger.

What I like about the game

This is one of those games that I would like to spend a lot of time on. First of all, let me just mention the graphic quality of the game. It might not have the best visual quality out there, but with the given circumstances, it is completely understandable that the graphics quality is only up to this point. I still can’t fucking believe that this game is a 2D ARPG game though since the gameplay combined with the animation is just fucking great.

The drawings on each character are amazing. Every detail is so good that I sometimes felt like it was an anime. The color combination that I’ve seen were just perfect for my eyes. I did not have any eye strain from playing all night. I even got a boner each time Sue comes up on my screen. The details on her were so fucking good. I just love everything about her. She has a Japanese voice-over which turns me on all the time.

I also like the use and availability of weapons in the game. There are currently six weapons that each have different skills and combos. This is the right way of making the game exciting and fun to play. Added to that, the animation that is coming off from each weapon is excellent. I like how the skills are animated and used all throughout the game. Added to that, I love how strong the weapons get each time you get further into the game.

I was also given different choices that had an effect on the story. Somehow, the choices that I picked changed the flow of the story. It kept me interested all the way because though the game already has a fixed ending, I was still able to change the flow of the story based on the choice of words that I chose.

The soundtrack is fucking great as well. It is refreshing and energizing at the same time. It matches all the scenes perfectly, unlike other games where they just put audio without thinking if it would fit the scene or not, and sometimes it would end up being annoying. I did not have any problems with the overall audio quality of the game.

It also has a good storyline, enough to deliver satisfaction to all the players. It has challenging quests that make the whole adventure exciting. One good thing about the given quests is that it doesn’t stray far away from the actual storyline of the game. The elements of each story keep you on track of what the game is all about.

I could tell that the developers of this game have placed a lot of time and effort into creating this great 2D game. If today’s games are still in 2D, then this could easily make it to the top of my list.

What I don’t like about the game

Yes, the game is labeled as an adult game, but from the start of the game until the end, I barely saw adult content. What the hell? I thought this would be one of those hentai games that everybody looks forwards to. The adult aspect seems to be lacking all throughout the game. There might be some other ways to have fun with Sue, but it would take a lot of imagination to do so.

The combat system sometimes gets slightly annoying because I would sometimes find myself jumping all over the place. Most of the time, I don’t hit all the enemy monsters that I want to hit. Killing those monsters is very easy, but with the directions that I’m being sent to, it gets fucking annoying. Most of the time, the combat stage seems like it’s repeating, again and again, making it very boring.

My recommendations for improving the game

I hope the game still has plenty of room for improvement. There are certain factors that could make the game a whole lot better. Just like what I have mentioned above, since it is labeled as an adult game, it can be better if there are more adult content added to the game. The game already has a sick animation and graphics, so more nudity and sex scenes could be great.

Also, for the next updates of the game, have the fighting scenes a little bit better than it is now. Adding in some varieties to the environment and the combat system could give the player much better gaming experience.


To sum it up, Dragon Knight is very fun to play. It is not a typical 2D game. I was satisfied with the whole game. I think it would be a perfect game for those who are looking for some action-packed RPG game with a mix of adult content. It has an interesting storyline and certain elements that will keep the players excited all throughout the game.

Dragon Knight is available to download online. All you have to do is enter the keywords, and it will show you links that you can download. The process is super easy and quick to do, so people who have brains as tiny as their dick gets a chance to enjoy the game.

PornGames likes Dragon Knight

  • Good animation
  • Good storyline
  • Good gaming experience
  • Matching game soundtrack
  • Almost nude character loading screens

PornGames hates Dragon Knight

  • Too much clicking
  • All over the place navigation
  • Not so good combat system