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Cursed Armor

In case you are wondering why a great and masculine person like me is talking to a bunch of little titty grabbers instead of conquering the world and fucking women. I have asked myself that question every day since the day I established this esteemed website. Over a couple of minutes or probably an hour since unintelligent swine like you have a fucking reading disability and zero brain activity. So, by the way, you little critters will get to experience some of the things that a mighty person like myself goes through every day.

Even though it would appear that you are a hopeless idiot and there really is not much of hope for you to get to do what I do and to think I do. Apparently, you will be fine. Anyways, as you have your expensive laptop or PC right in front of you—but still cannot acquire a girl to spend your fucking time with. Hey, at least, you could afford to have a pricey laptop—wishing you could get some action to your boring ass life.

You really want to become a man like not a caveman-like you are now. Well, then prepare for some intense activities to build up your hormones and testosterone in a lumpy flesh and bones you like to call body. Then, this is your first step towards being a man. Today you dumb mofos will be involved in activities such as marching, camouflage, ambush techniques, war games, firing guns, and blowing shit up.

Yep, before you get your mouth to start blathering like a broken drinking fountain, let me fucking tell you that all the things stated above should be accomplished. But, seeing our condition and the sad state of your body, you better just stare at your laptop and watch the girls practice some essential womanly duties such as pleasing you, making your beds, and learning how to get pregnant.

What The Hell Is This Game About

Are you a loser who’s looking for an erotic game that involves bondage, erotic combat encounters, and other stuff to quench your shriveling dick? Hold the fuck up. I know your psycho lunatic has been praying for a long time about this kind of game. Kneeling on your knees every fucking day just for the patron saint od the erotic game to grant your weird fetish. Well, it seems like today is your lucky day since Wolfzq created an erotic game series Cursed Armor.

So you can start putting respect on his name. Now you can stop your kneeling and get your dick on board. So for you all perverted sluts, in this game, you will get to play like a bitch who is described in the game as innocent, but we all know that every girl would grow up and become a slut. This cunt wrapped her head around her big dreams. She chased it and got tangled with the demon of lust. So she bears the cursed crown in her skank head, thus going for a fucking adventure to get rid of the curse.

That is what bitches get for being desperate and needy, having such a wild dream that will lead them to their fragmentation and destruction. So, players who have been dry for a long time could have this great journey of lust and corruption. This game could make your parched and wizened organs and body parts fresh and youthful again. What the fuck are you waiting for? Install the fucking game for god sakes let the damn games begin.

The Gameplay

As you thick skulls already know. The game would start with a prologue. In this part, it will detail what happened to Liliana. You idiot could skip this part and then proceed to the game proper. But in the prologue, you will meet the degenerate slut Liliana who is the protagonist in this game and the bitch character whom you are playing. This bitch would like to be her idol Nastela to be, as she put it “a great adventurer” thus, deciding to do it after all.

As a dumb slut as Liliana is, she followed a voice. That voice eventually leads her to the grave of her idol Nastela. Yes, being a great fucking adventurer will lead you six feet to the ground. The whore Liliana found the cursed crown leading her to be cursed and be raped by a monster. Then a dazzling, shimmering, splendid knight and shining armor will save her from her imbecility and stupidity. Her knight would be Hiller. Hiller would lead the bitch to the church. Probably, to repent for her sins.

At this point in the game, the trollop Liliana will have to embark on the journey—as what she wants in the first place—to remove the crown in her dumb little head in order for her not to become the new lust queen. Then, after her slutty body and frail mind got the rest it needed, she will meet Seaclya, a character that will explain what her fucking destiny is. Well, here’s the thing until the player chose the level in the game that constitutes as hard. Seaclya will rape the bitch Liliana, thus activating the full power of the cursed armor.

Tips and Tricks

In the game, you can find most of the excellent equipment in the patreon’s shop, but the thing is it will be invisible if you haven’t given a tip to the game Patreon page. The cursed armor contains a lot of quests and stories. It is in your hands on how you manage the choices you have. If you are not careful, you could end up in a bad ending. When you finished the game for the first time, the ability to skip the scenes and dialogue would be available to you by simply pressing the A button.

Also, you could use the Seaclya’s Space-Time Warp feature when you are in her dimension to skip some events game. This skipping is a ton useful if you already know the context and stuff. If in the game, you are not a virgin anymore, do not hesitate to get fucked. Have sex since that kind of activity will be beneficial to you. It will gain you sp, and if you absorb semen, that would mean more sp to you.

What I Like About This Game

This game has this basic RPG, which works as a double-edged sword in this case. It is a bad thing and a good thing in the game. The idea is you only have to trigger an enemy by touching them, and then a battle will ensue. After this shit, you will give orders to your team, and then the speed of the character will determine who will attack first. Pretty simple right? That seems like that was the only concern I have with the game. The rest of the graphics and storyline is fucking lit!

What I found incredible in the game is the vast number of available quests and stories that you can already enjoy in the game. Wolfzq did not hold back in giving all these psycho cows a content. It feels like Wolfzq thought that a lot of douchebags are desiccated and stale; thus, showing all these senseless manatees with tons of content to enjoy.

What I Don’t Like About This Game

So, let’s go back to the basic RPG idea. Yes, it is simple, but the basic RPG also connotes boringness and unoriginal ideas. It has been done a thousand times. Wolfzq needs to be more creative in that area.

Things I Would Recommend

I would gladly recommend that Wolfzq improve the RPG of the game. The simplicity and the basic RPG of the game is a major turn off. They could have a more interactive battle starter. More triggering actions that will really set the enemy on fire, not just by touching. And for the sake of fuck, translate the untranslated parts. Just a note that if you want to wait for the English version, keep your head at bay since those untranslated parts contain a massive amount of spoilers.


The Cursed Armor is a promising game. With its interactive storyline and tons of content available to be enjoyed with. At some point, this would blow up to the dehydrated loser to fill the void in their dick. The continuous addition of characters, behaviors, characters, quests, and sex skills is a great way to keep the fucking players coming back for more.

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