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Academy Of Fetishes

Academy of Fetishes in an Erotic Text-Based Game Full of Extreme Fetishes. Alright, I know you degenerate betas love kinky shit. It’s time we get a game that has some decent fetish content in it. Aren’t you tired of fapping to the same old vanilla porn that you’ve been using forever? I thought so. I know the kind of shit you guys want.

You want incest, lactation, rape, prolapse, humiliation, scat, piss, and every sordid fetish in between. If you get hard at the thought of any or all of these and also happen to go crazy for text-adventure games, then strap the fuck in for this wild ride of a game that will have you rubbing your dick raw.

Academy of Fetishes is a text-based adventure game full of, well, fetishes. It’s in the fucking title. Can’t you cucks read? Anyway, this game was made by AoF all the way back in 2015. It’s been completely finished, so you don’t have to worry about lack of content or any of that shit. There may still be the occasional update, but what you see is what you get. You can play this game in-browser over at

Run a School of Slutty, Deviant School Girls & Horny Teachers

The premise for the game is pretty straightforward. You’re playing as the principal of an all-girls academy. Sounds like your standard porn intro, right? Well, there’s a bit of a twist to this one. The school is full of girls who have committed some sort of non-violent crime. It doesn’t really specify what these crimes were, but this place is basically a low-security prison for these girls.

You learn all of this as you introduce the newly hired biology teacher to all of the students. You even sit in and observe a class where the gym teacher pins a close pin to some poor girl’s tit. But it seems like this teacher doesn’t have much of a choice. She is also a bit of a deviant. And it comes down to her teaching her to serve or sentence or going to some sort of actual jail.

But the weird shit doesn’t stop there. The school has been sponsored by a group of anonymous benefactors that pay the school for every kinky, erotic videos and image they get of the schoolgirls being dirty little whores. Thus, every single one of the classes is based around kinky shit.

The art class might have the teacher spread her legs while the students feel her pussy and draw it. Biology might have a live demonstration of girls eating each other out until they experience an orgasm. The gym class is full of punishment, humiliation, and much more. And, if you please your benefactors, they will send you more girls and gadgets to make things even crazier. I’m talking shit like lactation pills, trans sluts, sensory deprivation gear, and other drugs to make these girls even hornier.

Make Sure to Record Kinky Shit to Present to Your Anonymous Benefactors

You play as the principal, so it’s your job to go around and monitor classes to make sure their teaching practices are up to par. You can intervene if you think teachers are being too cruel...or perhaps not cruel enough. You can sit and watch as these students are turned into sluts by the teachers. But, most importantly, the need to document everything so that your anonymous benefactors remain horny and pleased.

The game lets you pick and choose which fetishes you want to be included. I said, fuck it. Give me all of them. Why the fuck not? You can always skip a scene if you don’t like the kind of shit that is going down. Plus, you might miss out on discovering a new fetish to fap to. The game also warns you that turning certain fetishes off may cause you to miss out on certain story events or scenes.

Loads of Erotic Scenes, Descriptions, and Events

Be prepared to read a fuck ton of text. This is definitely a text-based game. It’s not some game that claims to be that and only has the occasional dialog box. This game is packed with, likely, hundreds of thousands of words. It’s insane, but I love it. It’s like a fucking novel at this point. But It’s all incredibly written. This isn’t some janky game with mistranslated writing and shitty grammar. These erotic descriptions will have you aching for more after you read each one.

You even get some kinky art to go along with some of these scenes, but I’ll be honest here. I think the art is pretty wack. Sure, it’s uncensored and fappable. But I cannot get it out of my head that this shit looks like it was drawn by the same artist who makes the fucking WikiHow articles. It’s nearly identical in style. It cracks me up. I just can’t bust a nut to this shit, but maybe some of you cucks will dig it. It’s not like it’s badly done or anything.

Weird, Yet Sexy Art Style & Simple, Easy-to-Grasp Gameplay

The gameplay is simple. It really is just you going around and observing classes. There will be options for you to make certain events happen or egg your teachers on to get them to do kinky shit. But you’ll get more options to get involved as the game moves forward. At one point, I was kidnapping slutty students, putting sensory deprivation masks on them, and milking their lactating tits while I fingered another student’s ass. As I said, this game is fucking wild.

You can go back and fap to any image that you’ve unlocked by going to the gallery. You can also use the front and back arrows to go back to any previous scene. Hell, you could skip all the way back to the start of the game and read through all of the kinky scenes again and again if that’s what you want to do. And this game is well worth replaying. There are so many hot scenes that you can only get if you do very specific things with the students or for the benefactors.

Great Mobile Site Makes it Easy to Play on the Go!

You can even take this game on the go. There isn’t a dedicated mobile app or anything that fancy, but the mobile version of the site works just fine. The text is readable. The menus are tucked away neatly. It’s easy to load up your game and keep the taboo content going. The best part is that most unsuspecting fucks will probably think you’re just reading a book or some shit. You can even turn the images off so you can go stealth mode.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Academy of Fetishes is so well written. I know that’s a lame-ass favorite feature, but this game is all writing. Cut me some fucking slack. This game has incredible descriptions that will have you rock hard and ready to go right from the start. This shit will open you up to fetishes that you never thought you’d enjoy. There was a scene where this bitch was force-fed until her stomach was all bloated. Not gonna lie, popped a half-chub there, and that’s not even the kind of shit I’m usually into.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I have to bring up the art style again. It’s weird, man. I’m just not a fan. At least I can toggle the images off and keep beating my meat to the descriptions and shit. Maybe I’m being too harsh, though. To each their own, right? I’m sure some of you horny fucks will absolutely love it. But that’s my only minor gripe about the game. Everything else about the game is fucking great.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Academy of Fetishes is a must-play game for those of you who like text-adventure games. I’d also call it a must-play for you fetish freaks out there. If you get hard at the idea of prolapsing a petite school-girls ass while she gets pissed on by her classmates and teacher, then boy is this game the perfect one for you. Hell, give this game a shot even if you’re a vanilla cuck. You can turn the crazy fetishes off and still enjoy the incredibly written erotic scenes that this game has to offer. Plus, it’s completely free. Go on over to and get fapping!

PornGames likes Academy Of Fetishes

  • Hours upon hours of gameplay
  • Incredibly well-written erotic scenes
  • Hundreds of intense
  • extreme fetish scenes & illustrations
  • Completely free-to-play with no strings attached

PornGames hates Academy Of Fetishes

  • Wonky art style isn’t for everyone