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Greetings to the child-minded people out there! So there was this Pokemon-themed adult game that came out some time ago, called Con-Quest Poke-con. It's a game parody of Pokemon(quite obviously), that's sort of like a turn-based RPG. If you still have that childlike mindset within that tiny forever premature brain of yours, then I highly suggest you play this game. It's chock full of titties too.

Considering that it is just a Flash game, Con-Quest Poke-con is quite the complete package. Its got a good mix of everything. The right amount of RPG elements, with a little bit of comedy, with a lot of great art and animations(sex scenes and gameplay) and a more-than-average storyline. So if you're willing to find out what's really good about this game(and it really is!), then read all the to the end for my overall verdict.

Since it is a parody of the original Pokemon, the turn-based gameplay is still highly incorporated into Con-Quest Poke-con so you'll get a mishmash of nostalgia and horniness - since it is an adult twist on a childhood favorite. The difference, though, is that you're combatting convention(hence the "con") goers in their pokemon style cosplays, and of course, they're all beautiful women! It's going to be booty, pussy, and titty galore!

The Gameplay

The title screen of the game isn't really anything special. So you might not know what to expect prior to reading this review or checking out gameplays. Disregard the shabby looking title screen because all of the gold is inside the game. When you start playing and battle the pokemon cosplayers, your efforts might not amount to much at first, but once you've got your rhythm going, it'll all be a breeze.

Starting a new game gives you a short cutscene giving you the background story of the whole game and your concise, straightforward objective. The CosplayCon that everyone loved to go was cursed by an evil witch, turning all of the cosplayers evil! You are part of a group called Arcane Pals, and you were tasked to defeat all of the enemies and to stop the evil witch! Typical RPG backstory that many gamer gremlins have already come across.

Your first character encounter is the partner who will help you get accustomed to the whole game; her name is Faye. You get one line, and then that's it. So much for best girl content, you don't even get a little action with her. Meaning, she is wholly struck off the list, which is kind of sad. Anyways, she's the one that orients you on how to play the game - destroying barriers, defeating enemies, and the stage boss. She's essential for story development.

You are then quickly thrown into a somewhat short battle tutorial - and if you've ever played Pokemon in the past, then its all going to be familiar to you. You take turns attacking, casting spells, defending, healing, and using items. However, if you're not really familiar with this type of gameplay, then man the fuck up and start using more than your 2 remaining brain cells. It's really not that difficult once you've gotten used to it.

Some short dialogues after, you have to take down a barrier by defeating girls to bring out the cursed demon that possesses them. Almost immediately, the perverse content presents itself to you degenerates - in the form of ripped clothing(or cosplays) and nudity. So if you want to get to the action faster, defeat the enemies, thus leading you to more ass and titties. It's not so easy from the get-go because they do massive amounts of damage to your health.

Damaging enemies to a certain point makes them run away, dropping a bit of money, defeating them also gives you more money. Use it to buy upgrades to your armor and spells, and to buy HP and Mana regeneration items, or mid-battle consumables. Their items are quite witty because they all align to the cosplayer/con-goer needs; Doritos, soda, sewing kit and, rope? That's to prevent your adversaries from running off.

Saving the girls from these demons awards you with a CG of the girl servicing you. Because you saved them. Now, doesn't that motivate you to complete the game? By freeing the girls of the demon, you're always rewarded with sex! You can get it animated or just get off with the already sufficient pictures. As you progress, defeating them becomes harder, so you have to always upgrade your armor, spells, and your play style.

What I Like

The whole gaming experience was A+ for me. Cuddle Pit made sure to establish the fact that Con-Quest Poke-con is an RPG. You've been given a "role" to level up, collect buffs and upgrades, and to defeat the baddies to save a diverse bunch of sexy cosplayers. The combat system is better than most of the turn-based games I've played in the past, and the game is less grind-y than you'd expect. A perfect balance of good content and good play-time.

The art is just magnificent. To put it into more simple terms, the art style and color schemes fit the context perfectly. The characters are all unique, with the cosplays having an individualistic touch that matches the personality of the character. The cosplays also have their indicative features. Plus, its an adult game about cosplays? Of course, you should expect some of the more exposing costumes that bare plenty of skin and leaves little to the imagination.

The animations were made to fit the quality of the art. Though admittedly quite basic, Cuddle Pit made sure to not overdo any of their sequences. From the short spellcasting to the item usage to the full-blown sex scenes. Keeping it basic but still delivering it well ensured the minimization of errors. I actually prefer keeping it mediocre because overdoing it would just make Cuddle Pit look like they're trying too hard.

The storyline was well written together with the dialogues. Though Con-Quest Poke-con is still incomplete, the story is already well-fleshed out. It's enjoyable and light-hearted. There are short moments of breaking the 4th wall, but that's perfectly fine because it matches the comedic timing and the overall funny dialogue. Though you were placed into a setting with barely any backstory, it doesn't really matter - you're going to have fun anyway.

The game's accessibility is worth mentioning. Con-Quest Poke-con is a flash game, so it's available in plenty of the sites that distribute indie games. It's a quick and short game that won't take up too much of your time. We all know how long it takes to load in the game in those said sites, but Cuddle Pit has offered a solution to this. You can download it for free! So you won't have to wait for your shitty desktop/laptop and internet to play the game.

What I Don't Like

Firstly, Con-Quest Poke-con is quite the clicking-hell game. Yes, you get good dialogue, along with great interactions. However, if you're an impatient prick, then the loading of dialogue might be annoying for you. The massive amounts of dialogue also might be the same, followed by the whole combat system and the entire fucking game. Since everything is operated with the left-click, you're probably going to have a frustrating time.

Secondly, though I am quite satisfied with the CGs and sex animations, I sincerely feel like its lacking. Although you can repeat the scene, however many times you want, it's going to get stale after a while. Also, you're going to have to work for a bit to get any decent content. The lack of variation in the animation is kind of off-putting as well. So I think this is just a one-time session kind of game, due to this.


Con-Quest Poke-con is quite the package despite it being a flash game. The animations and art style are great, albeit basic. The characters are well made, paired with a well-written story to give them unique personalities. The nudity and sex scenes are quite abundant but still simplistic. You can repeat them; however, many times you'd like, so in a way, this type of content isn't lacking. The simplicity doesn't take away from the game at all.

The game is equipped with a rather unique save feature, where the code is copied and pasted into your next session. This allows the community to put forth their already completed progress for those who just want the end-game of porn scenes, which is a great way to get the community involved other than the Patreon donations and supporters. The game is still incomplete, though, so go to the said Patreon page to help further its development.

PornGames likes Con-quest

  • Great gaming experience
  • Art and animations are amazing
  • Story writing is excellent
  • Funny content
  • Great combat system
  • Good balance of grind and enjoyment

PornGames hates Con-quest

  • Lacking the nitty-gritty scenes
  • Left-click hell
  • Shorter than shitty Visual Novels