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Aylia's Story

Aylia’s Story is a Lewd RPG With Quirky Humor & a Focus on Narrative. Listen up; you desensitized fucks. I know it takes the force of fucking Zeus and all of the planets to align for you to nut anymore. Seriously, what did you think fapping to amputee vore porn would do to you? Make you a better person? Yeah, right.

How about we take a breath of fresh air this time around and move away from all of the hardcore rape fetish and pain games that I have been talking about lately. Let us delve into a game that is moderately wholesome and has some good lewd content. No gross shit. No slave rings. No prolapses. No rape. If that sounds up your alley, then dive on in with me.

The game in question is called Aylia’s Quest. It was made by a dude named YummyTiger using RPG Maker. But this game has a fuck ton of content for an RPG Maker title. It’s fucking great. I’ll get into all of that later, though. What you need to know is that this game has been in and out of development since way back in 2015. I couldn’t find if any work was still being done on it. Last I saw, it got an update in September of 2018. That’s the last I could find on their Patreon page.

Explore the World With the Aid of a Horny Goblin Named Bogwort

Aylia’s Story is a game about an elf girl named Aylia. She is a remnant of a race favored by the gods of this world. She has been trapped in a crystal for hundreds of years for...reasons. I don’t know. She doesn’t know. She has amnesia, but she knows that she is on some sort of important quest for a goddess that involves heeding the guidance of a goblin.

That goblin’s name is Bogwort. He’s a horny bastard who only cares about money and bitches. Bogwort is a man after my own heart. He breaks the crystal that Aylia has been trapped in and gives her a potato sake to wear after, of course, he ogles at her a bunch. But wait, you may say! Isn’t Bogwort going to whip out his horse cock and fuck her in the ass to welcome her to this wonderful hentai world?

Lewd RPG With Softcore Hentai Scenes and Sexy Illustrations

Not in this game. Aylia’s Story is a narratively driven game that is focused on minor bits of corruption and lewd moments. You’ll get full HD illustrations of Aylia bending over with her pussy lips pressed tight against the fabric of her panties. Or you’ll get scenes where she leans over, and her massive tits fall out of her dress in front of a bunch of villagers. What you won’t get is a forced rape gangbang scene where monsters have their way with her. It just isn’t that kind of porn game.

Anyway, Bogowort acts as your guide in this game. He tells you all about the world as well as guides you through tutorials of the game mechanics. It’s not too hard. The game functions a lot like any porn RPG. Control the game with the arrow keys, hit enter on shiny items, and all of that shit. It’s not very unique in that aspect, but the game does have some kickass illustrations and dialog.

Heaps of Exposition and Dialog Can Bog the Game Down at Times

I sure hope you like quirky fantasy dialog because there is a metric fuck ton of it. Every scene and encounter will have well over 10 different exchanges between you and Bogwort. This is good if you really are looking to dive into the story and the greater world of this complex game. But let’s be real. Most of us are looking to bust a nut and move on in our day. And this game isn’t the most productive when it comes to that.

Though at least you can hold CTRL to skip through every line of dialog in a scene, but even that takes a while! Even doing that, it took me fucking forever to get through the intro scene, let alone all of the following conversations with him in the gave. I want to see some tits, not talk about the political climate of the goddamn kingdom.

Every character has a pretty unique design and tone to their dialog, which was pretty neat. There are some other hot babes that you can run into during your travels. And the world feels very fleshed out. You can explore the initial mines you arrived in to find out the secrets behind what happened to the miners. There’s a lot of cool stuff like that.

Fun Combat System Where You Don’t Have to Lose to See the Hentai Scenes

Combat was decently fun as well. Since this game isn’t focused on rape or anything like that, you don’t have to go through the trouble of losing to every creature in the fucking world like you have to in other games. During combat, you have certain skills and resources to help you out. Bogwort will also be able to give you advice on how to tackle certain fights. And then there’s the clothing mechanic. Certain outfits grant you bonuses, but you will take more damage if you are wearing less clothing or if your outfits get fucked up during the fight.

This game has a lot of charm to it. The art is really where this game shines. You get some incredibly fucking hot sex scenes as you progress, and Aylia gets corrupted by the world around her. All of the art is uncensored, so you get to see every kinky detail. But the game is still incomplete. You can’t play very far before you hit blocks. The combat system hasn’t been fully completed, and it seems like YummyTiger has been reworking the start of the game for years with no further development.

Development for the Game has Been Stalled at the Beginning for Years

It’s a shame. The content that is here is fucking amazing. But, judging by how far he has come on his more recent projects, I’ve got a hunch that we won’t be seeing any further updates with this game. At least not any time soon. But, who knows? I’d love to see that bastard prove me wrong.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The art, story, and writing in Aylia’s Story are all excellent. You get a lewd RPG adventure that kicks ass. The illustrations of Aylia are so fucking good. You get so many detailed images of her bending over, flashing her tits, and so much more. Some of you fucks might think this game is too softcore, but those of you who like vanilla sex games will enjoy the hell out of what Aylia’s Story has to offer. And you nerds who are into things like story, narrative, and plot will have your fucking hands full with this one.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I think the pacing of the game is off. There is way too much exposition and dialog. Listen, I like a good story as much as the next guy. But, holy fuck, this game really hammers it home. There are well over 100 lines of the dialog you have to read through before you even get a glimpse at some cleavage. That’s insane. I get that it is an RPG, but you need to know your audience here. People can only sit around with their limp dicks in their hands for so long before they get bored and move on to games with actual hentai in them.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Aylia’s Story is a great lewd RPG that is meant for RPG fans. This isn’t a game you go into looking for a fast nut. You need to want to settle down for the detailed story that this game unravels for you. It’s only a shame that it doesn’t unravel very far since it is unfinished. Hopefully, they add more to this awesome game. The art is beautiful and sexy. The dialog is well-written. The game would be an all-around slam dunk for horny RPG fans if it were finished. I still recommend you check it out in its current state! Maybe that will convince YummyTiger to keep working on it.

PornGames likes Aylia's Story

  • Fun
  • lewd RPG with lots of sexy illustrations
  • Loads of funny dialog lines and moments
  • Massively detailed world to go out and explore
  • Completely free-to-play

PornGames hates Aylia's Story

  • Slow pacing means it takes a while to see anything sexy
  • Unfinished game with no signs of continuation