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Desecration Of Wings

I keep telling myself that the day will finally come when I grow so tired of RPG Maker games that I stop reviewing them all-together. I tell myself that RPG Maker sucks big gorilla dick, and we need to move on to newer engines for our story-driven porn games. And yet, there’s always another game just around the corner, to surprise me and take me for a feels-trip. I play these games for the fap sessions, so you can imagine what it means for someone like me to be taken on a feels trip, ok? It’s a pretty big deal.

Today, we’re looking at Desecration of Wings, which is a fantastic porn game title that you can find on damn near every porn game platform out there, including Steam and Nutaku. It costs $15 across the board, so it doesn’t matter where you buy it. Personally, I recommend the Steam version, just because I really like Steam, but in case they bring down the ban-hammer on porn games again in the future, this might be a bit risky. Make your own educated decision, I guess. Either way, you will not regret owning a copy of this game, and we’re about to get into the many reasons why that is.

An Original Perspective

I’ve seen a lot of prostitutes in my day, in the porn and video games that I review, not in real life, of course. I’ve never had to pay for sex, and I probably never will. I usually just tell girls that I review pussy for a living, and they can’t get enough of me. Hell, hookers would probably pay to have sex with me, if I wanted that. But that would make me a hooker, so I try not to think about it too much. Anyways, why am I talking about hookers all of a sudden? Well, the main character of Desecration of Wings makes her living by banging dudes.

That’s right, boys and girls. We’ve finally got a strong female character in a porn game who is also a full-time prostitute by trade. I have no idea why this hasn’t been done before, or maybe it has, and I just haven’t heard about it. Either way, this perspective blew my fucking mind. It’s not like a collect-a-thon, where you have to try and get as many clients as you possibly can in order to grow your bank account. No, this is a real attempt at a story-driven approach to the life of an average prostitute, albeit in a fantasy setting where angels roam the planet.

Diary of a Hooker

This is the part where the game initially hooked me and drew in my interest and my curiosity. I mean, it’s one thing to see a fantasy prostitute have sex with a client in a porn game, it’s another to see the before and the after, where feelings and thoughts get discussed. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit about what a woman has to say about her feelings, because most of the time, they talk about the same fucking shit over and over again. Not this chick. She actually has worthwhile input on the moral and ethical questions of sucking dick for cash. And, she’s damn good at her job too. It’s kind of like she’s constantly in some sort of existential curiosity about her lifestyle. She’s not sad about being a prostitute or anything, but she is very much curious about how she ended up in a position where selling her body for cash became the only way for her to survive.

And, it gets more complicated than that, because she has a daughter from a past relationship. It’s made clear that the endless court that rules this world made some changes to the rules and regulations that essentially forced the main character into prostitution. She’s otherwise a historian by trade. You pretty much get to explore most, if not all, of her growth, philosophy, and struggles in this very complicated and dangerous world. If I’ve already managed to bore you with all of this serious talk, let me just add that you get to experience her sexual encounters with various clients, fully. You see it on screen, with hardcore penetration and no details left out. Just a note, however, if you’re playing on Steam, you will need to download a patch to re-enable this content; otherwise, smut scenes will be covered in smoke or skipped entirely. Fuck Steam, am I right?

A Rag Tag Group of Misfits

You get five playable characters in this game, because it is an RPG Maker game after all. Off the top, we’ve got Felana, the aforementioned prostitute, and main character of the game. She’s generally a very nice person who is, for the most part, concerned with the history of her world. As a historian, she cares about figuring out how things got to be as bad as they are right now. Unfortunately, the endless court has outlawed the study of ancient writings, so her historian work is very much a grey area business and potentially very dangerous.

Then you’ve got Trila, who is Felana’s daughter. She’s an adult, but acts like a teenager most of the time. She’s very uncomfortable with the fact that her mother shamelessly fucks dudes for money, but she learns to get over it on her own time.

There’s also Anmin, who is a professional mage. She used to be a member of the rebels, who are a group of people who oppose the endless court with a fervor. She’s a generally compassionate and quiet person. However, thanks to some experimentation that was done on her against her will, she’s also a sex freak. Apparently, she may or may not have been born intersex; it’s not clear. On top of that, she was captured by a group of immortals who ran freaky experiments on her. This turned her into a sex freak, but left the rest of her personality exactly the same. And that’s exactly why she’s my favorite character.

Moving on, you’ve got Lyrillian, also known as stuck up bitch. This winged piece of shit is a noble, which in this game means she has the potential to become an immortal someday, if she plays her cards right. As the game progresses, she slowly learns how not to treat other people like shit. At the very least, she’s useful in combat.

Finally, you’ve got Palkind, who is an actual immortal, and I really hated this guy. He’s not a bad guy, it’s just, in this game he represents the establishment and I’m a rebel at heart. He’s also got some skeletons in the closet, but I won’t spoil that part of the game for you. Play it, find out.

Great Graphics

In most RPG Maker games, the graphics are either shit or extremely shit, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that this game had GOOD art. I know, right? It’s absolutely unbelievable. The people behind this game knew how to put proper character art together and mix it well with a properly drawn world. They didn’t just toss a bunch of free assets together and call it a game. They warmed up their tablets and drew proper art for every scene.

The sex scenes, in particular, are absolutely fap-worthy. I didn’t see a single sex scene in this game that I didn’t absolutely fucking adore. I jacked off to every single one of them, eventually. Call it my own set of achievements for this game. There are roughly 130 unique faps to be had in this game, so good luck collecting them all.

The Gameplay Rules

These people’s idea of making a good RPG Maker game was to gut the fucking shit out of the standard formula and make something playable instead. So, you don’t grind mobs in this game. Hell, you can just walk the fuck around them and not fight them at all, if you’d like. That makes perfect sense to me. Plus, you can’t kill monsters for money, at least, not effectively. Monsters rarely if ever carry any cash on them, and even when they do, it’s small change, because why the fuck would monsters have gold?

As a tried and true prostitute, you have to bang dudes to get your hands on real money, and even then, you can’t afford too many items at a time. That’s the kind of hardcore experience I’m looking for in my porn games. There are over 10 hours of stories in this game, 20 if you take your time and experience the side-quests, all of which are awesome. And throughout all of this gameplay, combat is an addition, not a must. You are not forced to beat down swarms of enemies over and over again until you forget what game it was that you were playing. Fuck that. This is a proper role-playing game in the original sense of those words. You are in the role of a prostitute, and you’re going to have fun, fuck dudes, and maybe possibly save the world.

PornGames likes Desecration Of Wings

  • Amazing story
  • Play as a prostitute
  • Available on Steam
  • Over 20 hours of content in total

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  • Literally nothing