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Book Of Lust

Sometimes I review porn games that are so out of left field for me that I genuinely feel uncomfortable. But, I’ll grit my teeth and get through this. I am the world’s most hard-working porn reviewer, after all. I can’t balk at covering any kind of smut, even if it’s the kind that literally makes my skin crawl.

Before I completely scare you away, let me just say that Book of Lust is an absolutely wonderful porn game that was made with love, and you absolutely should try it out. I’m not ragging on the game, per se, I’m just a bit uncomfortable with all the dog penises. And oh boy, does this game love its dog penises. But we’ll get to that.

Book of Lust is a furry themed, somewhat open-world RPG game with a ton of sexy content hiding within. Let’s get to the details, boys, and girls.

A Hot Start

Very few porn games start in media res. Usually, you have to ramp your way up to an encounter, so that you feel like you’ve earned it. In Book of Lust, I guess they figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you a free taste of what’s to come, without you having to do anything other than start a new game. Right off the bat, with the weird shit, you start the game, and you see a full-screen sexy cutscene – of your mother, who is romancing you, by sucking you off. Are you freaked out yet? It gets worse.

She a dog and you’re also a dog. Everyone’s a dog in this universe, unless they’re a squirrel. I don’t know. I don’t understand how the furry mind works. I just know that every single character in this game is some kind of anthropomorphic furry animal, and the penises are dog penises, and that freaks me out to no end. Dog penises do not look like they were made for human eyes. They’re the kind of things that you ask your friends to look up images of if you want to freak them the fuck out. It’s not the kind of shit I enjoy seeing in my smut. Either way, the game is loaded with dog dick. Anyways, let’s pump the breaks and roll back, because I kind of glossed over the mom thing.

In this game, every single pussy is fair game, which probably explains why the story starts out with a nightmare-inducing mommy-son moment for the ages. You play as an average horn-dog, no pun intended, named Jake. He’s young, virile, and a generally likeable dog-man. After the mom thing, you get unleashed upon this world of human-like animals. They live in houses just like ours, and they even have television sets. It’s the same fucking world as ours, but with dog people. This is not a very smart game to overthink.

Dogging it Around Suburbia

You start off in your home in a quaint and quiet suburban neighborhood, but you’re more than free to catch a bus downtown and check out some of Jake’s acquaintances around town. There’s also the option to go to school, because no smut game is complete without a schoolgirl fantasy, not even one with dogs in it.

You can traverse the world at will and expand on your skills by gaining experience. It’s a lot like other RPG games in that regard, but there’s less mathematical bullshit. The first thing I did in this game after the first scene, was go over to my neighbor’s house and bend her the fuck over, for no particular reason. It was great, it gave me experience, and she was extremely hot for a bitch that’s entirely covered in hair. Ten out of ten, would bend over again.

I really like the freedom this game gives you, and I especially love the skill system. It’s broken up into three sections, mind, soul, and command. I have no idea what that division is all about, but I love it. It reminds me of Disco Elysium, a very famous non-pornographic RPG. Now, I’m sorry if some of you are fans of that game, and you think I’m just throwing comparisons around wildly, but hear me out.

In that game, the most impressive mechanic was the division of the mind into different skills that you could upgrade without knowing exactly what they do and how they might prove useful in the future. You have a similar time in this game with a skill tree that is very confusing at first. I love this kind of shit. It encourages replayability, and it makes the game all the more interesting.

Hot Dogs

Get it? As in, the dogs are hot. As in, you’d like to bang them. Well, the dog ladies in this game are very fuckable, for what it’s worth. They’re drawn in a very nice high-quality 2D art style that mixes with the rest of the game in a really nice way. And, once you get used to the shape of your cock and boy can that take a while, you will find yourself thirsty for more of that sweet bitch pussy.

If you’re terribly disgusted by the whole thing, just try to ignore the fur completely and focus on the asses. That’s what I do. Whether the bitch is a furry or not, that fat ass is free real-estate.

The art style is pretty unique, and I very much enjoyed staring at it with my dick in my hands. It’s a weird combination of unrealistically artsy with a hint of Saturday morning cartoon. The backdrops are overly simplistic, but they’re very immersive. The characters kind of look like splash art, if that helps. I mean, you can check out the screenshots to see exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t have to take my word for it. Personally, I really like this art style over something a lot more detailed but less original. Details are overrated. Sometimes, all you need is some inspired art.

Gripping Gameplay

Between the skills, the magic abilities, tons of dialogue, and several options on how to approach a specific girl in this game, there’s a ton of shit for you to do in Book of Lust. I like how it’s not entirely clear what you’re supposed to do, which only adds to how much you want to play the game. You want to try all of these options and see what happens if you do. Hell, you could click them at random just to see what would happen.

Say you’re talking to a random furry vixen, and you have options like small talk, flirt, seduce, and discuss. Some of those have a lot of overlap. I mean, what’s the difference between flirting and talking? Hell, what’s the difference between seducing and flirting? Those two are basically interchangeable. And most importantly, which of these dialogue options will resolve with you being balls deep inside this girl? Probably most of them. But that’s for you to try and figure out.

This Game is Hot

I’ve been ragging on the whole furry thing this entire review, and no, I haven’t suddenly had a change of heart. – Furry shit is weird as hell. As a dog owner, I can’t possibly relate to people who find dog dick arousing. Either way, though, when it comes to anthropomorphized dog dick and dog pussy specifically, I can kind of see the appeal.

I mean, smut is supposed to be weird and out there. It’s supposed to appeal to perverts like myself. And, while I would rather play this game with a no-fur mod, if there was such a thing, I can still enjoy it as it is. It’s perfectly enjoyable.

The writing is interesting, the characters are hot as fuck, and I had a great time exploring all the options that are available to the main character. It’s nice that you never know where you’re going to end up. It’s also great that the game doesn’t push you in a certain direction. You’re free to make your own adventure. I don’t think this game has branching questlines with different endings, but I can’t be sure. Either way, it doesn’t matter because the gameplay itself is branching, in that you don’t have to do anything linearly. You can just enjoy yourself any way you want to.

And, let’s not forget that this is a Patreon funded title, which means that you might get content updates with new characters and sexy situations to get yourself into. This also means that the game is completely free, by the way. That might just be the most important part. Yes, this game is made for PC, and it’s perfectly optimized. I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it out, even if furry shit isn’t your cup of tea. You never know what you might end up enjoying. The world of smut is a confusing and convoluted mess.

PornGames likes Book Of Lust

  • Unique art style
  • Really interesting story
  • Open world
  • Original skill system
  • Tons of content

PornGames hates Book Of Lust

  • I don’t like dog dicks