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Lube up, I’ve got an amazing game for you – with so many caveats I might as well just axe the whole damn review. Carnal Instinct, as the name so subtly suggests, is an adult game. Adult as in "not for kids," not like "pays taxes and complains about back pain." This sexy RPG, designed with AAA quality visuals, promises to be more than just your run-of-the-mill bedtime clicker. Carnal Instinct blends its raw, steamy action with a sense of high adventure – like World of Warcraft with titties. They've managed to cram a world of ancient myth and eroticism into this game. It’s nerd shit.

Have you ever gotten those annoying ads across your whole screen that says shit like “Play the ultimate sex game” or “Make your own perfect woman”? They’ve been around for years, even before the tech for that kind of gameplay existed. Proper 3D adult games have been a problem for many years. They’re not cheap to produce and most porn game developers work for free or they depend on donations. Thanks to technological advancements and free proper game engines like Unity and Unreal, it’s much likelier for us to get proper 3D porn games nowadays. Carnal Instinct is one of those games. However, the whole game engine thing is a bit of a problem for Carnal Instinct. You’ll see what I mean. 

A Wonderful World to Live In

Let’s talk about the story for a bit. We’ll get to the naysaying later. Carnal Instinct is set in the realm of Sabu, a land not found on most maps. Here, life-giving waters meet sand-swept ruins, and cocks meet vaginas. There are also lizard people, for some reason. Demigods jostling for power, an MIA God-Queen, and enough political intrigue to give Game of Thrones a run for its money. Who asked for politics in a porn game? Not me, but nerds play this shit and nerds love politics. 

The game kicks you into this world as a sex slave. Terrible in real life, awesome in porn games. It’s just how that works. From these humble beginnings, you ascend to the heights of godhood. The game currently allows you to play as Human, Feline, Jackal, Crocodilian, and Draconic races, because furries won the porn wars of 2012. And yes, you can choose your gender, with Male, Female, and Futa options available.

Top Notch, Triple-A, Gorgeous

The game's graphics are off the chain. This shit looks better than most non-porn MMOs. The attention to detail in crafting this world is nothing short of commendable, and it's clear the game is striving for a caliber of quality that exceeds the standards of typical adult video games. This is exactly why the game is stuck in developer hell, even though it’s being sold on Steam, full price. We can’t have nice things. It’s always a fucking bait and switch. Why can’t we just get proper triple-A quality porn games? I’ll pay full price, I don’t care. 

The gameplay is exactly what you’d expect to find in a porn MMO. It’s simple and it adds a fun twist of action to the mix. You're not just an adventurer with a high libido; you're a warrior, a predator, asserting your dominance not only in the bedroom but also on the battlefield. A lot of sexy power dynamics in this one, boys. You have every reason to dive in and feel immersed. There’s lots to be done, even if the edges are jagged and immersion breaking.

The quests in Carnal Instinct are mostly enjoyable. You slay monsters, you save the day, and you engage in sexual escapades with NPCs and other players. The overloaded sex themes are a part of the world. We’ve seen this before in porn games. Everyone’s horny at all times and people say hi to each other by licking each other’s assholes. It’s a world I’d love to live in.

It’s Broken. Fuck

Ok, you ready for my complaining? I’m ready to complain. The combat is borked to hell and back and a bunch of the quests can't be completed. They’re bugged. They need fixing. This bullshit chips away at the immersion and enjoyment of the game. It makes my skin crawl. I know the game is still in some pre-alpha stage, but I don’t like paying full price for a tease. Can you imagine paying full price for an OnlyFans babe only to see her legs fly off of her torso right as she’s about to cum? I’d smash my monitor if I saw that shit. 

Next up on the fucking-block we’ve got a big move to Unreal Engine. Everyone’s talking about this shit. I don’t actually know what engine they were on before, but they moved to Unreal recently and the fans are flipping their shit. This decision promises better graphics and performance, but players feel this is a dogshit idea at this point in time. The time and resources needed to migrate a game are insane and this shit is still in alpha. They’ve reset the counter. This game might never get a proper release at this rate.

At Least It’s Hot

All right, I’m erect again, let’s get back to the smut. The game doesn't shy away from explicit sex scenes, offering you a huge list of carnal encounters that range from vanilla to fucked up. I mean, there are several anthropomorphic races in this bad boy. You can only imagine the possibilities. You get proper interactivity. You can modify your own sexual positions. I just wish there was a moving camera so I could see the action better. Cinematic camera, please.

You get a lot of choice in character creation. The races, the genders, the customization., it’s all very diverse. It unlocks a lot of different experiences within the game world. Despite all of this variety, Carnal Instinct seems a bit too gay. Wait, stop. Don’t cancel me yet. I meant that literally. There’s a ton of customization for the male characters, but very little you can do with the female genitals. This is … strange, to say the least. 90% of people who play porn games are in it for the pussy. These devs must be on something.

The Fans are Pissed

The community on Steam very much considers this game to be 'bare-bones'. It’s in its alpha stage, the fans are livid, they want value for their money and they’re not shy about it. Both the positive and negative reviews on Steam say the same shit. This is a bad omen. Reminds me of No Man’s Sky on launch day, except this game has had years to come around and we’re still waiting.

Even with all of these flaws, many players seem happy to support the game's ongoing development, patiently waiting for the pussy penetration they were promised. I’m not surprised. Porn game fans are used to paying a lot of money and they’re used to waiting. I’m looking at you, Milfy City. Look, Carnal Instinct is a rare and engaging RPG experience. All the potential is there. It just needs to be finished, damn it. 

Could be Worth it, Eventually

The price point is perfectly fine, in my opinion. $30 is on point for a large-scale release like this, especially since it’s still in alpha. How many times have I said that already? Check out the tons of previews on the Steam page. They really went above and beyond with the marketing. There are so many animated clips from the game on here. Watch them. They really show you what the game is like. These ain’t pre-rendered cutscenes. It’s the real shit. This is what you’re actually signing up for.

There's a shitload of room for improvement, as I’ve so kindly complained about. But I still think you can give Carnal Instinct a shot, if you're into the kind of pervy sauce it's serving. It might be rough around the edges, but so is a good steak, and I like steak. Steak is good pre-sex fuel. <strong>I have high hopes for this game, if only because I’m tired of porn games lagging behind in graphics quality and versatility</strong>. We got a proper 3D GTA game in 2001. Two decades later, I’m still waiting for a smash hit porn game. I don’t think Carnal Instinct is gonna change the game or anything, but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

To the devs I say, guys, get your shit together. Fix some of the bugs at least. Let’s get this sexcapade off the ground. Let’s plow lizard babes and make friends in a 3D environment. Add me in the game. I’m PussyFucker69.

PornGames likes Carnal Instinct

  • Amazing graphics
  • Tons of potential
  • Open world RPG gameplay

PornGames hates Carnal Instinct

  • No free version
  • Still in alpha
  • Buggy features